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apr 8th: mauna kea solidarity demonstration in tempe!! made signs w my former professors/colleagues, held signs on mill and got honks, walked up asu’s “a” mountain as symbolism in our solidarity, had a prayer circle, heard a kanaka maoli song, and snapped pics! kele pule ma mana lenei aso. CHOOHOO the kamaiki had the loudest voices - so touching!! :“) (a few of these were not taken by me) #protectthemountain #wearemaunakea #nomoretelescopes

If I wake up with you, there's nothing else I can ask for

So I gota prompt ages ago about Lutteo and their kid like about a dayin their life so I wrote this
(This one also goes for @ac-ars )
The first thing she hears when she wakes up are small footstep running through the hallway and into her room, she smiles and is about to sit up when she hears some shushing and then the footsteps calming down just as soon as they reach her bed, she hides her face in the pillow, trying not to move when she feels cat’s paws on her back and a soft meow next to her neck.
“Don’t wake her up?” She barely register Aurora saying in a soft whisper and she can feel a small weight sit on her bed.
“But I want to wish her happy birthday.” Sofi say in that stage whisper only kids can manage and Luna, tries not to giggle, Lyra stretches on her neck and moves over to where the girls are.

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Wanderer 1

Okay, so this is Misha, a clone kid, and his journey through the Rebellion, this is post Yaven, pre Hoth.  And guys, I would absolutely adore some reviews/reblogs/yelling in the tags to tell me if I should keep this up or not.  I’m having a bad brain day.

Getting into the Alliance was at once the hardest and easiest thing that Misha had done in a while. Easiest thing in that Master Kara’s cousin on Ilan had some people in the Alliance as representatives and observers. Hardest in what he was living behind. First was his buir, Zip, who had trained him to fight dirt side with all the skill of a GAR trooper.  Second was his ba’vodu, Swoop and Jumper, who had trained him to be as much a stick jockey as they were, not to mention their daughter Glider.

Third though, third was Master Sofi, who had taught him to be a Jedi.  She was the closest thing he had to a mother, and leaving her was almost as hard as leaving Buir.

He was leaving within the hour, he knew, his vex-class ship was waiting on the landing pad, loaded with the gear the aliit had shoved on him before letting him go.  There was just one last thing to go through.

Master Sofi was every inch a Jedi.  She’d been a Padawan when the Order came down, on her way from Coruscant to the troops in her fighter when everything went crazy.  The Force gave her warning enough to drop out of hyperspace prematurely, and she’d managed to escape the attention of the clones who had already managed to kill her Master.

Rescued by Master Kara and Master Jaran, Sofi had come to the Refuge to complete her training under the tutelage of Master Jaran and was Knighted shortly thereafter.

Now, she stepped before him, lightsaber lit, green blade creating odd shadows in the pre-dawn setting.

“Who comes before us?” Master Kara asked, her voice rolling through the pre-dawn like a cannon blast.

“I do,” Master Sofi announced, “and I bring a petitioner.”

“Speak,” Master Jaran said.

“This is Padawan Misha, my student,” Master Sofi said, “he has passed his Trials and stands strong in the Light of the Force.”

“Who speaks of his blade?” Master Kara asked.

“I do,” Master Don said, “for I escorted him on his journey to find his kyber crystal and stood witness to the creation of his light saber.”

“Who speaks of his heart?” Jaran asked.

“I do,” Master Ta said, “for as I taught his feet the movements of the Forms, so I saw his heart move on the way of the Jedi and never has it strayed.”

“Who speaks to his mind?” Kara asked.

“I do,” Professor Jensen said, “for I have overseen his academic career all his life, he is a well and able student with a strong and knowledgeable mind.”

“Padawan Misha,” Kara said.

Misha stepped forward and bowed.

“I have heard the testimony of your teachers, and seen your resolve in the Trials,” Kara said, and reached out, gently pulling the strand of beads from his hair.  “It is my honor to see you and acknowledge you as a Jedi Knight.”

Misha closed his eyes as the sun breached the horizon, flooding the area with light.

“Be strong, be wise, be true,” the four Masters said in unison.

Master Sofi rested her hand on Misha’s shoulder, “May the Force be with you, little one.”

“And with you Master,” Misha said.

There was a long moment of silence, then Jaran clapped, “Congratulations Misha.  Welcome to the ranks.”

Applause rang out from the small group of observers, and Misha turned to accept the hug his buir yanked him into.  Then he was being passed around the ba’vodu who had come to witness the ceremony. His aliit was passing him around for hugs and then he was facing Master Sofi again.

“Master,” Misha said, tugging on his short jacket.

“Call me Sofi, Misha,” Sofi said with a laugh.  “You’ll be fine out there, you know.”

Misha smiled, “Yeah I will. You taught me that.”

Sofi rested her hand on his shoulder and pulled him down until she could press a kiss to his forehead, “You already knew how.  I just helped you figure it out.”

Misha nodded and stepped back, turning to look for his buir.  Zip was talking with Master Kara, with the stern but fond this is my General.  There is no one like her, she’s mine, expression that he always got around her.  Misha shook his head slightly, he could practically see the new rumors brewing in Uncle Bang’s mind as he watched them.


Misha turned and smiled, “Uncle Chip.”

“Congratulations,” Chip said, pulling him into a hug.  “Are you leaving soon?”

“Soon as I say goodbye to Buir,” Misha said.  “No use in a long goodbye now.”

“I guess,” Chip said. “Be careful out there, I don’t want to have to explain to the Captain that you got shot down, okay?”

“I will,” Misha said with a grin, “I was trained by the best.”

Chip smiled, then glanced over Misha’s shoulder, “Kara’s heading over to Jaran with that look on her face.  You go see your buir, and I’ll keep them from causing any more trouble.”

Sixteen years of observing Master Kara and Master Jaran interacting leant a speed to Misha’s stride as he barreled through the gathering and into his buir, who laughed and just hugged him.

“Master Kara’s going to start trouble,” Misha muttered as he rested his head on his buir’s shoulder.  

“Of course she is,” Zip replied with a soft laugh.  “It’s what she does.  You about ready to head out.”

“If I say yes, how many of my ba’vodu are going to follow me?”  Misha muttered.

Zip hesitated a moment, “Wait five minutes and let Kara get started, then go.  They’ll all be watching the General.”

Misha smiled, because no matter how many years since the war stopped, no matter how many times Kara cajoled his buir to simply call her Kara, Zip’s first instinct was still to call her his general.

“All right everyone,” Kara called, “I know it’s way too early for our usual party, so instead, there’s breakfast.”

“Did you cook it?” Chip called.

“No, but I’m paying for it,” Kara replied with a laugh.

As the mix of Jedi and Vod’e headed away, Misha gave his dad one last hug and headed for the landing pad where his ship waited.

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