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royal family july 2017 photo challenge [6/31] : favorite photos of royal updos

crown princess mary:  official visit to iceland (2008) || christening of the twins (2011) || bambi awards (2014) || queen margrethe’s 75th birthday gala (2015)

crown princess victoria: pre-wedding dinner (2010) || nobel prize award (2012) || princess madeleine’s wedding (2013) || royal patriotic society’s event (2017)

princess madeleine: wedding to christopher o’neill (2013) || christening of prince nicolas (2015) || nobel prize award (2015) || swedish academy meeting (2015)

catherine, the duchess of cambridge: london olympics gala (2012) || south seas tour (2012)

princess sofia: nobel laureates dinner (2014) || swedish parliament open (2016)

crown princess mette-marit: crown princess victoria’s wedding (2010) || inauguration of king willem alexander (2013)

List Of Tv Shows For TeenieTots!

Hello my fellow TeenieTots!! I was going through Youtube and was watching some intros to some toddler/little kid shows I loved growing up (along with some more recent shows I enjoy) so I thought why not make a list of shows I think other TeenieTot/age regressors would enjoy as well?

Here are a list of shows I think other TeenieTots would enjoy watching! (I put down the year they were released & categorized them with the type of show to make it easier to find them!)

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Some prominent anniversary Christines in English-languaged productions:

  • Sarah Brightman, 1 year anniversary in West End (1987)
  • Trista Moldovan, 10,000th performance on Broadway (2012)
  • Sofia Escobar, 10,000th performance in West End (2010)
  • Rachel Barrell, 20th anniversary in West End (2006)
  • Sierra Boggess, 25th anniversary in Royal Albert Hall (2011)
  • Harriet Jones, 12,000th performance in West End (2015)
  • Elizabeth Loyacano, 21th anniversary on Broadway (2009)
  • Sierra Boggess, 25th anniversary on Broadway (2013)
  • Celinde Schoenmaker, 30th anniversary in West End (2016)

As requested: nine variations of the replica Star Princess costumes. Tried to pick actual stage photos of all so they get about the same light. Backstage they vary a LOT more. But they’re made for stage lights, after all. 

1. Janine Kitzen in Stuttgart 2003. I think her skirt is an elder Dutch one, with decorated silk ribbons between the stars instead of beads. She wore a lot of Dutch costumes overall, maybe her u/s wardrobe from back in her days with the Dutch production? Scalloped hem, and rather delicate shadings in this one. 

2. Kyoko Suzuki (?), Tokyo 1992. Bolder colours but also a strong ombre effect. Very romantic tutu like skirt, and so much silver fringe all around the top bodice. And large royal blue arm puffs. 

3. Sylvia Rhyne (?), Canadian Far East Tour 1995. Highly tabbed bodice with parts of the beading pointing down, the other half pointing up - usually specific to the US. Bright colours in the bodice, with strong pink turning into royal blue, and the ruffle is royal blue too. Bead fringe over the bust. The skirt is large and bell shaped, and with ombre effect. 

4. Claire Lyon, World Tour 2013. Bodice pretty much the same as the original Aussie costumes, but the skirt is narrower and with a top layer of silver stars, I think this was made in South Korea. Also very bright bodice with dominant pink shadings. The ruffles over the bust turns into actual puffed sleeves, in one continuous strip. The bodice and skirt doesn’t really blend. 

5. Marina Prior, Melbourne 1990. The original Aussie costume. Very sculpted skirt, where the rows of stars are placed within the folds, and with a large bell shape. The bodice in large the same as the current World Tour ones, but the shading correspond more with the skirt. 

6. Sofia Escobar, West End 2012. Brighter colours and shinier fabrics. Much of the blue of the bodice is covered by the peach/metallic ruffle. The puffed sleeves are “half moons” attached to the bodice with elastics. Scalloped hem. 

7. Sarah Brightman, Broadway 1988. Romantic tutu like skirt, as the Japanese one. Rather straight bodice with a strong pink/blue shading, and a V shaped row of bead fringe over the bust. 

8. Elizabeth Loyacano, Las Vegas. Bell shaped skirt and hourglass shaped bodice. Bodice going from purplish blue to bright pink to baby pink, blending very well with the skirt’s baby pink shade. Defined beading pointing downwards in the lower half of the bodice, and upwards in the upper half - unique to the US, except a handful of Canadian bodices. 

9. Charlotte Page, West End 1999. Bell shaped skirt and pointed bodice. Nice ombre effect throughout, going from sky blue in top bodice to bright pink in lower bodice and top skirt, to almost white in skirt hem. Large shoulder puffs, and both bead fringe and ruffle over the bust. Scalloped hem.