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Ranulf has a special present for Ike. Flirtation and teasing ensues.

A drabble that got out of hand.

Inspired by this tumblr post and a text from a friend regarding how fun new underwear is. No idea why this particular underwear caught my attention (which is a total lie cause *look at it*!) but still. One must take inspiration from all the weird sources, right?

French Transitional Words and Phrases!

Malgré cela - in spite of that 

Selon - According to

Cependant - However

Par contre - On the other hand

Par conséquent - Therefore

Enfin - Finally

Sans doute - Undoubtedly

De toute façon - Anyway

Quand même - Even so

En plus de - In addition to

En réalité - Actually (Note: actuellement ≠ actually)

À mon avis - In my opinion

En outre - Furthermore

Grâce à - Thanks to 

Alors que - Whereas

AH! I did something just for myself for once :U! During my first semester of college, I developed a habit of doodling the toa metru in extraneously dynamic poses in the margins of my notebooks. It was great. This one is one of my favorites and I decided to do a full render. I was also very much inspired by this song because, to me, it just SCREAMS Vakama. I almost imagine him saying these sorts of things to Teridax. Idk. It makes sense in my head XD.
If you want to see more doodles, hop over to my Instagram, it’s covered with these doodles <: