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My two lipglosses came!!
I got “Picnic in the Park” and “Exotic Island”.
The packaging they came in was nice and small - no massive box or fuss - which was good. The mailman was able to just leave it in my mailbox instead of having me sign at the door for it.
The actual packaging of the products is really nice and simple - but I didn’t like that I had to rip Tanya’s face to get the lipgloss out :(
The actual package came very quickly. I ordered it on the 1st of Feb and it arrived here on the 11th of Feb. That’s only 10 days for international shipping that was free!! Amazing.
The smell of them is really lovely - they smell like frosty fruits icy poles (if you’re from Australia, you’ll know)
The colours are very pretty, however I expected Exotic Island to be more purple than it is. It’s more of a Hot Fuschia Pink - which is still pretty.
I haven’t tested them yet, but I’ll keep you updated when I do :)
Overall, I’m so impressed and happy for Tanya that she was able to create something she is so proud of, for so cheap, and at such a high quality. Big love xx


I need to escape this massive shitstorm I call “MY SHIP”

Zodiac Signs as Youtubers

Aries: Bethany Mota
Taurus: Joe Sugg
Gemini: Joey Graceffa
Cancer: Connor Franta
Leo: Miranda Sings
Virgo: Marcus Butler
Libra: Troye Sivan
Scorpio: Alfie Deyes
Sagittarius: Zoella
Capricorn: Caspar Lee
Aquarius: Tyler Oakley
Pisces: Pewdiepie