Second Chances || Calzona & Sofia

Their morning went smoothly. Sofia woke up before them but was actually good and just watched cartoons on her iPad with scooby. Callie poked at her breakfast and made it look like she ate some and hoped Arizona hadn’t noticed. Sofia got her meds and they just arrived at the hospital. They walked up to the room with Sofia in between them again and smiled, “hey daddy.”


“…Да си седял до Славейковците; или на пейка в Кристал… Да си имал дом тук (не апартамент). Да си имал също и приятели (не познати).

Да си се влюбвал тук (само това да е, пак е достатъчно).

- “Да изживееш този град”, Ал. Шпатов  

Bad Reaction || Calzona & Sofia

As they pulled up to the hospital Callie stiffened in her seat. She was nervous, so incredibly nervous for this. She knew Aria was there…but she all knew her mother probably would be too. She could see her family getting out before her but Callie just couldn’t get herself to move and go in.


The Duke and Duchess of Värmland being cutie patooties with little children on their two day visit to Värmland. Sofia gets down to them and lets each smell a flower, included her husband, who was right behind her. Can this couple get any cuter?! ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚