soe gear


My chest rig set-ups:

Shellback Tactical Banshee with AR-500 curved plate armor with Haley Strategic D3CR set-up for AR-15 & Glock. VOK, and Winkler Combat Knife.

Special Operations Equipment Shotgun Micro Rig. Set-up with Glock 43/30, with aguila Minishells for my KSG. Still working on first aid and knife on this rig.

Special Operations Equipment AK/M4 Micro Rig. Set-up with Magpul AK-47 mags, Glock 30/43, and Milspecmonkey Ka-bar fixed blade. Still considering first aid on this rig as well.

Three simple load-outs that anyone can put together. Each one can be thrown in a backpack to make it a BoB. Each one is also set-up for different platforms, 12ga, AR-15, & AK-47.

Heading out for the day! What’s your EDC?

Sig Sauer P320
Extra Mag with Kytex Shooting Gear Carrier
Mechanix Wear Mpact Gloves
Leatherman Wave
Spyderco KaraHawk
Streamlight MicroStream
Apple IPhone 6 Plus
SOE Gear D-Ring Cobra Belt
OTTE Gear Alpine Jacket


Saiga 7.62x39 Upgraded. Imported a couple months ago and sadly no longer imported. Doesn’t mean they are banned forever everyone(likely for awhile though)!

“Concern Kalashnikov’s” first converted iteration of there Saiga 7.62x39 and I must say its impressive!

Red Army Ammo imported by Century International Arms. Original SOE gear 2-point sling. Photos by Larry Atil

Purchased this nice Zippered Knife Pouch from John Willis at Original SOE Gear. Holds two knives. Velcro on interior and exterior. Super quality built! Also, my first Hinderer Knife. The Eklipse. (I like Tanto Blades) It was great meeting Rick Hinderer at this years NRA Show. Awesome knives! *Both of these products are “Made in the USA”!