“It’s Yuzu! Yuzu!”
“I can’t help it that the characters are so similiar.”
“Isn’t there another character? For example, um…”
> God**
“I’m kami!”
(I understand.) “Let’s go, Kamiko.”

* In Japanese, Yuzu’s nickname is Sodeko because the kanji in her name (柚) is visually similiar to 袖.
* Kami are the spirits/phenomena worshiped in ancient Japan. They are like gods but more ambiguous in nature compared to most other pantheons. Commonly translated as “god”. In this case, another visually similiar kanji.

So there've been some new people wandering around, huh?

“I feel like I shoulda greeted you guys earlier than this, but I was a bit, uh… tied up. Yeah.

I mean I was in the hospital. I’m still in the hospital but I can’t just ignore all of you!! It gets so lonely in here and I don’t even really have anything to do, so… hi! My name’s Hanna, nice to meet you all!”

… such peculiar faces to appear.

Optics swathed in lilac fell over the unique features of each that she could see, the Servant taciturn whilst analyzing the entities. To judge one of their character before speaking, perchance she would be in sin to do as her only, sovereign Lord had proclaimed not to do unto the brethren whom walked this Earth. Mere thoughts of that were what allowed her expression to ease, gentle gaze bathing them from over her shoulder.

 God give thee good e'en, O Stranger.

sodeko-blog  asked:

Yuzu here! Application is located under that click for more links thingy

Welcome, your housing is currently under apartment T-1.

Your weapon of choice is a comp, however it’ll be limited only to the ability you’re allowed to retain.

Your retained ability to utilize mediarahan, but you can only use this once every two days.

Enjoy your stay!

— Mod oo7