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apr 8th: mauna kea solidarity demonstration in tempe!! made signs w my former professors/colleagues, held signs on mill and got honks, walked up asu’s “a” mountain as symbolism in our solidarity, had a prayer circle, heard a kanaka maoli song, and snapped pics! kele pule ma mana lenei aso. CHOOHOO the kamaiki had the loudest voices - so touching!! :“) (a few of these were not taken by me) #protectthemountain #wearemaunakea #nomoretelescopes

We’ll Bleed and Fight for You

(Part Two of “If We Build a Strong Enough Foundation”)


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: “And then it hit you. It was as if your sister herself had reached out of that journal and slapped you because all of a sudden you knew that Lin was Sofia’s dad.”

Note: This is significantly worse than the first part was so I’m gonna apologize for letting you guys down in advance. It’s also for sure gonna be the last part of this story, I don’t plan to do a part 3. BUT DUDES I’m so so happy that you guys liked the first part and I hope that this is at least somewhat satisfying! Thank you for all the incredibly kind messages, I don’t deserve you people! 

Word Count: 2,860 (I’m the Worst)

Welcome to Disaster pt. 2 

You were something of a pack rat. A big part of you believed it stemmed from growing up sharing a small room with your twin sister. You would always fight to make sure that your things remained yours.

Of course you’d also do anything you could to steal your sisters clothes and books and toys.

The point was, you never quite grew out of it. After Lin had officially moved in with you, he began teasing you about the things he’d find in drawers around your apartment. (Why do you have a subway pass from 2006 in here? Planning a Back to the Future adventure?).

It had never been a problem though, not until you had to start packing up your lives into orderly boxes to move across the pond (the big one, all the way to London). The task was daunting and you spent more time dreading packing than actually doing the work of it. You and Lin would start sorting through a closet only to end up lying on the floor and tossing a two-decade-old rubber ball back and forth while listening to a cassette tape you’d made when you were fifteen.

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here in this scene we kinda get to see more of Kim’s room right?

and yes, i know those biceps look amazing but foCUS, work w me here

we see little posters and pictures that kim put up and all, right?

hold the fuck up………………………………are those?….????????


thank you for your time

gagana samoa

this post is a general psa for any samoans caught in the diaspora (i’m pointedly lookin at afakasi here) that want resources for learning the samoan language:

i’m not going to put anything up publicly because i feel that the resources i’ve spent so much time and effort finding over the last few years are too few, too precious to share openly

that being said, if you’re of samoan descent and would like to learn more about our Samoan language, PLS message/ask me and i’ll direct you to the resources i’ve found! i’m no expert in the language, but i can find a way (a chatroom perhaps) where many of us can convene and maybe schedule study partners and the like! if our parents won’t teach us, maybe we can help each other. those more fluent, PLEASE feel free to join in because i think there are many of us that want to know but just don’t have ppl in our living patient or willing to teach

faafetai lava! and i will say an EXCELLENT place to start is the “gagana samoa” workbook.

PLEASE signal boost this in our community - let’s heal and learn our language together <3


don’t get me wrong i’ll always love beronica and my girls, but the thing is the show is just making me so fucking sad now. I feel dead watching the show plummet down as fast as it did, within it’s first season only. 

the characters just aren’t the same, the continuity is non-existent??? we don’t even see some characters anymore? everything about the plot basically revolves around a hetero couple. I miss the sunshine girl who put her friends first, the biting yet unquestionably kind, soft girl who loves wearing her cape so much, and the relationship they had???? b and v forged forever? i dont know her

text me when this nightmare is over

I just want to remind everyone that in both times the Bellas found their sound again in the movies, it was Beca and Chloe who led the group.

Almost as if they’ve already perfectly memorized each other’s sound, and they just needed the others to find it as well.

Alright children huddle up let’s talk about some shit.

I’m freaking the fuck out because a Philippine TV network just premiered a show three days ago and it is SO QUEER LIKE, CANONICALLY QUEER. I’m gonna put a link if you guys wanna idk, maybe check it out. (x)

Edit: I corrected the part about Batchi’s gender identity. Source: [x] at 8:55 within the video

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: How did Raven make a Pocahontas reference? Did she watch old Disney Movies from Earth as a child? Or did she know about the real Pocahontas? Did she read about her? Does she look at Pocahontas as some sort of hero? Does she admire her bravery and courage to stand up for herself and for others? Does she make Pocahontas references all the time? Why did she call Octavia Pocahontas? Was it because the name Pocahontas meant "playful" and she thought that's what Octavia is? Did she see the same bravery and courage she fell in love with Pocahontas in Octavia? I need answers.

okay so waverly earp could’ve had almost anything she wanted especially with the cash gus gave her. she could’ve taken a vacation and went skydiving or swimming or eating fucking gooey duck but she stayed. what she wanted to do wasn’t even being the heir or sending demons back to hell with the peacemaker. no. though she could’ve, she didn’t think about any of that.

she thought of nicole. 

Your fave is problematic: Girls Like Girls Music Video
  • Coley didn’t even wash her wound when she was biking home like, that could have been infected
  • Sonya didn’t help her clean her wound
  • Her gashes were untreated
  • Could be infected
  • First aid is important
  • They could seriously be infected
  • Safety first

Althea literally just confessed that Jade was “the person she loved the most” and yet she did not expect Jade to say it back nor did she guilt trip her or force her to take pity on her and feel the same and the only thing she was sad about was not hearing about her engagement from Jade because their friendship is more important than that. Althea puts the friendship that she and Jade have before whatever she feels for Jade.

Excuse me but i may need a moment. Or fifty.