Whovians Mitch//Port

One thing Mitch had never liked about himself was that he was such a worrier. Every detail had to be perfect or else it would worry him and worry him until he was about to choke from anxiety. It happened all the time with performances. Once or twice he’d made himself so sick that he almost couldn’t perform.

The same thing was happening here. Port was coming over, and Mitch had to make sure everything was exact. Nothing could be left to chance. His afternoon had been void of classes, so he’d spent it scrubbing the kitchen and cleaning the living room. Nothing much could have been done about Fencer’s room regretfully. He didn’t take too kindly to Mitch going through his stuff.

It was almost time for Port to come over, when Mitch realized he’d left something at a friends house when he’d went to study with him. While he didn’t exactly need it, Mitch couldn’t have watched Doctor Who without it.

“Fencer!” He yelled as he went through the door. “Don’t m-make any messes!”

Mitch stared at the number in his phone for a long time before he called it. He told himself, told Fencer that he’d call her soon. They’d hang out or something, no big deal. But as he continued to lose his nerve, two weeks flew by.

Finally, Fencer threatened to call her himself if he didn’t. So, Mitch did.

[TXT] Hey, its Mitch. I know its been a while, but I was wondering if you wanted to hang out again? I dont know, you can just come over whenever! [/TXT]