Thoughts on finale: reply 1988

after watching the two final eps i was so frustrated and angry i couldn’t sleep. after building the romance and couple of junghwan and dok soen junghwan was tossed aside like an extra in the drama. i don’t know what happened to him but yeah the drama told me what his bro jung bong was up too -.-

there are rumours that the actor playing junghwan had a fallout with the show makers so that would explain a lot.even hyeri cried so much during junghwans proposal scene because she knew she had to say bye to junghwan forever that they had to stop shooting.

i love taek, and i was on the fence between them being the husband. i always thought that junghwan was stronger and could survive not being the husband but taek being emotionally fragile would not be able to live without dok seon and im happy he is the husband. but can i rewatch the series again? no because i don’t have the closure about junghwan, even though the doksoen-taek couple is super cute. 

-Z (feel free to rant or share ur happiness that taek is the husband, park bo gum is awesome)

A moment for us

by Feeldespair

Since the start of Daein’s invasion they couldn’t have a lot of time for themselves, so he was happy to spend some moments alone with the mage.

Words: 436, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Sentence prompts

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