Marvel Comic Living Room Set

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Loveseat And Sofa

Coffee Table and End Table

Comic Rugs

About: In this set you will get:

Sofa And Loveseat: Each of these come in only 1 colour. On the Front, Side and back of each of them are patterned with comic stripes.

Coffee Table & End Table: Each of the tables come in 3 colours but just the frame of the table. The Top of the tables are patterned with Comic Stripes.

Rug: This rug comes in 2 colours one is the Marvel Logo and the other is an Comic Stripe Pattern. This rug size is 3x2.

I made this for all of you that loved my Marvel Comic SF Chairs. Since these chairs was such a big hit and all of you loved them. I hope you will like this set too.


Thank you all for following and like my work hope you love this set :)


(18) Comfy Couch with Slipcovers For TS4

UPDATE 5•3•2015

It has been brought to my attention that one of the sets were appearing shiny. After research, I found that one of the LOD’s DST images were not the right “image”. Please re-download the, “SaudadeSims_AjOyaCouch_Recolors1“ it is the one that had the issue and has been updated. Thanks.

♦SS & AS♦ Collaboration


  • Comfort | Sofas
  • Comfort: 3
  • Focusing Decor: 2
  • §800


  • Turquoise
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Lime
  • Blue
  • White
  • Rose
  • Beige
  • Powder Blue
  • Yeah, too many to name. etc.

*Note*: I found this mesh in the crevices of my S3 folder. It’s very similar to the “Hipster Sofa” but has a throw on the arm of the sofa. Who better to collaborate with than the amazing saudade-sims4 for her beautiful textures and finishing touches? That woman is queen of furniture. Thanks for the collaboration! ♥ I Love U. (But you know that already.)

I’ve tested these things one thousand times. Some of the Thumbnails have quirky shadows. They do not reflect the actual object though.



  • Do not re-upload.
  • Do not claim as your own.
  • Credit, Link saudade-sims4 & ajoya-sims if re-textured.
  • No UPLOADING ENTIRE Mod’s Folders!

(3) Sets:

  • Beige w|a variety of throw cover colors.
  • Colored Sofas w|a variety of throw cover colors.
  • (3) Solid Colors minus linen textures.

I made the coral colored one (middle) for woohoo-juice-simoleons. I know she adores island rich colors & I adore her sharing those photos with us. ♥

Download (Orangedox)

Moving a sofa around a bend in a hallway is annoying, but it leads to some interesting math puzzles, such as the moving sofa problem: what is the largest possible area of a twodimensional shape that can be maneuvered using rigid motions through an L-shaped hallway of unit width?

The problem was first published by Leo Moser in 1966. The animation (by Claudio Rocchini) shows one attempt to solve the problem. It’s called the Hammersley sofa, discovered by John Hammersley in 1968. Its area has the charming value of π/2 + 2/π. However, it is not yet optimal, as there are slightly bigger shapes known to fit.

Up to today, the moving sofa problem remains open.