Hey everyone, how are you???

So, i recently hit ten thousand followers (yes, i know, how?????) and first of all i´d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that follows me, you guys have no idea how much this means to me, i can´t believe so many people follow my blog thank you thank you thank you!!

Second, i´d like to take this opportunity to thank all the blogs that inspire me and fill my dash with amazing yaoi. My blog is a combination of all of this amazing blogs, so you should all go follow them (don´t unfollow me tho, i´ll cry).

Once again, thank you so much!!!!!

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1. When i say ochinchin what do you think of?
Fuckin Boku no pico… Ryan you sex god, please express my feelings

2. Whats is the last song you listened?
Coming Home - P diddy
or Les Mots Bleus - Thierry Amiel : *nostalgic mode* This song… and the singer is a cutie ;D

3. which fandom made u the hardest cry?
Natsume Yuujinchou
It’s the most beautiful and touching anime i’ve ever seen. Natsume makes me feel so much, he’s my precious baby 4ever.

4. What does your URL mean?
Nothing special =s   
Karin= karin from naruto   et= “and” in french   Sasuke= well you know 
It was that time when i’ve seen the first pictures of her, i thought she would be a sexy badass character and i would totally ship her with sasuke, until i’ve found out she’s a Sakura #2 (fangirling and kind of useless)

5. got any more languages except english?
English isn’t my 1st language. I speak French, a little Spanish, and i’m studing Japenese right now (the anime language kawaii desu isn’t enough, i need more)

6. if you had one wish, what would u wish?
GOING BACK IN TIME AND WIN THE “euromillions”!!!! I had all the numbers, i have missed 142,000,000€ (=184,427,500$)!!

7. did tumblr ever changed your life?
No not at first, i wanted to quit. After my 1st note,reblog,follower i was already trapped and addicted by tumblr

8. what do you think of me? ^-^ (u can be honest as hell!)
I don’t follow much people (39), but i can say my dash isn’t dead anymore thanks to your posts. I think you must be a funny person, and your replies are always really nice. I’m glad i follow you!
PS: lol you reblog a lot xD

9. who is the character that you hate the most?
You’re forcing me to tell my deepest secrets XD
Female: Taiga (Toradora) You little shit i swear i dislike you so much
Male: Onodera (Sekaiichi)
I can’t deal with tsundere, and honestly at first i didn’t really liked Sekaiichi because of him. If i were Takano, i’m surely going crazy! Omg It’s been like 10 years, i tell you i love you everytime! You think i’ll wait for you all my life?!! Well bitch whatever

10. for how long have u been on tumblr?
I have registered in december. So 4 months (wow it’s been a long time, i didn’t notice!)

11. what are your hobby’s?
Badminton (before i used to play tennis), running

Drawing (sadly i’ve stopped drawing in high school, but i want to start again). Here some of my favorite sketches:

12. what would your reaction be if you suddenly got pulled into a alley and you notice its your fav character and he needs your help to save the world.
lol i don’t think i could help, I would be more like this

Thanks for tagging me gimmemoreyaoi it was fun
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3. Do you have games console (Playstation, Xbox, gameboy)?
4. Do you have friend IRL that are on tumblr?
5. Your celebrity crush(es)?
6. Are you a fujoshi? If yes, can you tell me your favorite mangas?
7. What foods do you hate the most?
8. Your favorite cartoon (not anime)?
9. Why are you following me (i mean which animes)? If not, what are your main fandoms?
10. Things you like to do when you’re not on tumblr?
11. A Song, soundtrack and anime OP/ED that you like
12. If the person you hate the most and you are cosplaying, and you are both characters of your favorite OTP, how would you react?

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