Looks like I’ll be seeing these shows in the 2013/2014 Broadway Across American Season:


Anything Goes

American Idiot


Sister Act


And, Book Of Mormon is coming back.

I am buying a season subscription because this is too goddamn good to pass up. And, the idea of getting to see theater like this? It’s important. And, I’d pay to individually see, almost, all of these shows. Okay, I can’t lie, I’m not that excited about Sister Act, but I’ve heard good things about it.  But, American Idiot? HOLY CRAP! And, Once? Are you freakin’ kidding me?  And, the idea that I’ll get to see a Broadway-like production of Anything Goes is blowing my mind.  I saw a Las Cruces Community Theater production of it about 7 years ago, and my friend Frankie was in it.  He was amazing, but the show wasn’t amazing, but totally ambitious for community theater in the LC.  I am excited to see a big stage production of it. 

So yes, I’ll be dropping dough on this because, frankly, if something like this comes and basically slaps you across the face and says: THIS IS FOR YOU! You really MUST partake. 

My obsessions will never be cheap, will they?