The Signs as Orange is the New Black Characters

Aries: Red

Taurus: Black Cindy

Gemini: Stella Carlin

Cancer: Brook Soso

Leo: Piper Chapman

Virgo: Nicky

Libra: Dayanara Dias

Scorpio: Pennsatucky

Sagittarius: Alex Vause

Capricorn: Sofia

Aquarius: Crazy Eyes (Suzanne)

Pisces: Poussey


“Sometimes you come to a crucial choice. A choice, that determines your whole future and one which is about who you are, and above all, about who you want to be. Often it requires courage. Courage not to choose the easy way, just because it is easy, but the courage to stay on the difficult road to the right. Sofia, we never chose the difficult path, it chose us. Every time we tried to opt out of, love brought us together again. Every time we tried to be apart so my heart was empty. And finally, finally Sofia, we chose the right - a decision that makes me the luckiest man. Sofia, you fill my life with love and joy. Today we prove that love conquers all. All who come to know you, know that the only thing that strikes your external beauty is your interior

My friends, you all know that Sofia’s strength and courage not only about our love. These are larger than that. When you started the Project Playground, it was so much more than a project far away in South Africa. There were hundreds of children and young people who could hope for a better future. It was the hope of a better world. A world built on empathy, commitment and love. You stand up for strong values ​​with passion and courage. The most important of them all is perhaps: to dare to be oneself, to dare to stand up for oneself. And above all, that love knows no boundaries, regardless of religion, gender or background. Sofia, all of us who know you, know that you are a hard-working woman with a strong sense of duty and a great loyalty to your mission. I know with certainty that you will take on your new role with a great sense of responsibility and hard work. 

Dad, Mom, my dear sisters and brothers-in-law: I have not enough words to describe how happy I am that you have received Sofia with open arms. Your support has meant a lot for us, both in prosperity and in adversity. I know I speak for us all when I say that you have enriched our family, Sofia. And I also thank your family, Sofia, who received me with the same open arms. I have been blessed with a family. A family with much warmth, love and care. I would also like to thank the Swedish people for the support we have received for our love. The joy we have met have warmed our hearts. Dear friends, I want to take with you on a little journey that began on 24th June 2014. It is one of the most important journeys of my life. I drove 67 mil back and forth in 9 hours, or 32,400 seconds. My goal was employment office in Mora - and no, I was not looking for a new job. I was on my way to meet my future father in law to ask for Sofia’s hand. Never has a trip been so important for me as that trip. 

Loved Sofia, today begins a new stage in my life. In your life. In our life. I do not know what awaits us in the future, but I know that your love means that I can take on any challenge. Your intelligence, your dedication and your courage inspires. Proud I say that you are my role model. Sofia, I am animated by the idea of ​​getting to do good with you. I have a lot to learn in life, and much remains to be done. It is a long journey, and the journey I look infinitely forward to do with you. 

 But most important, I have already learned, and it is that love conquers all. Sophia, you are the best. I love you 

Dear Friends! Please join me in the Most Important toast - a toast for a love that conquers all. A toast to my beloved and beautiful wife Sofia.”  Prince Carl Philip giving one of the most beautiful wedding speeches I’ve ever heard. [x]

Mais secretas e mais sinceras que um diário, essas são minhas cartas. Isso é tudo ou um pouco do tudo que eu tenho para mostrar e demonstrar. Só cabe a você, descobrir quando terminar de ler, o que tanto quero lhe dizer.
—  Eu não me chamo Sofia Hofalcker, mas também não sou ninguém que você precisa saber.

Sofia -> Auntie. Becoming the wife of Carl Philip she not only became a royal, daughter or sister-in-law, she became someone special to someone very little ♡ Estelle and Leonore know Sofia their whole life and I’m sure they never really cared, but now Sofia is O F F I C I A L L Y an auntie. Little kids can’t show love for someone who they can’t stand or don’t even really know. Kids are real. They don’t fake a smile or hug. If a kid hugs your legs or wants to sit next to you, you know you’ve been doing pretty fine.


Princess ((wiggle)) Leonore being in peak form, once again. And the relatives try to handle that child: Version Mama Madeleine and Auntie Sofia ♡  Staying calm for like 5, okay maybe 7, seconds in Auntie Sofia’s arms, while she started to rock Leo. Good job Sofia! Madde could catch a breath. 

I: Here are you doing something “heroic”. You’re helping a heavily pregnant Madeleine with a rebellious one year old! Sofia: Yeah, exactly! She {Leonore} is not very easy anymore, that little girl! Poor Madeleine had pretty much to struggle. Leonore wanted so eagerly to do {and see} other things. So, you know, I just tried to soothe her …
I think you handled it nicely!

Source: pre-wedding interview SVT; aftonbladet.