sof verse


“It is not the first chosen profession by most women’s standards, but it is important. No? I feel as though I would not have survived in another’s hand, that is miraculous no? I would certainly be inclined to claim so. You are truly gifted, healer.”

“You are correct, of course. You are brave to willingly take up arms against an enemy determined to destroy you and everyone in his path.”

“Oh, well, it has taken years to perfect…”


“Perhaps, but if I may it is not so much of a peril for men. Besides, I am not firstborn, there is little protocol to dictate what I do, or whom I do said things with… Ah, I try not to be. True.” - Emmery

“So being firstborn truly does dictate how one is allowed to live their lives? I have seen lords and the like partake of that which many would construe as … roguish, scandalous behavior.  I suppose it then stands to reason that they feel the need to give their lives meaning in one form or another.”

“Or perhaps I am over-thinking their situations.”


“It fairly boggles the mind why, and I am no mistress, so your instincts are off on that front. Perhaps you aren’t so lucky after-all… Secretly desire? How do I know you haven’t merely just planted such thoughts in my head?”

“Can you not … guess as to the reason? – and if you are not a mistress, then what are you? I am loathe to misspeak again.”

“I suppose it is possible I did … if you believe such magic exists. Or could be my skills of persuasion are so much stronger than I assumed.”