sofa change


Love love how my living room looks now. I painted, changed the sofa, bought new cushions, side table and dining chairs, moved the furniture completely in different positions and got some Alice in Wonderland collection China plates (I will not rest till I get all 8).

My family helped loaaaads. They were technically on holiday but I put them all to work u.u #noregrets

Look at my bookcases <333 (one is not mine and will be gone with my roommate, possibly will buy one to replace it we’ll see).

PS: If you know somebody looking for a room in London (Kingston Upon Thames area, 10 min from Surbiton station) please tell them to hmu! I have some people interested but nothing has been set on stone.

Getting You Back

Requested Part II to Cheating in All Directions


Just like you had promised, the flat was empty. He dropped his keys in the dish and sigh, sitting on the sofa. You had changed your number, email… All of it. He could find you, really, if he wanted to. But he didn’t think that would be fair given the circumstances. He had cheated on you more than once on the last three tours… How does he make a come back after ripping your heart out? Niall decided though, he missed seeing your things, being around you, all of it… Then why would he stray? He had been bored and missed sex. He went down to your parents’ house where he knew you were at. He knocked on the door and your dad answers. “What the fuck are you doing here?” He growls. “Dad, I can deal with it.” You say, pulling your dad back. You shut the door and fold your arms, “Baby-” Your hand comes up to silence him, “You aren’t allowed to call me and you can’t speak first either.” He shuts his mouth and looks at the ground. “I was around for three tours. Three of your, literal, fucking tours.” Angry tears pricked your eyes, “You promised me a forever, that I was the only one and that-that doesn’t match up. You and I… We are no more and never will be. You are suck a dick. I deserve someone better than you.” Niall opens his mouth to say something but doesn’t because of the sheer surprise. He thought it was going to be easy-easy to sweep you off your feet… He was wrong. Niall couldn’t get you back, because you were right, you deserved the best. And that wasn’t him.


He ran back to the hotel room and as the woman comes to kiss him, he pushed her away. “I got to go after her, that’s the love of my life.” Harry pulls on his boxers and jeans, tossing the tshirt over his head. “If she was the love of your life, you wouldn’t have been fucking me. Or any of the other girls.” She speaks angrily as he hunts for his little brown booties, not being able to find them. He tried to ignore her, but she had such a valid point. Yes, he loved you, but not always for the physical aspect. And sometimes it got lonely on tour! You were explaining to management that you needed an escort the airport. Harry found his boots and runs down the stairs, the elevator wouldn’t be fast enough. he didn’t care he didn’t bring a body guard like he was supposed to. You were leaving and he needed to stop you. He needed you. You were getting in the car and he pushed his way into the car as well. It started moving before you could shove him out. “Get the fuck out of the car.” You say, not wanting to look at him, not being able to get the image of him pile driving into that fucking bimbo out of your mind. “Y/N, I need you.” He says simply, but with a begging tone. “No, you need to get your head out of your arse.” You glare, “If you needed me as much as you think, you would be faithful to me.” You ask the driver to pull over and get out. “I never want to see you again Styles. Ever.” You grab your bag and call for a cab to come get you. 


Liam was relentless in calling you, even as far as sending you emails. You had unfollowed him on twitter and instagram so he couldn’t message you over those forms of social media. Nothing. You had ignored him. For almost two weeks now. You went as far as to change your number so the texts stopped. Liam had break coming up, and he couldn’t wait to get back to the flat. It was first yours, and you knew his break was soon, so you paid people to come pack up his stuff and put it in storage and you changed the locks. Liam saw your car in the car park. He was surprised, but also excited, you had forgiven him. He loved you and you were his girl, of course you were, why wouldn’t you? He hurries upstairs and goes to put his key into the door-but it wouldn’t turn. You heard the door and bite your lip. You would answer when he would knock, but not until then. Liam didn’t knock, he pounded on the door. “Y/N! Baby!” You had changed the locks on him and he would admit, it stung more than it should. You open the door, opening  it wide enough so he could see the inside of it. Liam saw all of his stuff missing. “Here’s the key to your storage locker.” You say in a dead pan tone. “But-” “No buts, I watched you fuck another girl. You don’t even deserve your shit back. You’re lucky I am not fucking psycho. I loved you and you fucked me over in such a way that I can honestly NEVER get over. Good luck.” You shut the door in his face. Liam stood there, looking down. He deserved all of this, but it didn’t make it hurt less. 


Zayn was a free man now. He was free to fuck who he pleased… But… It still felt wrong. He hurt you, he meant what he said on the voicemail, it wasn’t supposed to end that way. And for some reason, it did. And it was wrong and hurtful. When they got back into town, he went to your place of employment. He watched you serve a few people their coffee and when you saw him you dropped the pot-shattering it. Everyone turned and look and he pulled his beanie down, “We need to talk.” You wanted to make a scene. Throw hot coffee on him. Scream. Call him names, but it would not look appropriate. You walk away, feeling weird, like you were floating. You knew he was following and you could hear phones going off, taking pictures. You lead him to the walk in freezer. “I have half the mind to fucking lock your cheating arse in here.” You growl. “It wasn’t supposed to-” “No I got your fucking message. But you know what, instead of cheating, you could have broken up with me. But no, you go with a girl in your first month of tour. I tried, you know?” You shake your head, “I tried so hard to make it work for us, but you couldn’t do that. You gave up. And Zayn, if you’re here to apologise or to try and get me back, don’t.” You shake your head, “I am over this, over us, and over your cheating arse. Now go.” You point to the door, “Y/N..” “Go.” You say again and Zayn just goes, sighing to himself. He fucked up, but maybe it was for the best. 


He slammed the door to the flat and punched the door afterwards. Fuckin’ Tiffany. He should have changed the picture or something. Louis dresses quickly, needed to do damage control. Louis grabbed your keys, having a good idea where you were off to. You had driven to the edge of town, to a spot that was yours. Yours for thinking, being on your own, you and Louis made love here for the first time. You were crying in the car. You and Lou had an entire year together and he threw it away for some cunt who knew you two were still together. How could he? Louis pulls up to the spot, getting out of the car. You watch him, the nerve of the fucker.  You get out and throw his keys at him. “You fucking go. Leave.” “Y/N, it’s not-” “No, it’s not? What about the big cock that she misses?” You yell and watch the blood drain from Louis’ face. “Exactly. I’m going to pack up my stuff and I’m done. I’m out. You disgust me. I’m sorry that I am not this Tiffany bitch. But good luck keeping her faithful while you’re on tour.” You push past him, grabbing the keys from his fingers. “I hate you Louis Tomlinson, I hate you so much.” You say as you open the door, “Because I still love you, and that’s why I hate you.” “I shouldn’t have been playing chase when I had you-” “Damn straight, and now you don’t have me, play your damn game all you want.”

Sleeping bear

First go at writing a short fic, sorry if the spelling is wrong and the grammar    


After x-Ray finally accepted that Mogar was no threat to him or Vav, he let Mogar stay at their not so “secret’ base.

In their time together Vav and Mogar have become very close, it was very rare not see them together, ‘secretly’ casting glances to each other when the other wasn’t looking, but anyone with eyes could see they like each other especially X-Ray, and he couldn’t help him self but to make fun of them.


"Hey Vav! Where’s your boyfriend?”

“He’s not my boyfriend!”

“Whatever, a blind man can see you have the hot’s for bear man”

Vav’s blushed “H-he’s sleeping on the sofa” Changing the subject.

“Cool, then he wont mind me taking his sword for a little test run”

“Umm” Before Vav could say anything against  that idea X-Ray was out the door with Mogar’s diamond sword.

Vav walked into the living room quietly where Mogar slept stretched out on the sofa, it was never a good idea to wake him up as X-Ray found out.

A sight of relief came from Vav seeing that he is still sleeping after X-Ray running out.

He walked over to their investigation bored and looked it over.

Vav stood looking at the bored for a good while before hearing a groan behind him.

Vav jumped at the sound, looking round he saw Mogar move, tip-toeing over and looking down at the man he saw he was still asleep.

He released the breath he didn’t know he was holding and stood up straight before tuning back to the bored only to be stopped.

Taking by surprise he yelped, spinning around he found he was stopped by Mogar’s hand.

Vav stayed still and watched to see what he would do next but he did nothing.

Mogar still had his eyes closed then he tugged Vav down onto the sofa with him.Wrapping his arms around Vav’s waist he pulled Vav up and hugged him to his chest.

Vav’s face lit up red “W-w-what are y-you doing?”

Mogar just grunted and pulled him closer so he could hide his face in Vav’s hair.

“Sleep” A mumble came from above Vav before feeling Mogar’s face rub into his hair again.

Vav smiled, relaxing his body and snuggled into Mogar before falling asleep in the bear mans warmth.

We were at Jessica’s friends apartment late one night smoking some pot and drinking wine. Sharon was microwaving some munches and had peed her Tena while getting high. We teased her just a little about her wet ass, but since she is used to wetting herself, we all just laughed it off saying it was no big deal and then Sharon reminds the rest of us about the times we’d wet ourselves.

Of course Sharon’s right and we just dismissed it as a girl thing. We let her go on pinching her wet puss while sitting on the sofa. That changed the conversation and we all decided that if your cute and look hot it is ok to pee in your pants.

  • Me: *starts fanfiction* right so this is...oh okay, it’s set in America. Cool.
  • ME: *uses American terms and brands, does a bit of research* Oops! It’s couch not sofa, I’ll just change that!
  • Me: *reading fanfiction of show/book/movie/whatever set in UK*
  • Me: Okay well thats not a thing here really...
  • Fic: On the roadtrip they were 15 hours outside of London
  • Me: Well okay, you're in the sea then
  • Fic: He took off his pants
  • Me: Which pants? English pants or American pants? Did he remove trousers or underwear? Is he naked or in his English pants? This is important I need to know
  • Fic: So they nipped to Wallmart for Lucky Charms.
  • Me: Nope.
  • Fic: what an ass
  • Me: ARSE have you TRIED to say ‘ass’ with a British accent? It sounds ridiculous
  • Fic: mom
  • Me: I give up
  • Fic: Little league soccer! HIGHSCHOOL AU!
  • Me: *leaves*