sofas and quills


Salespitch: And for anyone wondering, yes: selling sofas to gryphon straw farmers is exactly as tricky as it sounds. 



Happy Labor Day and 400 Followers! =D

To celebrate Labor Day, how about we have a comic strip about a guy’s labors? XD So yeah, we FINALLY learn a little more about Sales’s background in, well, sales. It was tough fitting it all into six panels, but I think I’m pretty happy with it. As for WHAT exactly he sells, we’ll get into that in another strip. Thanks for the Asks, @redventure​, @discordasksyou​, and @q-physics!

I also managed to fit a few cameos in here! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but it only really works in flashback/memory episodes like this. In panel one we have @jordanproductions very shrewdly considering a questionable recliner and @peppermint-pattie-replies discussing the benefits of a new fancy sofa with Salespitch, and in panel 5 Salespitch visits the home of @lionsong448. Thanks for your support, guys, especially for hanging out with me in the Livestream!

If you don’t see me for a bit, it’s because I’m working on my novel, which must take priority. Thanks and have a great week!

~Mod River Babble

anonymous asked:

ALANA HI UH JUST A QUICK QUESTION; Whats your favorite book, ever and DO YOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES?

A: As for hobbies, I enjoy, baking, sewing, woodcarving, painting, reading, donating to the animal shelter, building houses for the poor, volunteering at the nursing home, interning at the sofa and quill shop, and playing tennis! Oh, but I have been meaning to take up photography as well! 


Sales Patter: Interestingly enough, the founder originally intended it to be an art store, but when he was ordering inventory for the first location, he decided he needed a new couch to work from (he wasn’t fond of desks). So he attempted to order one at the same time as the quills, but made a mistake on the order form and received 3,000 sofas. It took decades for him to admit that his successful business started as a mistake and wasn’t just a brilliant yet unorthodox business strategy. 


(A/N: You didn’t know you were gonna get an economics lesson from a pony ask blog today, didja? :D ~River)


I spent this past Saturday at the SacBrony Expo in Sacramento, I had lots of fun spending the day chatting with people in the dealers room and occasionally peeking in on the karaoke room to see which FiW song they were singing.

While there I got my copy of Mine’s Got Rocks In It signed by Ponywise, Sofas, and Willsun. I also picked up blind bag figures of Shining Armor and Cadence, a couple of stickers, and a sketch commission of Melody.

There wasn’t much else at the con I wanted to buy, I got a button because I’m pretty sure by law you have to at a pony convention, and I also bought another blank custom pony. After a while I met up with Mapii and elnachato, elnachato gave me two Sunil cards and two prestigious awards.

I had to do a ton of driving that day, but I’d say it was worth it. Special thanks to Ponywise, for letting us hang out at her table pretty much the entire time. And thanks to the staff which didn’t seem to care that we blocked an exit all day long.