sofa pony


Sales Patter: Interestingly enough, the founder originally intended it to be an art store, but when he was ordering inventory for the first location, he decided he needed a new couch to work from (he wasn’t fond of desks). So he attempted to order one at the same time as the quills, but made a mistake on the order form and received 3,000 sofas. It took decades for him to admit that his successful business started as a mistake and wasn’t just a brilliant yet unorthodox business strategy. 


(A/N: You didn’t know you were gonna get an economics lesson from a pony ask blog today, didja? :D ~River)

My sister made this absolutely adorable little Amigurumi unicorn for me and it is sooo cute!!! The photo doesn’t show it, but it even has some iridescent shimmer thread around its horn. The little filly now sits on my sofa in my crafting & pony room right next to my Care Bears and my Build-A-Bear Rarity. Just look at its tiny golden hoovsies!!!