Tip: This Valentine’s Day, don’t be romantic. Be Romantic! Recite Lord Byron on the edge of a barren cliff! Feel the gusts of the thunderstorm blow through your hair as you sob! Become a reclusive poet who trusts no one and is only seen at 2 am, wandering half-dressed through the streets and muttering in Old High German! Drown your lonely heart in laudanum and die at age 34 of tuberculosis, martyrdom in a small and ill-fated revolution, or wasting away from a disease that makes you look wan but poetic! Forget “forever alone”: You’ll always have your haunting past, your wasted ambitions, and the melancholy of a life unlived to keep you company!


Some christmas stuff with the studio bois - been doing those the entire week


Levin - @doble-j97
Ethan - @scrismory (sis)
Soe - @sophie-cartoons
Yuki - @gendertakahashi
Zero, Yoshua and the crew desing by me ;P