so sudden poke feelings resurfaced

11 y/o me wanted Drew to be desperately in the manaphy movie so several years later they lit. rewrote the whole story with Drew—but didnt upload it 

which I could link you if you want haha it's updating now tho

It came out better than the color version so

EDIT: The colored version and the link for the story

“It’s hard you know? With everything going on in our own life’s, it’s difficult to find time for each other. But then again nothing is easy in a relationship. It’s all about give and take. One day I’ll cancel my plans to go and watch her perform, and then she’ll cancel her plans to come and watch a game. We support each other in everything we do. That’s the main thing that keeps us strong.” - Neymar Jr


siggyshrieks‘s HILDEGUN “HICCUP” AKA TRANS GIRL HICCUP screams probably a long time after transitioning when she finally gets better clothes and more confidence and can do better eyeliner wings YAA still a lizard/ dragon nerd extraordinaire who has a rad bike and a rad buff gf

o ya so i’m not rly the biggest fan of hiccup being made rly rly feminine for no reason bc the oocness that comes with it??, boy or girl, but i don’t really mind as long there’s an explanation on why he’s gonna be girly or try to be BUT tHIS aU!! basically gives a good reason and at the same time it doesn’t erase Hiccup’s personality?? so WOW?? it’s rly cute too bruh pls take a look at it YeA

I know Hiccup looks a little too girlish than what you draw her like but that’s mostly because of my style, especially the eyes xD PLEASE BEAR WITH ME i do this with everyone i draw i was a kawaii-ish artist so

edit: i flipped the canvas. the bangs are pointing the wrong way bit at least the leg is on the correct side wheeze