sofa ed sheeran

And it feels like I’m flying
And it feels like
We could go to Berlin, Tokyo or Jamaica
Through the streets of New York
That is where I will take ya
Paris, Rome, to Rio
Passing through Las Vegas
We can go where you want
Say the word, and I’ll take ya
But I’d rather stay on the sofa
On the sofa
On the sofa, with you
—  lyrics from ed sheeran’s ‘sofa’ that perfectly describe dan and phil 

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you dont have to if you dont want to but a playlist for falling in love?

Of course love! Pulled out a few faves for this one❣

I Would Do Anything For You // Foster The People
Georgia // Vance Joy
Sofa // Ed Sheeran
Grizzly Bear // Angus & Julia Stone
Be My Forever // Christina Perri ft Ed Sheeran
Touch // Troye Sivan
High Hopes // Kodaline
Grow Old With Me // Tom Odell



can’t help falling in love (cover)  - twenty one pilots // check yes juliet - we the kings // dirty little secret - all american rejects // falling for you - the 1975 // interrupted by fireworks - final fantasy VII // kiss me - ed sheeran // long distance love - katherine & eden // talk me down - troye sivan // undisclosed desires - muse // when the day met the night - panic! at the disco


2012 - katherine & eden // bite my tongue - you me at six // fools - troye sivan // fourth of july - fall out boy // friends - ed sheeran // i don’t love you - my chemical romance // nicotine - panic! at the disco // shiver - coldplay // the (shipped) gold standard - fall out boy // when we were young - adele


2009 - katherine & eden // famous last words - my chemical romance // how long will i love you - ellie goulding // i won’t give up - jason mraz // oath - cher lloyd // resistance - muse // sofa - ed sheeran // the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy // toxic (cover) - melanie martinez // wild - troye sivan


2022 - katherine & eden // eighteen - one direction // falling - amazingdogpie // for him. - troye sivan // history - one direction // laughter lines - bastille // let go and love - sean grandillo // lovers in japan - coldplay // still into you - paramore // thinking out loud - ed sheeran

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can i get a name playlist for Blinkous Galadrigal?

• Blue by Marina and the Diamonds
• LA Devotee by Panic! at the Disco
• I Found by Amber Run
• New Day by Robbie Seay Band
• Kids Again by Artist vs Poet
• O Valencia! by the Decemberists
• Unsteady by X Ambassador
• Sofa by Ed Sheeran

• Good Grief by Bastille
• Angels by Owl City
• Lemon Eyes by Meg Myers
• Armour Love by La Roux
• Disappear by Beyoncé
• Rosa Dear by Ruth
• Islands by Hey Ocean!
• Golden Skies by Seabird
• Army Dreamers by Kate Bush
• Long Way Off by Gungor


Ed Sheeran singing “Sofa” at the Chicago meet & greet 09/16/14 (with a little bit of “You Break Me” at the end)

It cuts out for a second around the 2:27 mark, sorry about that!

hypothetically yours | frank/nancy

a frank pov mix with the sad songs frank listens to when he wishes nancy were with him, probably.

1. not in that way — derek derush (sam smith cover) // I’d never ask you cause deep down I’m certain I know what you’d say: you’d say, “I’m sorry, believe me, I love you, but not in that way.”
2. come around — rosi golan // you’re the one, and I’m a fool for waiting so long to let you know
3. she’s all i want — eoghan colgan // I picture my side, that’s where you’ll be found, all that I want is to make you proud
4. 18 — one direction // all I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you, I wanna love like you made me feel when we were eighteen
5. i like you — dandelion hands // last time I had you I should have kissed you, these feelings fester up inside, but how could I deny these butterflies 
6. sofa — ed sheeran // we could fly to berlin, tokyo or jamaica, we can go where you want, say the word and I’ll take you, but I’d rather stay on the sofa with you
7. hypothetically yours — sophie madeleine // if you want me I could be your honey
8. if we were words (we would rhyme) — gruff rhys // I never claimed you were mine, just if we were words we would rhyme
9. where are you now — mumford and sons // do you ever think of me in the quiet, in the crowd? and I hear of your coming and your going in the town, I hear stories of your smile, I hear stories of your frown
10. fuck was i — jenny owens young // maybe I’ll be the special one that doesn’t get burnt
11. 10 am, gare du nord — keaton henson // and I’d kill just to watch you as you’re sleeping, I hope that you’ll let me, in time
12. sooner or later — mat kearney // sooner or later I swear we’re gonna make it
13. past life lovers — tva // everything you do to me is making me a victim of your love
14. corner of your heart — ingrid michaelson // I will leave this town just to sleep underneath your bed
15. we will not grow old — lenka // we’ve got a long, long way to go to get there, we’ll get there, but oh, if there’s one thing that we know it’s that we will not grow old

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Would you do a fanfic were Clarke breaks down in the middle of the night and Bellamy hears her and he comes to her tent and comforts her and they talk all night or something. you would probably make it sound better but yea...

My dearest anon…..

YES LOVE IT. This was really nice to write. I enjoyed it so much.  I changed the setting to the ship; hope that’s okay.

okay songs that helped me: Certain things (BELLARKE FEELS) James Arthur, Ed Sheeran- Sofa, Give me love. Also here comes the sun for the end bit.


Clarke dragged her feet along the ground as she went back to her tent. She didn’t know how she felt, she was overworked, over emotional from having to save Finn. It hadn’t help that she had to hear him scream Ravens name- it hurt her, but she was okay. She would be okay, that’s what she told herself anyway.


“Bells I’m going out to check on Jasper” Octavia said bluntly walking to towards the exit. She didn’t want to be here, earth was meant to set her free- not be a new cage.

“Octavia” Bellamy started but she swung her whole body around and pleaded with him with her big blue eyes and the words died on his tongue. “Just don’t be too long it’s already late “he said gently. He knew that the argument they had was still causing tension between them. But didn’t she know how much he gave up for her? Didn’t she know how much he loved her? How much he adored her and wanted her to be happy? She was his responsibility, mum had made him promise; this promise he intended to keep.


Clarke went into her tent, there was jasper and Octavia with Monty all chatting but stop when she came in. Octavia stood up and raced towards her “is Finn okay? Are you okay?” She said scanning Clarke’s body and freezing when she saw the blood which wouldn’t leave Clarke skin.

“Finn will be ok, we took the knife out and filled his wound up with the mixture we used on Jasper, Raven is staying with him tonight so I can sleep” she replied robotically. “How’s your leg ?” she asked Octavia who was limping but smiling. “It’s fine honesty don’t worry” Octavia said. 

     “good, I’m glad. I’m just here for my sleeping bag. I’m going to the ship tonight” she tried to smile but she was trying so hard not to cry that it came out as more of a grimace. Octavia kissed her cheek and sat back down next to Jasper who smiled at her- Monty got up and hugged her, causing tears to sting her eyes. “Sleep tight” she whispered.


Bellamy’s eye flew open, he was running out of his tent and past the campfire which was slowly burning out and straight towards the ship. He needed to get there, he really need to get there. His whole body hurt and he couldn’t hold it any longer, seeing the tree, he went behind it and peed. “Oh dear god” he said as he walked away feeling ten times better. It was still really dark and the moon hadn’t moved that much so Bellamy guessed he had been asleep for an hour or so. As he walked past the ship he could hear something, like a muffled cry.

He approached the ship and walked in, it was coming from upstairs. Grabbing his knife from his trousers, he began to climb the ladder. He carefully opened the lid just enough to see inside.


“Come off, come off” Clarke sat sobbing, trying to get the blood off her hands, she had got some water and using her spare top scrubbed at her hands. The blood wouldn’t leave and ugly sobs wracked her body causing her to gasp for breath. She needed to cry, she needed to scream to let the frustration, pain, sadness leave her body but instead she sat defeated and let herself lose valuable water through her tears.

“Clarke?” Bellamy said climbing in. She didn’t look up but instead raised her hands to cover her face and wipe any evidence of tears. “What? What do you want” she spat whipping her head up exposing her blotchy face. Something inside of Bellamy wanted to hold her, sooth her but instead he stayed still and raised his hands in the air to show he meant her no annoyance or harm.

“I was just walking around and I could hear something- what’s wrong? ” this time is voice was gentle but that didn’t make Clarke feel any better. His voice was like silk, it laced around her skin causing her the most beautiful sensation but the pain was still rooted in her heart and more tears spilled over her cheeks. “I-I, oh god” she sobbed and she wrapped her arms around herself, to Bellamy it looked like she was trying to hold herself together. But then she started shaking her hands around “It won’t come off!” She continued showing Bellamy her hands which were covered in blood.

 ”Clarke, what have you done?!?” He said moving towards her. If she had slit her wrists he couldn’t save her. “No you fool, it’s from Finn” she sobbed.

“May I?” He said pointing at the wet t-shirt. Clarke nodded and held her hands out. He sat down opposite her, knees touching, when he took her hands electricity hummed over his arms causing him to gasp. He began to wash off the blood but he wasn’t ruff whenever the skin began to look sore he moved away and started somewhere else or changed hand.

“Want to talk about it?” He asked looking her in the eyes and letting a reassuring smile spread across his face. “Do I have to?” She replied, her voice sounded stronger but her eyes told a different story. She was like O in that respect her eyes would always give her away. “No- you don’t, but my mum always said slay your demons when you’re awake so they won’t be there when you sleep”

“My demons suffocate me, they aren’t here in the day, well they are, but they just sit waiting. I have bigger issues to worry about such as keeping you out of trouble” she joked and for the first time tonight, she left herself embrace the smile.

“I’m not a demon then?” He said squeezing her hand. But he watched her face change, one of her demons was him. In the dream he would cast her out and make everyone string her up. But she refused to let him know that.

“No, you’re not” she whispered. “ At night, when I’m alone, I dream of my dad. I see him being floated and then it changes-  I see wells begging me for my forgiveness and I’m trying to say I understand- but - but the word they don’t come.Then he dies in my arms. I watch Charlotte jump again and again never being able to save her” Clarke stopped as more tears began to form in her eyes and spill down her cheeks. Taking a deep breath she carried on. She needed someone to know. “I see Finn dying and him blaming me, I see Raven hating me, I see everyone turning against me” she finished chocking on her tears and sobs overpowering her body.

Bellamy took the cloth and dabbed her tears away “well some good news,  your hands are clean” he said showing her but instead of letting let go, he began tracing the inside of her palm causing her to shiver.


 They sat like that for a while until Bellamy finally broke the silence  “I see them too. Faces, so many, I can’t help thinking- what if children were locked in and suffocated. Mothers holding desperately unto their child who they had to beg to have in the first place” Clarke just looked at him. She didn’t know how to comfort him, she didn’t know anything but she needed to tell him something, anything to stop him from looking so broken.

“You did what you thought would be best for your sister. I can’t take that weight away from you but I can do this” she said standing up and pulling him towards her. He wasn’t sure what she was doing but he followed her. She wrapped her hands around his torso and placed her head on his chest, she could hear the his racing heart but it was comforting. Slowly, he relaxed into the hug and wrapped his arms around her body. They didn’t speak, they just held each other.

   “Bellamy, can we lie down? I’m exhausted” Clarke yawned which made Bellamy realized how tired he was. “I haven’t got a sleeping bag” he said looking at Clarke’s. “I may have hugged you, doesn’t mean you can get into bed with me” she laughed but then Bellamy dashed for the sleeping bag. “NOO” she shouted and jumped on him causing them both to hit the floor with a thud.

 ”Oww” they both winced, Clarke began to slowly rise- stretching her arm trying to get hold of the fabric but taking an opportunity, Bellamy grabbed Clarke and forced her unto her back and started to tickle her.    

    The spaceship was filled with laughter and screams and Bellamy felt carefree and young.Clarke felt as though she was dying but in a good way, the kind of dying where you laugh so much your stomach hurts. “Say I can have the sleeping bag” he growled attacking her again, making her scream again. “NEVER” she laughed- kicking her legs frantically and she manged to hook her legs around his hips. Using all her strength she pushed her hips into him making him unsteady then twisted her body making him fall, she swiftly moved so she was on top and grabbing both hands pinned them above his head.

     Bellamy looked up into Clarke’s beautiful green eyes, her cheeks were flushed and she looked alive and carefree. He felt proud, no one, not even Finn was able to coax out her playful side but here she was. “I win” she giggled.


     “I can’t believe you are making me sleep on the floor” Bellamy huffed and Clarke smiled getting into her not so comfortable bed. “You lost” she laughed. But then Bellamy turned off the torch and suddenly she was scared of the demons. “maybe you could sleep next to me instead of over there?” she mumbled shyly. “Oh now you want me” he mocked but even in the dark he could see Clarke’s pout. “Coming now” he whispered.

  At first he thought about having a bit of distance between them but then he thought screw it. Pulling his top off, he folded it a couple of times to make a pillow and placed it next Clarke head and laid down next to her. Clarke could feel his body heat so she shuffled closer to him, snuggling into his side.    

    Clarke fell asleep straight away but Bellamy stayed awake playing with her hair, he didn’t feel sad, or worried. He felt content though he knew in the morning he would wake up and have to face more problems right now he felt great, safe and happy. He fell asleep with his arms wrapped around Clarke and her head on his chest.


 Clarke woke up screaming twice and each time Bellamy held her and soothed her. He told her about this little stream he had found and how beautiful the wild flowers were; he promised her that he would name the most beautiful flower Clarke which made her cry more. He spoke in a hushed tone and refused to sleep till he was sure she was. 

 When morning came, their limbs were entangled and one hand entwined.  Kissing Clarke’s head, eyelids and cheek; he removed himself from her and went outside. He could see that camp was waking up and that he should return to his tent before anyone found out that he had spent the night with Clarke. Not that they had done anything- they hadn’t even kissed.

But just when he was about to head back to camp he saw these beautiful white, thin flowers and he decided camp could wait. Picking a handful he went back to his sleeping beauty.

She was still asleep. “Clarke- hey- sleeping beauty, wake up” he said, moving hair out of her face. She grunted and rolled away from his voice- “Clarke come on it’s morning” he whispered into her ear.

Clarke rolled over and grabbed him into a hug. “No, let’s stay here. Let me sleep” she moaned and Bellamy laughed. “Not a morning person?” She smacked his arm and rolled her eyes. “fine, let’s head back”

They walked into camp together, the brave princess and the rebel leader. “Give me your breakfast- I called it” shouted Octavia to Jasper. Clarke blushed bright red and Bellamy kissed her cheek.


ENJOY! I had so much fun writing this :’) FEEDBACK XOXO

For my other anons all your prompts have a plan- please be patient. You are amazing. Can I just say thank you for everything. You guys really make my days with your feedback.


summary: d and p are cuddling on the sofa 

tw: nope 

word count: abt 470

a/n: so i saw a post from @phantheraglama and they said their ultimate phan song is “sofa” by ed sheeran so here’s a drabble based on that. listen to it here while you read


They’re on the sofa. Phil’s leg is draped over Dan’s, and Dan’s leaning on Phil, absentmindedly playing with one of his hands. The TV’s on, they’re watching some episode of Friends that has Phil laughing every other five minutes.

It’s cold outside. It looks like it might rain, and it’s a little chilly inside their flat, too, so they’ve wrapped some blankets around themselves. Phil laughs again, and Dan can feel his chest vibrate.

Phil scrolls through his phone, and shows Dan a picture of his friend and his wife who are currently in Berlin.

“They look like they’re having fun,” Phil says. “Wanna go? We should go on holiday somewhere soon.”

“Mmhmm,” Dan mumbles.

“Or I guess we could go to America or something,” Phil looks down at Dan. “New York?”

Dan mumbles something incoherent again, pushing his face into Phil’s chest.

They pull the blanket closer. They’re wearing hoodies and pajama pants. It’s only afternoon, but Dan’s falling asleep and Phil’s trying to make sure he doesn’t. Phil can feel Dan’s breathing slow and he sees Dan’s eyes drooping and he pulls him into a kiss, hard, and Dan wakes right back up. Phil chuckles and pokes Dan’s dimple when he follows suits. Neither of them feels like doing anything today, so cuddling on the sofa seems like the only satisfactory solution.

Phil untangles himself from Dan and heads to the kitchen to make them both a cup of coffee. When he returns, Dan is lying down sideways on the sofa, smiling up at Phil. They drink their coffees side by side, looking at each other to laugh anytime something funny happens on Friends. Phil’s hair is messy and his smile is too big and his hands are always touching Dan’s. Dan sneaks glances at Phil when he’s intently watching the TV, and Phil purposely makes weird faces because he knows Dan’s secretly watching him.

And their friends are off doing couple-y things like going on a date or taking vacations but they have their own idea of love. It’s them, on the sofa, right now, right here. It’s Dan, mesmerized by the green in Phil’s eyes, and Phil startled by the warmth in Dan’s. It’s pajama pants and messy hair and finished cups of coffee. It’s blankets and TV and each other.

So, they could go to New York, sure. They could go to Brighton, or Berlin. Dan knows that if he asked, Phil would take him.They could have such grand adventures. They could explore new places, they could learn new cultures. They could have so many grand adventures but the only adventure they really want is each other.

“So,” Phil asks. “Where will it be? New York? Berlin? Las Vegas?”

“Wherever you want,” Dan murmurs. “Much rather stay here with you, though.”

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hi rhine, i'm trying to listen to more artists/music in general so i was wondering what your favourite songs for summer are!!

Hi, dearest! Ooh, I have a lot of favourite songs for the summer - it’s impossibly hard to choose, in all honesty. But since I love sharing music and I love making playlists, I’ve made a few mixes of some of my summer favourites that you can listen to down below! They’re all categorized by genres, so you can pick and choose what appeals to you. I do hope you enjoy some of my favourite songs! Thank you for such a wonderful ask and wishing you a beautiful summer ~


scribble down something that’s sweet // listen here

sun shy - dresses // sound of my heart - shawn hook // one night town - ingrid michaelson ft mat kearney // sofa - ed sheeran // save my heart - jason reeves // runaway - mat kearney // it’s time (acoustic) - imagine dragons // 1957 - milo greene // all those pretty lights - andrew belle // happily (acoustic) - one direction // mexico - dave moisan // once in a lifetime - landon austin // i choose you (acoustic) - timeflies // the writer (acoustic) - ellie goulding // breathing easy - youth // toes (acoustic) - lights // flower - cody simpson // paperweight - joshua radin


hiding out in a dream // listen here
pop punk/bands

summer paradise - simple plan // long way home - 5 seconds of summer // mr. right - a rocket to the moon // drawing the line - royal pirates // say you like me - we the kings // wild and free - a rocket to the moon // disconnected - 5 seconds of summer //  la la - the cab // tonight tonight - hot chelle rae // favourite record - fall out boy // can we dance - the vamps // dreaming’s for sleeping - hedley // she (for liz) - parachute // nine in the afternoon - panic! at the disco // one in a million - down with webster // stutter - marianas trench // harlem - new politics // dreaming - smallpools // shut up and dance - walk the moon // young volcanoes - fall out boy // crazy for you - hedley // greek tragedy - the wombats // cardiac arrest - bad suns // paris - magic man


make mistakes though // listen here
pop i don’t know this is just a mess that i like

no control - one direction // dance with me tonight - olly murs // new romantics - taylor swift // classic - mkto // shark in the water - vv brown // doing it - charli xcx // octahate - ryn weaver // jealousy - tove lo // change your ticket - one direction // the night is still young - nicki minaj // double vision - 3oh!3 // somebody - natalie la rose ft jeremiah  


let go of everything // listen here

san francisco (little daylights remix) - the mowglis // afraid (4e remix) // king - years & years // holdin on - flume // young blood (dropwizz chilled remix) - bea miller // high (young rising sons remix) - dsignr // heartsigh - purity ring // say my name - odesza ft zyra // i’m in love with the coco (hitimpulse remix) - ed sheeran


skintight // listen here
songs to make out to if i had someone to make out with 

coming down - halsey // bad intentions - niykee heaton // florida kilos - lana del rey // slow - lido x halsey // senses overload - ficci ft laura hahn // show me - alina baraz & galimatias // often (kygo remix) - the weeknd // good for you - selena gomez


my mood for music changes a lot, but these are probably my favourites for every mood at the moment I’m still missing quite a lot of songs because they’re like misc and I don’t know where to put them so yEAH sorry if this is like a big mess, oops. 

also, there are two playlists from someone else that I thoroughly enjoy for the summer: day/night. I hope you guys like them too!

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 10 songs, then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping.
  1. All About Us - He is We
  2. Summertime Of Our Lives - Cody Simpson
  3. Holy Grail - Justin Timberlake
  4. First Kiss - A Rocket to the Moon
  5. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran 
  6. Sofa - Ed Sheeran 
  7. Vegas Skies - The Cab
  8. Sad Song - We The Kings
  9. Be Your Everything - Boys like Girls
  10. I Swear This Time I Mean It - Mayday Parade
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