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“I [believe people] just learn stuff when they were a kid, and hold on to it, and that affects every relationship they have.”

Donald Glover

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Harry fingering you and pressing you up against a wall. He tells you not to come but you can't hold it anymore so you come

Fuck. Am sitting with family and typing this. I hoped for a normal this night, but oh well.

It’s not like you haven’t taken his attitude all evening already. He was an ass all evening knowing he won the bet. He was rubbing it in your face, smirking all throughout while giving you the side looks, always staying in the line of your vision even when you shifted. It was getting to you. It was annoying. 

“What’s my treat tonight?” He asked. 

“A punch, if you don’t shut up!” you said, taking more than required pasta on your plate. 

“But, I haven’t said anything as yet!” He laughed, taking some pasta from your plate. 

“If you weren’t my best friend, I would’ve thrown you off the balcony,” You stared into his eyes, and he just smirked. He never won, and this time he did. 

“Yeah sure, but you wouldn’t have kept the bet if I wasn’t your best friend so, umm treat. I want a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies when we reach home,” He said, getting you a glass of wine. 

“Home?” you frowned. 

“I’m taking you home, baby,” He teased, and you let out a groan. It was going to be a long night. You followed him to the group he was talking to this evening. 

So, Y/N still a virgin?” You coughed, trying to swallow the wine in your mouth. You almost forgot the existence of Kylie. This woman had been on your case since you could remember. You gave her a wide smile, squishing your eyes, trying to brush it off. People and their obsession with some strangers sex life! Harry noticed the entire exchange, not saying anything. “C’mon, you have at least got someone to go down on you!” 

Why was she having this conversation with you? You gave her the fuck off look. Thankfully, others in the group had a better life. “Not even some finger action? You are way sadder than I thought.” 

“Oh really, you think about me? I don’t think about you at all,”  You said not waiting for her to respond something smarter as you walked off, gulping your entire wine. It wasn’t a big deal. It just never happened. You never have a boyfriend, and you’d prefer that the first someone who does touch you will be someone you at least love and not a stranger. Studies and work were one of the few reasons you were successful at 22. Getting a love life could wait, and Kylie was the only one who made you feel desperate. 

“You cool?” Harry asked as you got yourself another glass. “Kylie’s a bitch.” 

“No doubt there,” you said, taking a big gulp. 

“Are you going with Jack on that dinner he asked?” He asked. 

“No, I have a feeling he is racist.” you told him. 

“No, how?” Harry rolled his eyes, “You always do this! Push prospects away!” 

“Prospects?” You laughed, “He said, he found me exotic. And, have you noticed he cracks his neck a lot. Like a lot a lot, that’s not normal.” 

“Oh yeah, that means he is a sex hound,” Harry said, now being sarcastic. 

“You go out with him!” You pushed him, “I want someone normal. Which I feel will never happen cause no one finds me hot. Like look at this dress,” four glasses of wine weren’t leading to a good Y’N. “I have a low cut back and everything,” You said pushing your hair to the side. “And not one guy in here has even flirted with me.” 

Harry gulped, “No like look at the number of single guys around! Not even one. I’m going to die a virgin and alone!” Harry knew it was his fault. People thought Y/N was with him. When asked he didn’t deny either, and he knew more people he than her so, no one wanted to cross him. He knew all that and said nothing. 

“You’re hot,” he said, he had noticed your dress. Then tried thinking of everything else in the world so, he wouldn’t get hard. You were his best friend. He’d like to keep you. 

“Right, how are you controlling yourself then?” You leaning against Harry sitting on the bar stool, almost on his lap wasn’t helping his case either. The world’s worry didn’t make him forget of your shoulder tattoo that he always found a little too sexy, and now, your thigh on his and his crotch so close to yours…he couldn’t help bringing his lips to yours. 

You took it in, Harry was kissing you. You were kissing back as you felt his hand on your neck, moving to your cheek, to bring your closer. You opened your eyes to meet his as he stopped, your lips still close, “I don’t want pity,” you said, climbing off and getting off his lap. He didn’t stop you as you rushed to the bathroom and fixed yourself. “I will not think about this. I’m drunk. It was in the moment. Means nothing. You, you here!” Looking at yourself in the mirror, “Means nothing. Get yourself together!” And you did, all cool you walked out to Harry talking to Michael. 

“Ready to go?” He asked, and you nodded. All cool that it made him frown. 

“Y/N, I need you Friday for the shoot. No one captures it like you do, and I don’t want the second best!” Michael said hugging you. You agreed and followed Harry out to his car. 

“Do you really want cookies?” You asked, in the car. 

“I have no idea why this is up for discussion,” he said seriously and you laughed. “Give me some clothes,” you told him as you walked into his house and straight to the kitchen. The bastard had everything organised. He knew he was going to win. 

You got to work, as saw Harry keep his shirt and pants on the counter and then walk away to change. Not bothering at all, you got your dress off in the kitchen and folded it. This dress didn’t allow a bra, so you were glad that your boobs were now free from the dress as you massaged ‘em a bit taking your time and not realising that Harry was just around the corner, choking on the water he had taken out from the fridge. You wore his big ass shirt, triple both your sizes. Thr pants were too loose and missing the rope, so they just fell down. Huffing you took em off and kept them outside on the sofa. “Go change and help me!” You said as you saw Harry still standing there with wide eyes. You always were comfy around him, so this wasn’t new. 

“Eggs, break em!” You mumbled singing and making the dough. This was your speciality. You could do it drunk, sleepy, sloshed and they always came out perfect. Lost, you didn’t notice Harry come behind you until you felt his hands on your ass. When he didn’t remove em, and kneaded in, “What’re you doing?” It surprised you as you felt kisses on your shoulders, his body now stuck to you. It wasn’t just difficult for him, but you as well. You couldn’t ignore the need of throwing him on the bed and fucking him on the bed. But it just was never said or showed by either, so you thought there was nothing. “Harry…” you said again. 

His hands stopped yours from letting the bowl go, and lock them fingers, as he attacked your neck from behind. You let out a moan, as his teeth bit in, and his hand held both of yours, the other going down your stomach, “Is this alright?” He whispered, in a voice you couldn’t recognise. You nodded, not being able to say anything as his hands went further down to your cotton panties. He always had long fingers you thought, as the temperature increased. This was new to you, and he knew it. He turned you around, and got to his knees, getting under the t-shirt, and kissing your stomach, as he went down below. You pulled your t-shirt off, not being able to hold it as you saw his eyes, looking so green with lust, as his tongue licked your navel, and travelled down. 

Strong hold on your legs, your hands holding on to the counter and you speechless which was a thing he noticed and smirked on, as he took your panties off, “Nice pussy,” he murmurs,”Can you open up for me a little baby,” He said, as your legs softened and spread a little. “Okay?” He asked once again, and you couldn’t find any reason in your head to disagree. He nestled between your thighs, leaving sloppy kisses on ‘em, and you wondered how you could ever not do this before. His tongue travelled up, now right on your clit, his eyes not missing the reaction of your first time. He wanted it to be good, as he mixed his spit with your wetness, amazed at this state he got you in. The always in control Y/N was so soft right now, just for him. 

Any other day, he wouldn’t have believed his luck, but today as he got lost and so involved with you, his mouth all over, and his body tied to your lower half, he was taking everything you offered. A minute later, when he heard you whimper, this feeling absolutely new to you and not a lot compared to your sessions with yourself, he picked you up and threw you over the shoulder. You yelped his name, as he took you to the couch and, immediately pulled your legs apart, to not let the moment get too far. “I like how your clit’s swollen,” he said sucking on it and taking it long and slow. Your knees trembled, and he brought his fingers in, pressing on it, and he went down to your holes. “Let’s try one,” He said, quite lost now in you, as he pushed a finger in, “You like that,” as your cries increased a bit, his fingers were way longer than yours. “Relax, relax,” he said, as you bucked your hips, the pleasure taking control now. He put two in and increased his pace, now faster as his fingers fucked you while keeping his tongue on your clit. No idea how he did it, but you were slowly losing it. 

“I’m…Harry,” You whimpered, He climbed up and, attached his lips on your again, swallowing your moans, his fingers fucking you faster as you held his face. “Close, so close…” 

“Hold it for me a bit, baby,” He asked. Lips travelling down to your neck and back up. His hand, kept your body in place as you trembled, while the other relentlessly didn’t stop from being inside you. 

“Can’t, I can’t…” You said, as you felt your orgasm coming stronger than it had ever before and this was just by his fingers. He giggled, and went down again, as you looked at his sticky fingers which he just pulled out. He slowly put his fingers in his mouth, and you gulped sitting on your elbows. “Sorry…” 

He didn’t respond, as his mouth went back to lick you clean, and you threw yourself back down. You pulled at his hair, to look at you, and he stopped and sat up. You did as well, and climbed in his lap, and tipped his head back and kissed him. His hands held you tight, as you tasted yourself on him. “I won’t be so easy on you next time,” He said, as you kissed down his neck. 

“I can make up with cookies,” You whispered in his ear. 

Not that good, but I’m still getting in my groove. Tell me what you think about and send me more if you have ideas!



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fluff with peter? fluff with peter.

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Prompt for you! Zimbits they're the only ones in the library studying late at night, the whole time jack is trying to find an excuse to study with the cute blonde. Finally bitty gets up and leaves and a few minutes later jack leaves too, only to find bitty stuck inside scared to walk home in the cold this late at night, jack walks him home and hopefully they kiss

Jack Zimmermann worked harder than God, in hockey and in his studies. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays you’ll find him sitting in the library studying with a member of the hockey team. 

That night, the library’s main study room was almost empty, with only one person in a hoodie, curled on a sofa balancing a laptop on his knees, with earphones plugged in. There was an open notebook and a pencil on the table next to him, but Jack could see that he was looking down at his phone while someone on his laptop plays.

Then the person raised his head and arms to stretch and Jack’s throat went dry. The hood fell away from his head, revealing a halo of blond curls. He had a strong jaw and a cute, upturned nose. Jack thought that his lips looked very kissable. 

For the next thirty minutes, Jack could hardly focus on studying. He kept surreptitiously glancing at the cute boy curled on the sofa, who was changing positions all too often. The cute boy didn’t seem to be getting a lot of studying done, and Jack wondered if he could sidle over and ask if he needed any help. Or Jack could go over and ask him if he could help Jack on his reading.

Too soon, the other person got up and packed up his materials, turning to leave. Jack stared at him as he left, wondering how a person can have such a small, holdable, butt. 

He finally closed his own laptop, deciding that he won’t be able to accomplish anything tonight, and that it was better to go back to the Haus. 

Looking down at his phone to check the group messages, Jack didn’t notice until he quite literally bumped into a soft body.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” He said, before realizing that it was the same cute boy he couldn’t tear his eyes away from in the library. 

“You’re Canadian?” The person asked. “Oh, I’m so sorry! Where are my manners? What I meant to say was it’s okay.”

“Haha, it’s okay,” Jack said. He turned to leave, but noticed after walking a few steps that the cute boy was still lingering in the entrance of the library, shivering. 

“Are you waiting for someone?” Jack asked. 

“No,” he replied, looking a bit embarrassed. “It’s just a tad bit cold and dark, and my dorm is pretty far away. So…” 

“You can call Safe Ride or a Samwell security officer,” Jack said. “They can walk or drive you back to your dorm if you feel unsafe.” 

“That’s a thing?” He looked hopeful. “Thank you so much! I’ll google their numbers, I must’ve missed this at orientation…” 

“Or I can walk you back to your dorm!” Jack piped up, then slid off his own coat and wrapped it around the other person. “I’m Jack. Um. I know the campus well.”

“Oh. I’m Eric.” Eric said, looking up at Jack. Jack didn’t know if the blush on Eric’s cheeks were the result of the cold or of Eric’s reaction to Jack’s closeness. “Thank you so much.” 

“It’s no problem,” Jack said. 

They walked to Eric’s dorm with a quiet conversation, where Jack learned that Eric was from Georgia, came here on a soccer scholarship, and was trying and failing to study in the library. 

“I noticed,” Jack laughed. “You looked like you were too busy looking at your phone.” 

Eric seemed shy for a moment, then looked up at Jack to say, “Um. You were looking at me. So I count that as a win.” 

They reached Eric’s dorm, and lingered there, not knowing what to say to each other. 

Jack leaned down and took Eric’s face in his hands, before pressing a soft kiss on his lips. 

“I count this as a win, too.” 

BTS REACTS TO: s/o asking for head

Anon Asked: Can you make a bts reaction to you asking them to go down on you for the first time?

I struggled so much with Jin’s. I just can’t picture Jin in a sexual way for some reason? He looks like that one teacher everyone thought was hot in Middle School. - Admin Dayna


This phone call with Jin was exceptionally suggestive on your end. Jin was in a position where he couldn’t quit return the exchange. He was in a cab on the way to your apartment after being too busy with work all week. You were leaving not so subtle hints on what has been on your mind lately. Whether Jin was receptive was something you wouldn’t know until after he showed up at your door. He looked down at you with a look in his eyes, as if he was waiting for you to confirm the dirty things you’ve been telling him on the phone was something you really wanted. You’d look up at with a sinister smile, take his hand and tell him exactly what it was you wanted. He was honestly baffled by your boldness, but wasn’t one to fight your needs.

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The best part of the relationship was the very little effort that either of you had to put into it. You could simply walk up to Yoongi and tell him or ask him anything and his response will be straight forward, and if he could, whatever was asked for will be done. You had no problem asking for this teensy favor. You’d stick your head into Yoongi’s bedroom and tell him you were in the mood. He originally stared at you dumbfounded, not sure if he heard you quite right – you’ve never abruptly asked for something like that before. He was sure for a while he only imagined it. Yet the impatience in your eyes and eagerness to get going was confirmation on its own. A smirk crept on his face, and he lured in, motioning you to get in bed with him.

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With little time in between dance practices, the most you and Hobi could do with each other is a quick make out session that always left you hanging dry. It was a wonder how he was getting through hours of working after the heat you two would create in such a short amount of time. This break you were determined to get something a little more than just heavy, cliff hanging kisses. The two of you snuck off into one of the recording rooms, locking the door behind you, and by some strong magnetic force got straight to it. As he trailed kisses down your neck, you urged him to go down little by little. He was no fool to the hints.

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The two of you often communicated through music. Namjoon was always playing something on his stereos in the dorms. Whenever the boys were there, it was each other’s way of saying things that weren’t too appropriate to say in front of the others. While everyone (including yourself) was huddled in the living room, you and Namjoon shared a pair of earbuds. You took his cell, and purposely chose a more suggestive song. He hadn’t been paying it any attention until he heard some *cough*explicit*cough* lyrics. He’d steal a glance at you to confirm, and you’d look back at him and flash a smile. You’d then discreetly gesture what you had in mind specifically, and Namjoon would raise a brow. It was the first time, but he wasn’t hesitant whatsoever. The two of you snuck off together somewhere more private… you know… for alternative activities.

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It was fun and games until it caught up to him. Jimin had been a tease all day, purposely saying things he knew you loved just to be asshole – the usual. He’d walk around the house shirtless, shooting glances your direction and purposely flashing his peacock tail to get a rise out of you. However, instead of being annoyed as he thought you’d be, you instead offered an alternative reaction that certainly caught him off guard. Jimin practically froze in place after you had asked him. Maybe if he stayed perfectly still you wouldn’t see him. But with just enough whining and practically suffocating him with kisses he tried to fight off, Jiminie found himself in the mood, too. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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It takes a bit of teasing and rough housing for things to head south. What started off innocent somehow treads dangerous waters with just enough touching and heavy breathing. The two of you were tangled into one another; him on top of you, a fistful of your hair in one hand, the other pinning your wrist to the sofa. The mood changed for the better, and you popped the question. Taehyung responded with darkened eyes and a cheeky smile before locking lips with you in between giggles and trailing the kisses downwards.

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You’ve been sexually frustrated for the longest now. The issue was how to bring it up to Jungkook. Knowing the boy you’d get one of two responses: he’d feel so absolutely shook, ultimately making things awkward, or he’d feel a little bold and was down for the sinning. You sat on the sofa, generally standoffish, holding yourself in fetal position. Jungkookie would watch from the distance and question why you were acting so weird. You’d hesitate at first to say, but finally confessed you’ve been feeling a little needy lately. He’d question what you meant by “needy” and you gave in and told him you’ve been playing in your head him going down on you for the longest. As expected, Jungkook was in fact shook – but it was a short-lived reaction. The two of you carried out a few naughty acts in the bedroom thereafter.

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Prompt smut ideas: doing it for the first time in an arranged marriage; or in the library ;p


It’s been three weeks. Three weeks married to the man now known again as Ben Solo–though he fools no one, least of all his wife. This man is still Kylo Ren, Jedi Father Galaxy killer, and no amount of supervision and diplomacy will change that.

The old order is dead, and with it its outdated customs. That’s why Rey knows this arranged marriage is for nothing. It was an absurd proposition, and Rey feels like all they’ve done is invited the wolf in among the sheep, no wool cloak needed.

But, he hasn’t touched her. They share a room, and Rey was ready enough to fulfill her part of things. The chaste kiss at the closing of the ceremony, and the less chaste one that followed at the final raising of glasses at the reception, confirmed well enough what she’d known to be true since Kylo pulled off his mask those two years before: He was a pretty thing, and that mouth was made for kissing.

But that was all. They both moved in for the brief touching of lips that sealed them as husband and wife, and it had been Kylo that had tugged her up against his body when the cry went up and near empty glasses were raised: To a united front! To the end of war and a beginning of peace! To hope!

He had a hand resting lightly at the small of her back–for show only, surely–but the cheer surged something through him. She felt that well enough. And he wrapped that long, thick arm around her middle and dragged her up his body and kissed her. More shouts rang out at that and her wine spilled on her dress–but Rey hadn’t cared. That kiss, possessive and hot and achingly soft, that kiss was something that she liked. 

So when they returned to their room that night, and Rey’s drink-clumsied hands finally pulled her dress from her body, she was startled at his hand laid over hers as she began to work at her underclothes. Stopping her. He left the room to change and made a pathetic bed on the too-small sofa. Rey changed in front of him–because why wouldn’t she?–and climbed into their bed.

Their bed.

Where she has slept alone, for three weeks.

She is sometimes angry about this, and sometimes sad. Usually she is frustrated. Does he think her untouched? That he’s saving her from some trauma by refusing to consummate what was already forced on her? 

Well, she isn’t, and fucking a pretty thing with lips that make her shiver in their softness might be the only perk to being married off to the Scourge of the Galaxy. It’s not gallant. It’s annoying.

Which is probably why she acts before she can think when she sees him sitting alone in the sparse little library. He’s reading a book–a rare luxury in these times–and holding it with such care in those large, blunted hands. It makes her see red.

Her hand fists in his hair and she drags him up from his seat. She tugs him into the nearest aisle and tosses him against the high bookshelf. He humors her, and knocks back hard against it. She’s tall, but he’s taller. She’s strong, but he is so much stronger. 

She pokes him in the chest, not really sure what she’s going to reprimand him for. She pokes again, but no words come.

“Spit it out, wife. I was just about to finish that chapter.” Those wide eyes narrow at her and that mouth, that mouth. He pouts when he’s angry. Actually pouts. She could bite him for it.

She snarls. “I’m not your wife. Not yet, and you know it.”

Kylo laughs at her. “I thought you considered the old ways dead? Why do you suddenly see the need to rut to make it official?”

“I–I don’t.”

“Then let me get back to my book.” He pouts harder.

She bites him.

What comes next is what she has wanted. Dragged up that body again, like at the reception, like in her wettest of dreams. He turns and crushes her into the bookcase behind her, and she groans. He’s broad and inelegant and pulls no punches. She’d probably the only one who could withstand this without breaking in half. That makes her feel powerful.

She kisses him again, because that’s what is fueling every bit of this. The kiss that won’t leave her alone. The kiss that follows her to bed every night and leaves her wanting. Why would he kiss her like that and then not lay another finger on her? Why, other than to be cruel?

Because I’m cruel, drifts across her mind, and she bites him again. There’s so much give to those full lips.

It’s not how she thought this would finally happen, him dragging down her trousers so fast the fabric burns her skin, her hands fumbling with the fastenings of his, their mouths refusing to separate, but it is. He fucks her against a bookcase that will leave very regimented bruises down her back: a long, straight line across her shoulder blades, the middle of her back, the top of her ass. And she kisses him through it all. The rest of him is nice enough, and if she can convince him to crawl his hulking ass off the sofa and into their bed, she might explore it more thoroughly later.

But what she wants now is his lips, and she takes them. Shows him that he can’t just kiss her like that and leave her be. Rey knows the value of wreckage and her now, completely, finally husband is salvage she can work with.

The old order might be dead, its arranged marriages and truces and alliances counting for very little. But passion–the Dark that still simmers in the man coming apart between her thighs–that can be honed into a murky Grey chain Rey can wrap around her fist. 

Kylo Ren assures that, link by link, with every kiss he gives her, every kiss she takes. He may be cruel, but she is crueler, and she’s not done with him yet.

THE PHOENIX RISES Chapter 20 [ Olicity | Bratva AU | Explicit]

SUMMARY: For two years, Felicity has lived as a woman happily married to Oliver Queen. They have had their differences like they always do, but nothing they could not come back from. Until now.
Things crumble to the ground as an evil from the past descends upon their married life and tragedy reigns, they face something they never have before. But Felicity knows together, they can brave through. Oliver has no intention of letting go. Neither does she.


As she’d suspected, he was there. Leaning against the open French doors that led out to a small veranda and further into the endless lawn of their property, Oliver stood - wearing dark jeans that cupped his beautiful ass and a simple black t-shirt that hugged his beautiful back - watching something far away.

Felicity admired his form for a long moment, aware that he knew she’d come into the room, and walked towards the plush reddish-brown sofa in the center of the space.

“You know,” she began, her voice still raspy with sleep, “it’s not nice to leave your pregnant wife alone in bed.”

He didn’t reply like he usually would have with a quip of his own.

He didn’t even turn.

Felicity came to a halt beside the sofa, frowning, before she changed directions and headed towards where he stood. Closing the space between them in more steps than she would’ve liked, she finally reached him, extending the hand that wasn’t on the baby bump to fall on his bicep.

“Hey,” she slowly maneuvered herself around, so she stood in front of him, and took in his face.

And for the first time in a long time, he looked haggard. There were dark bags under his tired, slightly frightened but still beautiful eyes, his scruff almost grown out into a little beard, his skin dull.

He put his arms around her waist, pulling her into himself, their baby locked between their bodies, his forehead coming down to rest against hers, his eyes closing as he exhaled softly, his woodsy scent wrapped around her.

“Baby,” Felicity put her hands on his jaw, feeling the soft hair on his face under her palms, her insides clenching at seeing him like this. “Talk to me.”

He sighed. “I’m not proud of some things that I’ve done, солнышко.”

Felicity blinked. “I know, Oliver. Tell me, what’s wrong?”

He rubbed his forehead against hers, caressing her nose with his. “I don’t want the way your eyes look at me to change.”

Gripping his face firmly, Felicity urged him to open his eyes.

He did.

And then she spoke, right from her heart that even now burst with her love for him.

“I don’t care who you were before you met me, Oliver. I don’t care for what you’ve done for more than how it affects you. I know the man you are now and that is someone I’m proud to have as my child’s father and even more proud to have as my husband.”


Felicity smiled softly, putting her hands on his chest, feeling the harsh beating of his heart under her palms. “You forget I’ve looked under your heart, Oliver. I’ve lived under your skin. And it’s a beautiful place. So, don’t worry that I won’t look at you the same. Because I don’t look at your with my eyes; I look at you with my heart, and what’s here will never change.”

His eyes fluttered shut for a second upon hearing her words. “Promise?”




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next door neighbor au 

  • where namjoon’s cute next door neighbor, park jimin, randomly invites him over to watch a movie at his place
  • it comes as a surprise to namjoon since they’d only ever made polite small talk on his way to work in the morning
  • occasionally lingering in the entryway of their building and flirting a little before jimin went off sprinting to catch his bus
  • but when the smiley, petite grad student shows up at his door late thursday evening, fingers running repeatedly through his feathery mass of blonde hair
  • namjoon can’t stop himself from shouting “yes!” before jimin even has a chance to finish whatever he was saying
  • jimin laughs and namjoon blushes, too embarrassed by his own enthusiasm to look jimin in the eye
  • they head into jimin’s apartment and jimin leaves the room, yelling at namjoon to wait on the sofa while he gets changed and grabs some popcorn
  • namjoon makes himself comfortable, eyes sweeping over the nicely furnished living room, knee bouncing nervously when he realizes he never asked jimin what movie they’re going to watch
  • he decides he’ll ask when jimin comes back but his mind goes blank as soon as he reenters
  • barefoot and dressed in an oversized yellow t-shirt and sweatpants, jimin shuffles over to the couch with a remote and bowl of popcorn in his arms
  • he looks even fluffier than before, hair tousled, small hands and feet poking out beneath his baggy clothes
  • namjoon loses it internally, clenching his fists and swallowing a whimper because jimin looks so fucking cute, like a little chick he’d give anything to cuddle
  • which he almost says out loud but luckily jimin speaks first, thanking him again for coming over after his friends canceled on him
  • “n-no problem,” namjoon replies, attempting to sound more relaxed than he actually was
  • jimin cuts off the lights and sits cross-legged on the sofa next to him, throwing handfuls of popcorn into his mouth as he searches for the movie on netflix
  • “ah…there it is,” he says, leaning back and handing the bowl to namjoon. “i don’t like horror movies that much but i need to watch this for a class i have tomorrow. scary things are easier with another person, right?”
  • namjoon chokes slightly on his popcorn and jimin looks over at him, worried, but namjoon smiles, putting up a hand to signal that he’s okay
  • even though he’s most definitely not okay, far from okay, actually because he hates scary movies
  • there’s no way namjoon’s going to tell him though. he doesn’t want to leave, doesn’t want to let jimin down
  • he settles down, trying his best to stay cool under pressure but…he can’t
  • he can’t stop himself from reaching over to squeeze jimin’s knee and can’t help but cling to jimin’s arm when figures on the screen start popping up out of nowhere
  • jimin stays relatively calm, squeaking every now and again and grabbing namjoon’s hand but quiet overall
  • he doesn’t do anything but smile when namjoon latches onto his arm at a particularly anxiety-provoking part of the film
  • patting his head as namjoon hides his face in his shoulder and asks if the moment has passed yet
  • “no, not yet,” jimin says and namjoon holds him tighter, waiting for the signal to turn around again
  • jimin begins leisurely stroking his hair, pausing now and again to rub up and down his arm
  • namjoon relaxes, finding himself shamelessly craving more
  • hoping the moment lasts forever so he can stay like this in jimin’s arms
  • he hears the musical score change and he knows the scene has to be over by now but he doesn’t ask jimin to confirm it, softly murmuring “jimin…” into his neck instead
  • “no…not yet…” jimin whispers into namjoon’s hair, lips brushing against the top of his head
  • namjoon hums, cheeks red as he presses a quick kiss to jimin’s chin, knowing he’s not quite ready for jimin to let go either

Sherlocked report # lucky 13! Here’s the last of my photoshoot pics from the weekend. I decided to pay to have Rupert to sign our photo together because it turned out so well (as he squeezed my shoulder as he hugged me and said something that made me giggle), and it wasn’t until after I’d left his table that I realised that he’d written ‘lovely to see you again’, so he must have remembered me from last year *squee*. The cast shot today was lovely and everyone was so nice and helped me to get out of my chair and stand up (because group shots where everyone else is standing and you’re sitting often focus weird, so I like to stand if I can.) And Marcia and Debbie held me up…. afterwards my carer rightly said that I’d’ve preferred it was Rupert doing that!! Then I got to lie on the 221B sofa and I purposefully changed the cushions about so I could hug the union flag one. It was a nice shoot to have in the ticket but I would have much preferred the Mycroft’s office set that we were originally to have. And for Debbie shoot I scooted over in my chair and she perched on the bit left and gave me a huge hug, it was so lovely.

Greedy For Attention

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Member: Minhyuk

Word Count: 2,241

a/n: this is for @nandangsineulyongseo !! sorry I am barely uploading but I hope you like it!!!!

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He called you as you ate out with Hyungwon and Jooheon after the three of you had gone furniture shopping for their dorm. You answered the call through a chirp, “Hey!” you heard from his end, “What are you doing?” he asked, and you ran your tongue over your teeth before replying. “I came to look at some furniture with Hyungwon and Jooheon” you replied mindlessly, unaware of the meaning of your words to Minhyuk and how they’d register in his brain. “With Hyungwon and Jooheon? Why?” he then asked, his tone that of bewilderment, making you grin cluelessly, “They asked me to help them, so I tagged along, besides I wanted to look at some stuff for my own apartment too” you responded enthusiastically as the two guys before you conversed and joked, not minding you at all.

“Oh… Well I wanted us to do something” Minhyuk said, his voice becoming softer and much less energetic. You licked your lips and checked the time on your cellphone, “Well, we’ll be back in like, twenty minutes, maybe we can still do something” you suggested, to which Minhyuk simply hummed at and then agreed to, ending the call a bit coldly to what you were used to but you dismissed it nonetheless.

Later, the three of you were arriving at the dorm once again and making your way inside, catching sight of a lonely Changkyun on the couch and a hungry Hoseok in the kitchen. “We’re back! We found some pretty cool stuff, there was this couch Hyungwon and I really liked, let me show you” Jooheon chimed to Hoseok as he made his way towards him while Hyungwon followed suit. “Where’s Minhyuk?” you asked Changkyun, who lazily paused to think for a second before pointing in the direction of his bedroom.

You made your way to Minhyuk’s bedroom and found him scrolling tiredly through his cell phone, his gaze meeting yours briefly before he was sitting up at the edge of the bed. You made your way towards him and sat beside him, leaning your head on his shoulder, “So what did you have in mind for us to do?” you asked, feeling him let out a sigh. “It’s kind of late for what I wanted to do, besides, you probably already ate” he said, his voice low and discouraged, making you look up at him and turning to face him. His eyes met yours, as if scanning them to find some sort of explanation, or an answer, you weren’t sure, but he seemed to be looking for something in your expression which only made you snort and chuckle. “Do you still want me to stay here for a while, or should I just go?” you asked, to which Minhyuk simply looked away at and half-heartedly smiled, “Just stay a little longer” he said, staring at his phone in his hands.

You nodded and leaned your head on his shoulder once again, snaking your hand to reach for his own so you could hold it.

You knew. You just did. You had developed a sensor and knew when Minhyuk was upset about something, you just automatically knew something was up. You wished you knew exactly what it was though, but unfortunately you couldn’t read minds and he hadn’t exactly been one to speak it.

You reached for your bag and pecked Minhyuk’s cheek, before leaving with Hyungwon to finally buy the piece of furniture he wanted, “I’m going now” you said, expecting him to wish you a good time or anything really, but not the words that followed as he let out a deep sigh. “You seem to be doing that a lot these days” he commented bitterly, eyes narrowed as he stared at his cell phone, pretending to be mildly entertained by it, which you knew he wasn’t.

You chuckled lightly and knitted your eyebrows, “Well you don’t seem to ever want to tag along, which I mean, you could if you wanted to, no one’s really telling you not to” you stated, sitting at the arm of the sofa. Minhyuk’s expression changed into one of annoyance and you felt the mood in the room change almost instantly. He threw his cell phone on the couch and leaned back, running an exasperated hand through his hair, his gaze never meeting yours, letting you know you had pressed some buttons, but again, you weren’t exactly sure why or which ones.

“Just go” he spat, waving you away as he stood up from the couch while Hyungwon and Kihyun came out from the kitchen, catching Minhyuk’s tone. Kihyun knitted his eyebrows in curiosity, shooting you a questioning expression as you shrugged in return. You stood up from your spot and took Minhyuk by the arm gently, “Let’s talk, okay? Outside” you said softly, trying to find his gaze but he only avoided yours, bringing his hands to his hips as he looked away from you. You gently tugged at him a few times before you were finally able to make him budge and the two of you were stepping outside of the dorm room.

As soon as you were able to close the door behind you, you made your way towards him and sighed, “Why are you mad?” you asked carefully as Minhyuk leaned against the hallway wall, “I’m not mad” he stated, his voice low and not at all convincing to you. “Fine, you’re upset, just tell me what’s wrong so we can fix it” you suggested, crossing your arms over your chest as you watched him. His jaw tensed and it took him a few seconds to finally meet your stare with an expressionless reaction. He was intimidating, but you knew him too well to be afraid, he was always one to talk it out one way or another, he always talked. “So, what’s your problem?” you insisted and it was all it took for Minhyuk to burst, “You go out with the guys too much and it’s annoying because here I am sitting on my ass, waiting for you to come back” he stated, rather calmly but with a definite harshness to his tone. You jerked your head back at the sudden confession, making you further narrow your eyebrows, “I told you, you can always come, why don’t you?” you asked and Minhyuk shook his head, “Because, every time I expect you to have plans with me, but you always run off to them, are you dating them? No, you’re dating me” he rushed, an incriminating finger pointing towards the door of the dorm. You felt yourself grow in disbelief, making you scoff, “Seriously? You’re being so childish, you act like I spend no time with you at all, Minhyuk” you retorted, a chuckle escaping your lips.

That only seemed to further fuel Minhyuk, making him smack his lips and look away, “It’s not childish to get annoyed at how much time your girlfriend spends with your bandmates and not you, when we hardly even have time to be home” he replied, meeting your gaze once more, his voice husky as it only went lower. You raised your arms in confusion, “Minhyuk, are you hearing yourself? You’re getting jealous over something so pointless, are we seriously fighting over this?” you said, your voice raising as your tolerance diminished. “Well how the heck do you want me to feel when I see you go out with the guys all the time? This has been going on for weeks since we ended our overseas schedules, Y/N” he retorted, his voice also becoming louder, sending an echo through the hallway and startling you.

“I don’t get why you don’t just go with us! If we aren’t spending time together it’s because you choose not to!” you replied, now making your own voice echo louder, startling yourself and making you worry about how everyone could probably hear you. “That’s not the point! I want to be with just you! But you don’t let it happen because you seem to be more devoted to them than me!” Minhyuk countered, and this time he was pushing himself off the wall, his hands forming fists and loosening only to return to a fist once more. “Well why didn’t you just say that from the beginning instead of holding it in and suddenly making yourself a victim? This could have been avoided!” you replied, your hands motioning to the space between the two of you. “I shouldn’t have to remind you to spend time with me!” He continued, but before you could say more, he turned away from you and began heading towards the door, “You know what, just go. Leave with Hyungwon and do whatever you please” he said, his voice dropping back down as he opened the door and stepped inside.

You followed after him only to find the rest of the members sitting in the living room with concern swarming their expressions. They all shifted their eyes between the two of you as Minhyuk stomped to his bedroom and you watched from the doorway, mouth agape but not able to verbalize a single word. Only after hearing him slam his bedroom door, did all of them look away from you and focused on anything else. You felt your chest heavy with anger, but also deep down, hurt, not necessarily because Minhyuk had hurt you, but because in some way, you had hurt him all this time.

You cleared your throat and felt your face flush, “I-I’m sorry… I’ll get going” you managed softly, earning only sympathetic nods before you stepped out and headed home.

Yes, you had hurt him without knowing, but none of it had to go to this extreme, you thought.

Since you had begun dating, the most time you had gone without speaking to Minhyuk at least once, had been for nearly two days, and that was because he had gone overseas and time zones made it difficult. However, nearly five days without speaking was a new record, and by the looks of it, the situation had worsened. Your fingers constantly itched to call him or send him a text but you always waited for him to do it first, and you assumed at some point he had done the same. You grew weary and questioned your relationship. Would it really end over something as stupid as jealousy? Had you made a mistake in assuming Minhyuk would never be that type of guy? Were you going to have to beg for him to come back and then deal with the same thing later?

New questions burdened you the more days neither of you spoke, and it made you uneasy every time. That was, until day six came along and the sun was beginning to set, and from your front door you heard familiar knocks.

You quickly made your way to the source of the sound and opened the door slightly, finding Minhyuk on the other side, feeling your stomach drop and your heart begin to slam against your rib cage, you parted your lips in an attempt to speak but found yourself to be too stunned to do so.

Minhyuk tried a soft smirk but quickly refrained from it as his eyes fell upon the flowers in his hand, a bouquet you knew must have been pricey because of how full it was not just with any flowers, but with all the ones you liked. You wanted to pretend like you were not moved at all by his gesture but failed, opening the door and stepping aside for him to walk past.

As soon as he was inside, without giving you the chance to even close the door, Minhyuk brought you into his chest, arms wrapped around you so carefully, you assumed the possibility of rejection probably crossed his mind. “I’m sorry for being such a jerk… I shouldn’t have said anything out of anger and should’ve talked to you about it the right way” Minhyuk confessed, his voice soft and somewhat muffled in your ear as he spoke. You wrapped your arms around his waist and turned your head to peck his neck, “You should’ve told me how you felt… but I’m sorry too for being so careless…” you responded, bringing your hands to his upper back. “It’s okay, I should’ve understood they’re your friends too and you don’t see them as often either… I was just being greedy about spending time with you, because I miss you so much whenever we’re away” Minhyuk added, this time fully resting himself against you.

You nodded in understanding and took in a deep breath, inhaling his scent and smiling to yourself as you felt your heart flutter, “But you’re my boyfriend, and you deserve my attention too… I promise to be more attentive to you if you promise to tag along with us whenever we go out” you suggested, finally pulling away to find Minhyuk smiling warmly down at you with a nod. “Okay, well if this is fixed, then I should get going, I have a shopping date with Hoseok” you joked, making Minhyuk’s eyes narrow as he gently took the flower bouquet and hit your head with it gently as you chuckled.

bts react to finding your hidden tattoos

Thank you for doing my request for monsta x! I liked it so much I came back for another lol. Can you also do bts finding your tattoos with long answers like you did for shownu and jooheon? Have a good day :)

I have been at this for awhile and I have only managed to make the hyung line to the point where I like their story. I shall do the rest but i it’s just took so long I want to share the hyung line :) 


Jin: You and Jin had been dating for a few months now and you never ever took off your top. Even when you and Jin where getting intimate you always kept it on. Jin, being the gentleman he is never pressed the matter assuming you was just insecure or something and would eventually  brave it on day.  But after time had passed Jin began to get a little frustrated. You had seen him, why couldn’t he seen you, you had nothing to be insecure about he thought you was absolutely beautiful so during and intense make out session Jin decided to lift up your shirt. You immediately pushed his hands away but he stopped and looked at you “babe, I love you and you shouldn’t be insecure about your body. You’re beautiful” he said as he kissed your cheek again and lifted your shirt. When he took off your shirt and saw your tattoo he didn’t react. He just proceeded to kiss down your stomach talking you how beautiful you are. 

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Suga: He lay in bed listening to your “singing” in the shower. He chucked at your off pitched whaling only making him fall more in love with you. When you stopped singing and got out of the shower you realised you left your clothes in the bedroom where Suga was. You wrapped yourself in a towel and walked out. Suga raised an eyebrow when you came through the door in nothing but a towel. “Oh.. ready for round two then?” He chucked as you just pulled a face at him ignoring him. You walked past the bed and went towards the wardrobe to pull out some clothes. “Is that a tattoo?!” Suga blurted out suddenly. “What?” You ask turning around only to see him in front of you. He turned you back around inspecting your shoulder. “Why have I never seen that before?!” He asked himself while trailing his fingers around it. You shrugged laughing at his fascination. 

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Rap Monster: 

You had gotten into your flat late at night, Namjoon had already gone to bed and you was so tired you couldn’t be bothered changing so you just took of your jeans and top, slipping under the covers to go to sleep. Namjoon woke up around 8am to you next to him. He gave a soft smile moving the hair from your face around your ear before getting up. He lifted up the covers to see you wasn’t in your pajarmas you was in your underwear and he saw something in your hip. A tattoo? “Y/n? Is that a tattoo?” You fluttered your eyes open to see Namjoon looking at your hip, the covers on the other side of your bed. He lifted a finger and stroked it across the inked skin “how have I not seen this? It’s beautiful” he smiled at you. 

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Jhope: You and Jhope where play fighting on the sofa. You refused to change the channel and hobie wanted the remote so got on top of you and started tickling you. You both tackled each the to the floor untill he pinned you down, in your struggle to escape Hobie lifted your shirt accidentally when he saw a large tattoo in your back. “Woah! Y/n!” He said holding you down even more so he could inspect your tattoo. “Did it hurt? It’s so cool!” He gasped amazed as you still tried to wiggle from his grasp.

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anonymous asked:

please so 1, 15, or 125! or all of them lol :)) can't wait to read, your writing is always great!

1 - “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

This was the first time you had taken Harry along on a photo shoot and honestly? You had regretted it. 

He had not stopped asking questions and complaining. 

“What does this light do?”

“That’s a lot of make up, I prefer natural…”

“Why are you walking away?”

It was the final shoot of the day and it required you wearing a tiny tartan skirt with a white cropped shirt, Lacrosse stick in your hand. This shoot was sports based.

Harry was sat on the sofa and you changed in the small dressing cubicle. As you walked out Harry’s eyes bulged out of his head.

“You’re kidding me?” He spat, trying not to laugh in disbelief. 

“What?” You hummed in confusion. 

“Yeah, might want to pull your skirt down babe. It’s so short!” He winced, jaw clenched. 

“The skirt is supposed to be this short.” You stated, ignoring his comments. You walked over to the mirror and sat down in your chair, waiting for the hair stylist to come in. 

“Hmm.” Harry said to himself. You groaned and turned in your seat. 

“Are you going to be like this all day? Because if you are, just go. I’ll see you at home.” You snapped and turned back round. Harry got off the couch and walked over to you, resting his chin on your shoulder. 

“You know I’m only saying this because I am extremely jealous of the fact that they get to see you in this and I don’t.” Harry whispered into your ear seductively.

You felt yourself shiver.

“I’ll try and sneak it home.” You moaned in response. He chuckled and started to kiss his way down your neck and collar bones. As he made his way up to your jaw there was a loud cough from the door. 

Harry stood back immediately and you looked at the door through your mirror, giggling to yourself. 

“Come in, Linda…”

15 - “Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.”

You were at your bestfriend’s birthday celebrations in a bar.

And you had far too much to drink. Harry was talking to a few of his friends whilst you were out on the dance floor with another drink in your hand. The music was extremely loud but the alcohol was numbing the pounding in your ears.

After a few more songs and a couple of drinks later, Harry was bored. Really bored. He didn’t drink as he wanted to drive home so sitting sober in a bar surrounded by drunk people was taking its toll.

His phone had also died and there were only so many emails he could reply to without looking anti-social.

“Heeeeeeeey!” You whined to Harry as you sat next to him. He looked up at you with a smile. 

“Hello my little drunk angel, how are you?” He chuckled. You widely smiled and rested your head on his shoulder. 

“Amazing! I just love alcohol!” You screamed, taking another gulp of the liquid in your glass. 

“Hmm, I can tell.” Harry said in amusement, resting his hand on your lower back. You were swaying side to side and he saw you place your hand on his knee to balance yourself.

“You okay?” Harry questioned you, rubbing your lower back slightly. You nodded and smiled before letting yourself fall against his side. 

“The room is spinning!” You cried. “Harry! Make the room stop spinning!” Harry reached for his glass of water on the table and held it in front of you to take a sip. After you did, you hummed in relief and downed the entire glass. 


“Yes! It’s stopped spinning! Bye Harry!” You squealed, getting up and going to run back to the dance floor. Harry grabbed your hand and turned you back round. 

“I think it’s time to go, babe. You honestly look like you’re about to be sick.” He tried reasoning with you but you were having none of it. 

“Nope. A-absolutely fine.” You gulped, feeling it build up in the back of your throat. 

“Come on, let me take you to the bathroom.” Harry held you against him as he directed you towards the bathroom. You tried to escape his grip and go back and dance. 

“I don’t want to go homeeeeeee.” You whined to Harry.

“(Y/N), if you don’t come home you’re going to be sick all over the dance floor.” Harry told you seriously, wanting you to get a grip instead of being so stubborn. “You’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.” Harry chuckled, brushing a piece of hair out of your face. 

And it was at that moment that you ran to the bathroom and emptied tonight’s drink into the toilet. And all Harry could do was thank God that it was over himself.

125 - “Quit moving, I’m trying to sleep. Wait…are you…what?!”

Harry had woken up to his little friend being a pest. He was hard and really hard. It was actually quite painful. 

He looked over at the clock to see it say 2:56am. 

He then looked over at you. Fast asleep.

There was no way he was going to fall back asleep with this problem. He thought about the most disgusting things he could muster. But nothing was putting this little problem to rest. 

So, he slid his hand underneath the covers and palmed his crotch, letting out a slight groan. He outlined the head of his cock with thumb and let out a little whine, trying not to wake you.

He took his cock in his hands and he works over his cock. This wasn’t unusual really. More than often he would wake up and be greeted by this. Harry was desperately close to a release until he heard you groan from beside him. 

Quit moving, I’m trying to sleep. Wait…are you…what?!” You squealed next to him. He didn’t quite realise how loud and fast he had been going. So much so he ended up kicking you rather harshly in the shin, causing you to stir.

“Harry! Not in the bed!” You grimaced, kicking him out of the bed, his cock still hard and awaiting release. He smiled cheekily before running into the bathroom. 

“You are disgusting!” You shouted from the bed. And the reply wasn’t what you were expecting. 

“Oh baby!” Harry loudly moaned.

You Me Her

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Chapter Eleven: About Last Night…

Word Count: 2138

↠ ♥ ↞

When Riley wakes the morning following the winter formal she’s immediately hit with a throbbing headache. Riley lets out a sleepy groan as she sits up and rubs at her temple. Violet meows softly after Riley’s stirring wakes her. 

“Any chance I dreamt it all, Vie?” Riley pats the kittens fir. Another tiny meow. “Yeah I didn’t think so.” Riley sighs. 

The brunette looks over to the window. The blanket Riley had placed over Lucas in the early AM sits neatly folded in the bay window seat. Riley notices a glass of water on her nightstand, courtesy of Lucas she guessed. Riley gulps down the liquid quickly, her dehydration was not satisfied even a little. She sets the now empty glass down and rises from her bed. 

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Request from; @permnentvacashton: Lol hey sorry back again with another request.. just watched Bridget Jones’ Baby for the first time and got inspired lmao, one with Jack where you’re pregnant (single tho bc the dad left you) and you get locked out your house and left in the cold for a few hours and he comes over and finds you outside and long story short he comforts you and you can end it how you want to ahaha, sorry this is so long lmao

n.b. there’s a fair amount of swearing, just so ye know.  

“You have got to be fucking kidding me”, you cursed under your breath. “This cannot be happening.” You searched frantically in your bag for the keys to your apartment. You’d had the crappiest day at work; seemingly everything that could have possibly gone wrong, had done. You were completely swamped with work, your boss gave you a bollocking because you’d missed a deadline, some prick had spilt coffee on your shirt and, to top it all off, your pregnancy was making you feel like shit. You were six months, and had headaches, back ache, leg ache, the nausea was back and you were constantly tired. All you wanted to do was lie down and get the weight off your feet, curl up in your fluffy pyjamas with a soppy rom-com, a cup of tea and a heap of chocolate. But no. You were stuck outside under and increasingly grey sky, so close to your happy place but unable to reach it. You wrapped your coat tighter around your body as a chilly wind swept through you. You could feel the air was thick and heavy. It was definitely going to rain. As if the universe was mocking you, the first few drops began to fall just as the thought entered your head. Within seconds the heavens had opened and it was pouring.

You turned your head to the sky and mumbled, “Fuck you,” under your breath.

You made a call to your landlord, requesting the spare key, but he helpfully informed you that he was abroad on business and couldn’t do a bloody thing to help. He gave you permission to call a locksmith to get you in, but kindly reminded you that you’d have to pay for a new lock. The bastard. You found a number for a locksmith, your fingers shaking with the cold, and were told you’d have to wait a few hours before someone could come out. You sighed, accepting that the universe was going to piss all over you some more before the day was through. You sat down on the doorstep, chin in your hands and thoroughly fed up. The rain was coming down hard and soon you were wet to the core, with your hair plastered to your head and slowly freezing your arse off. You cursed the father of your child again for leaving you. This had to be his fault. Somehow.

You had only been with Jeremy for five months when you found out you were pregnant. You hadn’t really known what to expect from him, but it certainly wasn’t for him to assume you would get an abortion and, when you said you didn’t want to, for him to move to another continent. Sure, you didn’t want to marry him, but you thought he might support you just a little bit. He had at least had the decency to break up with you to your face, saying he “wasn’t ready to be a parent” (like you were?), but within the week you saw on Facebook that he was off having a dandy old time travelling through South America. What a gent! You were glad to be shot of him really, but it was hard doing this on your own. You had friends and family to support you, sure, but you lived alone and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t find every single day a struggle. It was only seeing the scans of your perfect little baby, and now starting to feel her move, that kept you going.

But right in that moment, sat on a grubby step on the street, in the rain, you were just about at your limit. At least the rain hid your tears.

You lost track of time, but it must have been over an hour later when a pair of stylish leather shoes stopped before you and a warm Scottish voice called down, “Ye alrigh’ there lassie?”

“I’m not a dog,” you mumbled to the pavement.

“No, no I can see that. You look pretty wet though, what are ye doing sat outside in this weather?”

You rolled your eyes, “It’s not by choice. Look, I’ve had a crappy day as it is, I don’t need some cocksure little so-and-so taking the piss alright? So if you’d kindly fuck off,” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest.

He chuckled. Chuckled! You wanted to be indignant, but somehow the sound was so warm and rich that you couldn’t help but soften a bit.

“No one’s takin’ the piss love, it just looks to me like ye could use the help of a kindly stranger. Did ye lock yerself out?”

You puffed out your chest like an indignant child. “No,” you said stubbornly. “Maybe. I might have left my key behind this morning.”

The man laughed again, and held out a hand. “I’m Jack, by the way.” He pulled you to your feet, and it was only then that you realised he was holding an umbrella over your head.

“Y/N… thanks,” you said, gesturing to the umbrella.

You took a moment to study the man then, having not really taken him in yet. He had the most playful blue eyes, shining starkly against the grey sky. They seemed to dance gleefully as they skipped over your face. He had a mop of soft blonde hair and a rugged beard, tinged with red, and a smile curled at the corners of his mouth to reveal boyish dimples. He had a long, straight nose and a facial structure that appeared to have been carefully and lovingly carved. He was startlingly handsome. A wealth of expression twinkled beneath his skin, the potential emotion so tangible.

“It’s my pleasure, Y/N. How long ‘ave ye been sat here?” There was genuine concern in his voice.

“An hour, maybe. The locksmith won’t be here for another two hours.”

“Christ! You must be freezin’. Well, we cannnae leave you out here. My flat is just ‘round the corner, why don’t ye come in and have a shower, get warm. I’ll get ye some dry clothes and a warm drink while ye wait, eh?”

Your head told you to be wary of a strange man offering to take you to his flat, but it sounded so inviting – you were desperately cold. Something in your gut told you to trust him, maybe it was his kind eyes.

“You’re not going to tie me up and sell me as a sex slave or anything, right?”

He laughed and shook his head, “Scout’s honour,” he said, holding up three fingers in salute.

You smiled and, only a little against your better judgement, let him lead you to his place.

You walked into the kitchen of a modern, clean, if slightly plain, apartment.

“Why don’ ye take yer coat off and pop it on the radiator. I’ll just get the kettle on. Tea?”

You nodded, “Mm, please. Milk, no sugar.” You shrugged your coat off and hung it where Jack had pointed. Your jumper was wet through, and stuck to your swollen belly. When Jack turned around his eyes went wide as he saw you.

“You’re not less inclined to be kind to me now, are you?” you said, only half joking, and stroking your bump.

“Course no’! But that mob boss I was planning on selling ye too might be less inclined to take ye now,” he grinned.

“Scout’s honour, huh?” you retorted.

He chuckled. “Here,” he said, handing you a warm mug. “I’ll just go and find ye some dry clothes.”

You stepped out of the bathroom, glad to be warm. Jack had given you a pair of baggy grey trackies and an oversized jumper. It hung loosely over your shoulders and you had to roll the sleeves up, but it pulled across your belly. You saw Jack sprawled on the sofa. He had changed into sweats and a dark blue t-shirt. You inhaled sharply as you noticed the gently defined muscles of his arm. This guy really was gorgeous. 

“Feeling better?” he asked, glancing over his shoulder.

“Much,” you said with a nod and a smile.

“Good. There’s more tea in the pot if ye wan’ it.”

After pouring yourself a second cup, you went to sit beside Jack on the sofa. You cradled the mug in your hands, and took a sheepish sip as you noticed him staring at you.

“Um, thanks again Jack, for all this. You really didn’t have to-”

He cut you off, “I couldn’t leave a beautiful woman such as yerself sat alone in the rain. I’m a gentleman, ye know.”

“Even so, thank you. You’ve been very kind.”

He tipped his head to you and shrugged. “So, do you live alone? No one to let you in?”

You shook your head.

“Where’s the father?” The question was so abrupt, it took you back for a moment. Jack clearly hadn’t meant to ask quite so bluntly. “Sorry, that was rude of me. Ye don’ have to answer that.”

“No, it’s a fair question. I believe he’s in Peru at the moment, according to his Facebook. Maybe Ecuador by now actually,” you mused.

The outrage was clear on his face. “He’s in South America? And you’re how many months pregnant?”

“Six,” you said with a smile. He seemed to care so genuinely, he was appalled on your behalf, and he’d only met you half an hour ago.

“What an arse!”

“You’re telling me. He left me two days after I told him. He wanted me to get rid of it, but when I told him I didn’t want to, he basically ran for the hills.”

“Unbelievable,” Jack muttered. “You deserve better than that.”

“You don’t even know me! What if was some awful puppy murderer, and that was actually far better than I deserved? As I recall when we first met I said you were cocksure and told you to fuck off.”

He laughed heartily at that. “That’s true, but my instincts tell me you’re actually very kind and sweet and gentle, if a little tenacious. And my instincts are never wrong.”

It was your turn to laugh then, “Well that I simply don’t believe.”

“That might have been a small white lie. But I don’t think I’m wrong about you.”

For the next two hours you chatted animatedly. Jack told you that he was an actor, and that he was soon to be in a BBC adaptation of War and Peace, which you promised to watch. In turn, you told him all about your baby girl, potential names, pregnancy woes and the like. You talked about your families, your dreams, your goals. You soon discovered how funny he was, and you felt so relaxed in his presence. By the time your phone rang, signalling that the locksmith had arrived, you felt as though you’d known Jack your whole life. He insisted on escorting you home, and waiting with you in the rain while your lock was changed, umbrella and all. He put an arm around your shoulder to keep you warm, but it wasn’t just his body heat that had a fire blazing in your chest. Once the locksmith had finished and gone on his way, you stood in the doorway, lingering for a moment. You weren’t ready to say goodbye to the handsome stranger who had saved you from the rain.

“Thanks again Jack. I… um, it was nice to meet you.”

He nodded, shuffling his feet. “Honestly, it was my pleasure.”

You smiled politely, and went to shut the door, but Jack called out, “Y/N! Do you think… could I take ye out for dinner sometime?”.

A grin lit up your face, “I’d like that very much.”

Once you had given him your number, thanked him again, and he’d left, you stood leaning against the closed door for a moment. Jack’s face played in your mind’s eye and you couldn’t help but giggle. Maybe today hadn’t been so crappy after all. If your awful day had all been some elaborate scheme by the universe to bring Jack into your life, you could handle that.

“Bit melodramatic though,” you said with a huff, to no one in particular.

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a Simon, jay, loco reaction of them forgetting your anniversary?

Simon : you’ll find a extremely huge flower bouquet in front of your door on the next day with a handwritten note “this florist is really suck. i ask them to send you the biggest flower bouquet they had. but it’s still smaller than my sorry to you. i’m so mad!” you can’t help but smile while read his note and he’ll showing from nowhere with another flower bouquet on his hand, kneeling down to you. “if you remember that day when i ask you out at night after our first date, you didn’t answer it right away but the next day. so i’m not missing our anniversary right?” with cutie pouting face.

jay : He won’t even notice that he missed his anniversary with you until he couldn’t contact you because you’re mad at him. he’ll come to your house and ask for explanation why you ignore him, and when you told that he missed anniversary he’ll cut your words with “wait baby, i have incoming call.” he puts his phone on his ear and leaving the room to receive the call. after finished you bombard him with your nagging because he’s really ignorant. “but baby, it was important call” “yeah, more important than me and our anniversary. who’s the hell is that?” “manager hyung. he told me that if we don’t go within 10 minutes, we’ll miss our flight.” “flight?” “just take your passport”. he’ll take you to enjoy sudden trip to celebrate your anniversary.

Loco : he come to your house with chicken and beers to hang out after finished his recording like he usually do. it’s past midnight and of course past your anniversary date. he’ll chill out on your sofa while changing the channel tv. “babe did you forget something?” you ask him. “hmm… no babe, i bring my phone and wallet tonight.” “how about our anniversary?” his face will turn pale and no words come out from his mouth even i clearly see he tries to move it. “baby…i’m …oh my God…i… uuuh… i must be crazy.” tears start piled up on his eyes. you laugh at his priceless expression and hug him, told him that he doesn’t miss the anniversary day and you just tease him (actually he really missed the anniversary day, you just feel bad to him). “really? i’m so scared that you’ll leave me” then he will hug you tight.

Wonho Drabble

requested; can I get 40 and 42 please? from this drabble game

#40; “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
#42; “I swear it was an accident.”

- 610 words.

(since you didn’t specify, I’m going to do it for Wonho, I hope it’s okay <3) 

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The day was rainy and gray, just like the past week. It was already Friday and you thought that it was going to be finally sunny and nice to go out, but your instinct and the TV failed you and you had to stay home.
It wasn’t something that terrible for you personally, the problem is that you’ve invited Hoseok over. Your boyfriend finally had cleared a bit of his schedule for you, even though things were getting rough, just to be with you for the day. Just to walk on the park, or go to the cinema, or… whatever. He insisted to go anyway, but you denied. The last four times that he insisted to go out even with the terrible weather, he got a very ugly cold that you had to take care of, and of course you both got scolded by his members.
“But honey, please, I promise I won’t get a cold this time,” he said, pouting. God, he had to be adorable right now? Really?
“I said no, Hoseok. You have a lot of things to do and you can’t do them feeling sick.” You finished the sentence coldly. You didn’t really like nagging him, he wasn’t your child for you to scold him, but he was acting stubborn and you knew how hard things were getting. He didn’t need to get sick, but you understood that he just wanted to go out, so you let the topic die there.
You were both sitting at the sofa watching TV, your body glued to him and your head on his shoulder. When your mind got off the TV, you noticed that he wasn’t holding you or resting his head on yours like he always did, so you concluded that he was (or was acting) mad.
With a pout on your face, you stared at him, “baby, don’t be mad. You know I wanted to go out but I don’t want you to get sick,” you caressed his cheek, “and also I don’t want to be scolded by Kihyun again. Forgive me, please?”
But you didn’t get any response. He wasn’t even staring at you.
You sighed in defeat, getting up. You changed your clothes and decided to go to the first floor to order some ramen or something, maybe that will make him feel good, you think.
When you got to the door, you glared at him from the distance, “yes, ramen’s going to make him feel better.”
It was really cold, but you waited. You could have waited in your apartment but you wanted to surprise him. Plus, the order got in 5 minutes and it was useless to go up just to get down again quickly.
When you got to the apartment again, Hoseok glared at you from the sofa, he had changed his spot.
“It was ugly to get out but you still did without me?”
You smiled, walking to him. “No, I got you this.”
He stared at you confused, but got the bag in his hands. “I hope you forgive me with this.”
He looked inside the bag and gave you the biggest smile you have seen in your entire life… since the last time he ate.
You stared at him like you’ve seen a ghost, “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
He stared at you blankly, eyes wide open. “I swear it was an accident.”

“So, you’re not forgiving me?” you pouted.
He rolled his eyes and hugged you tightly, pulling you with him into the couch, showering your face with kisses.
“I will, but just because you got me ramen.” you hit his arm. “I’m kidding, baby. I love you.”