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I’m SM biased if you haven’t notice haha! KPOP is like a dark hole you can’t get out of. An addiction that is hard to shake and I’ll gladly go to my doom.

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Thank you very much - this is super advice. Just as a matter of interest I have been reading The Compass of Zen this afternoon - that fabulous story about the cat making the tofu float with cat-brain-power! Yippee!

Good, get a little correct-cognition food, from time to time. But never let this understanding separate you from giving hours to true practice. Ideally, there is some regular contact with a nearby group, where your practice can be observed, guided, challenged, even contended with. That is why, when I physically presented Dae Soen Sa Nim with the first copies of that very book, after four years of hard labor during which he often barked at me, “When finish? Why not finish?”, when he took the book, and gave the pages a windy flip-through, he suddenly held it aloft, away from his body and in the direction of the little trash pail beside his nightstand. “Throw this away, throw this book away now. Many people will read these words, believe them, maybe some people become attached to them, and then they will lose their way. Better this book never appeared! Throw it away now!” What a teaching that was, and it is offered to explode in your own head with wherever you are right now with this.


by Measured

Dark AU. This was everything opposed to his heron nature. Each lesson was painful, shedding of feathers and breaking of bones until he was something new, not Heron, not Hawk. (Or, What if Reyson never met Ike and never stopped hating Beorc?)

Words: 850, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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