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High school!svt like what kind of boys would they be in school, clubs they’re in, fav subjects and such please:)


  • Ok he literally invented the stereotype of the hot exchange student
  • He comes off as mysterious but really he’s just quiet
  • He walks around the halls with his back slouched over and and his shoulders raised so lots of students think he’s too cool for them
  • But really he just has bad posture LOL
  • Like everything he does that seems really cool actually has a really lame explanation
  • But once he gets more comfortable around people he’s actually the biggest flirt the world has ever seen
  • His best friend is fellow exchange student, Minghao
  • He’s somewhat the only person at school that Jun feels really comfortable confiding in
  • But besides Minghao, Jun has a lot of other friends
  • The majority of his friends are guys though
  • And because of that, most of the girls think he’s totally suave and edgy
  • But unless the definition of edgy is trash talking the teachers in Chinese to Minghao………..
  • That is seriously not the case
  • He does really well in science and world history
  • He has a really logical way of thinking so sciences just come easily to him
  • Not physics though omg Jun hates physics with the burning passion of a thousand suns
  • He really hates working with numbers
  • So that basically just means he hates math and physics
  • But he loves world history (mostly just because the ancient China unit is a breeze for him)
  • He only does the homework he thinks is necessary
  • That’s the main reason why he doesn’t do well in his Korean class even though his skills are fine
  • He loves phys ed and his stretches are like next level, straight out the temple
  • He always makes time after school to practice his wushu or do taichi
  • He’s not really involved at school since he’s new to the area but he really loves the friends he’s made so far


  • This boy is five miles past “class clown” he is a straight up court jester
  • He’s super energetic and cannot sit still at his desk
  • He is definitely that person that’s always shaking their leg under the table
  • He has a lot of friends around school, but most of them are guys
  • However, unlike Jun, he doesn’t really have a cool reputation amongst the girls like he’s kind of just the boy next door
  • And he’s totally fine with that since he talks about himself way too often to be mysterious
  • He doesn’t have the best grades since he does really poorly in math
  • But all the teachers love him because he’s genuine and he tries really hard
  • He’s really great at Korean literature and foreign language
  • Like even though he can’t speak the language well, he does well in that class because he’s good at reading and writing
  • He used to take dance lessons after school to try to put his endless energy to good use
  • But he kind of thought that they were too stiff and formal for him so he ended up quitting
  • He still liked dancing though, so he joined the color guard at school
  • Color guard is pretty much like the marching band’s backup dancers just fyi
  • And he likes it a lot more than dance lessons because it’s informal and got to make a lot of new friends
  • But his best friends are definitely Seokmin and Mingyu who aren’t in the guard
  • But Hoshi’s working on that……………………..
  • And he’s really not the type to only confide in a few close friends, he figures why call these people my friends if I don’t trust them?
  • So his entire squad gets to hear the riveting tale of how he almost sodomized Chan with a flag at color guard practice…
  • He’s just lucky his friends are nice


  • This poor bby gets victimized every day let me just tell you
  • He’s just an exchange student from China, trying to get used to life in a foreign country
  • But then
  • He made friends
  • With Jun
  • Because Jun is friends with this weird, rowdy group of 11 boys that do not possess a single calmed tit in their collective bodies
  • And now they’re constantly tormenting my boi with dumb puns and making fun of his Korean pronunciation
  • But Minghao is such a literal cinnamon roll that he doesn’t even mind
  • In all honesty though, his Korean isn’t the best
  • Like he definitely was not ready to survive on his own in Korea but he and Jun were the only ones who signed up for the program so…
  • But to make up for his skills, he does every single homework for Korean class so his average is like 102%
  • Besides that, he’s really good at math and science since numbers just kind of come easily to him lucky
  • And for some reason he took this weird computer science elective because he thought he wanted to be a software engineer
  • But now he thinks it’s really boring and wishes he’d taken photography instead
  • In terms of after school activities, he’s not very involved since he’s new to the school and wants to get settled in first
  • And he secretly really wants to join the basketball team but… Seungcheol is the captain…
  • But he really likes the music program at the school since he plays in the orchestra
  • Jihoon and Joshua keep trying to convince him to audition for the a cappella choir but Minghao doesn’t think he has the skills to get in
  • But in general, school’s going really great so Minghao doesn’t have any complaints


  • Where do I even start with this boi
  • He’s suuuuper full of energy like Hoshi but he tries really hard to contain it during the school day
  • He’s not really a class clown or anything but he hangs out with Hoshi’s squad so he might become infected soon
  • He met Hoshi in color guard which is his favorite after school club
  • It’s the only after school club he’s in but hey that’s just victory by default
  • He idolizes Michael Jackson so obviously he wanted to take up dance
  • But dance lessons outside of school are expensive and time-consuming so he resorted to flag spinning
  • He’s not super close to anyone in particular in that big group of guys I mentioned earlier, but as hyungs, Hoshi and Seungcheol treat him really well
  • In terms of school subjects, Chan is good at Korean language and math that’s a weird combo I know
  • He’s not great at Korean literature because he doesn’t really see the need for in-depth analysis of characters or plots
  • But he’s great at picking up things like sentence structure, etc. so he excels more in language and composition
  • And while he doesn’t necessarily love math, he gets good grades in that class because he does all his homework and takes really good notes
  • Like, notes so good that Vernon literally pays him in Michael Jackson merch to copy them
  • And even though he has his main friend group, he loves meeting new people so he does have a lot of other friends
  • None of which are girls though
  • Like even though he knows he too young to even think about girls he just can’t make like innocent friends that are girls
  • Not “girlfriends” our little giant is too pure for that word
  • He’s just like a small yet simultaneously huge ball of energy that can’t be contained but he’s so kind and want the best for everyone ugh my son

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