На София не и се спеше още, но нямаше смисъл да се бори с нощта, така че просто въздъхна едва доловимо и се отпусна в прегръдката на вечерта. Залезът се разля по небето и потече по притихналите сгради, като накара вечно бързащия минувач да спре и да погледа за няколко секунди, усмихна онзи унил старец с количката и погали сетивата на романтиците, бродещи из града. Денят се гърчеше в предсмъртна агония… но пък си беше красиво.

Surprise visit || Calzona and kids

It had been a very crazy morning. Arizona was back at work and her parents left for back home, which left Callie with their three babies by herself, and a tear filled Sofia since she woke up. Callie could only imagine how Arizona was handling it, her phone had been blowing up since she left that morning. So she picked up some lunch and took it to the hospital. The twins were in their stroller and Sofia decided to walk. “Okay Sof, what is the rule when we are at the hospital?” She asks in the elevator.

Top Shot: When The Lights Go Down In The City

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A fog settles over the city of Sofia at night. Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria. Photograph by Ivan Dimitrov


Princess • Wife • Daughter • Sister • Honorary Chairperson • Founder • Mamma-to-be

A very happy 31st Birthday to Sofia Kristina Bernadotte (b. Hellqvist), Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Värmland. Born on 06th December 1984 in Täby, Sweden. 

The Swedish Royal Family will attend events in celebration of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday on April 30th, 2016. Estelle, Leonore, Nicolas, and Victoria’s new baby may also attend but are not confirmed.
—  Swedish Royal Court