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Dating Sodapop Curtis would include…

- Hanging out with Steve and Soda at the DX

- Sitting on the counter while Soda works the register

- Watching Soda fix cars

- Having to deal with Steve and Soda constantly talking about cars

“But Steve did you see it? That thing was a beauty-”

“No that thing was a piece of junk. Did you miss the mustang we saw last week? That was a beauty.”

“You’re crazy. You know-”
“Would you both please take a break for three minutes and not talk about cars? I mean seriously, carry on some other, normal conversation, please.”



*sigh* “Oh whatever. You two are hopeless.”

- Hanging out at the Curtis’s house

- Soda taking you on little dates randomly

- Making Soda blush because it’s so easy

“You are so cute.”

“No I am not. I’m tuff-”

“You’re like a little puppy. You wanna be all big and bad but you just look so adorable! See, you’re blushing again! Aww you just look so cute!”

- Convincing Darry, Ponyboy and the gang that you aren’t like Sandy

- Dealing with Two-Bit’s jokes

“Hey, can you get me a soda while you’re in there?”

“God y/n, you really love soda don’t you.”

“I mean, yeah it’s alright.”

“How often do you drink soda?”

“Well, um, I mean I don’t really-”

“Shut up Two-Bit!”

“I’m just making conversation!”

“No you are trying to be vulgar so shut it!”

- Reassuring Soda that you don’t care if he’s a dropout

- Getting real nervous when the draft starts and Soda is eligible

- Saving up for years with Soda so that you two can afford a place together

- Coming home to Soda

- Seeing his bright smile every morning

“You have such a pretty smile.”

“You’ve got a pretty face.”

“You’ve got the brightest smile I have ever seen.”

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on.”

“Oh please.”

“The best view i could imagine waking up to.”

- Trying to win over Ponyboy, who is convinced no girl is good enough for Soda

- Getting angry when other girls flirt with Soda

- Him calling you his baby

- Soda singing to you when you’re sick because you made him one time and discovered he has a real pretty voice

- Sodapop loving to go down on you, just all the time. He doesn’t even ask you to return the favor

“What are you doing?”

“Good morning baby.”

“What are you- ohh, oh God Soda,”

“Just relax baby, let me get my breakfast.”

- Soda admitting through truth or dare that his favorite place in the world is in between your thighs

- Lots of morning sex because Sodapop never fails to wake up with morning wood

- Him being really demanding in bed, always insisting that you tell him exactly what you want him to do before he will start anything

“Come on Soda, please.”

“Nope, you gotta say it.”

“But you know what I need Soda, just, please, come on.”

“Not until you say it.”

- He is really passionate but he can also be very playful and lighthearted when it comes to sex

- He adores the way your legs feel around him, his waist and his neck

- Him absolutely loving blowjobs but never wanting to ask for fear of pressuring you

- You trying to get him to stop being so nice every once in awhile and really say what he wants

“Too nice?”

“Yes. I mean it’s great that you are so well mannered but, I just need for you to tell me what you want ya know. At least pretend like you want to be in this relationship.”

“What do you mean?  I want this y/n I do and you know that.”
“Then act like it. Just take something you want for a change and stop being such a pushover!”

“You want me to stop being a pushover? Take what I want?”


“I want you. I want you everyday for the rest of my life. I want to come home to you in my home. That is enough for me y/n. You are more than enough for what I want in my life.”

- Having little fights with Soda that always seem to end with long hugs with Soda whispering sweet nothings into your ear

- Fighting some of the girls who go too far

- Him never letting you alone with Dally

- Showering with Soda

- Patching Soda up after he gets in a fight with some socs who were trying to hit on you

- Trying to get Soda to stop from going to the rumbles

- Getting caught staring at Soda whenever he is changing

“What are you looking at huh?”

“Something very sexy.”

“What did you just say?”


“Did you just seriously say that? In front of everyone?”

“No. I have no idea what you are talking about.”

- Sometimes suggesting that Soda should go with pants for a while

- Soda asking you to start your life with him so that the two of you will never have to be separated.

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Headcanon: #1 “Being best friends with Soda…”
Characters: Sodapop/Oc

*He will always give you his jacket the moment the weather becomes brisk.
*You both have an obsession with Elvis and go to the movie house to see his latest movies.
*You’re comfortable enough around him to get undressed in front of him.
*He gives you random little hugs when you’re least expecting it.
*He’d never admit this to anyone, but, sometimes he lets you braid his hair.
*You and Sodapop go to dances with Steve and Evie.
*You are awfully close with Darry and Ponyboy, and when Mr and Mrs Curtis were alive, you were close with them too.
*You had hated Sandy, you knew she was bad news from the moment you met her, and Sandy hated you too, she was always trying to stop Soda from seeing you, but Sodapop couldn’t go a day without speaking to you.
*On particularly hot days you and Sodapop will share a bath and talk about things that weren’t particularly important.
*He is always rude to your boyfriends because he knows they’re not good enough for his best friend.


She found him, curled up on his bed and under his covers, she could hear the faint sounds of sniffles erupting from his chest. The blankets quaked as he sobbed softly. 

“Sodapop, baby.” His mother whispered softly, her heart grew heavy with sorrow as she sat beside him. “Who hurt you?” 

“N- no one…” The sound of his voice was muffled by his pillow. 

“Honey, I can’t fix this if you don’t tell me what happened. I want to help you, I really do. Come out and show me your beautiful face.” 

“Mum…” He choked, pulling himself up so he could look at her. “I tried so hard, I really did. I tried so hard and I failed, why am I a failure? Why can’t I be like Darry or- or Ponyboy? Why can’t I be like-” 

“Hey now, none of that.” She wrapped her arms around his body and she held him in her arms like she used to when he was just a tiny, little boy that was crying over a scraped knee. “What on Earth is this about?” 

“I got an F” His tears were spilling from his eyes as he shook in Mr’s Curtis’ arms. 

“Sweet heart, is this all over an F? It’s just an F baby, you’ve never been this worked up over one before.”

“You don’t understand.” He placed his head against her chest, her soft heartbeat soothed him like a lullaby. “You don’t understand… I tried this time. I really tried to get an A.”

“Oh darling.” She sighed, her fingers glided through his perfectly greased hair. “I know how upset you are-” 

“I’m dumb, I’m so damn stupid.” 

“Hey. Don’t you dare call yourself those names, do you understand me, you’re not dumb, you’re not stupid, you’re my special little guy, you’re-” 

“I’m nothing like Darry or Ponyboy” He cut her off. “They’re smart, Ponyboy is only 12 and he know’s how to write essays and thesis’, Darry know’s advanced Calculus and he’s going to an Ivy League school, and I’m never going to amount to them, I’m going to be a lazy bum.” 

“Don’t you ever compare yourself to Darry or Ponyboy, you hear? They’re book smart, I know that. But books aren’t everything, I’m glad that they’re able to grasp school, and I’m proud of them both. But I’m proud of you too.” 

“Why would you be proud of me, I’m an idi-” 

“Sodapop Patrick Curtis.” Mrs Curtis wasn’t having his self deprecating attitude any longer, she turned him over on his stomach and she swatted his bottom with as much force as the tiny woman could muster. 

“Ow! You hit me!” He accused, his eyes were wide and clouded with hurt. 

“I merely swatted you, you keep going and you’ll getting a spanking. I don’t care if you’re 15. You’re still my baby.” She wrapped him up in her arms once more. “I am proud of you, every day and I will never stop.” 

“How could you be proud of me?” He asked softly. “I don’t understand.” 

“You mightn’t be book smart, Soda, but you’re definitely not dumb. Books don’t get you everywhere. This world needs more people like you. You’re so creative, you’re the only kid I know who makes blue mash potatoes. You’re so kind, in a world like this one, it’s not something you see every day. You have a heart bigger than this state. You’re the glue that holds this family together, and one day, you’ll find something you’re great at, and you’ll make a career out of that. An F doesn’t make you a failure. I just want you to keep being the boy I love, the boy that I am proud to call my son. I want you to stop seeing yourself as a failure and see yourself through my eyes and your dad’s eyes. We love you. Nothing will ever change that.” 

“I love you mum.” Sodapop said softly, his eyes brimming with tears as he wrapped his arms around her. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

“Oh honey, I ain’t ‘dyin for at least another 60 years, you’re stuck with me.” 

‘Friendly Reminder About Dallas Winston’

In most imagines that I see Dallas can just not keep it in his pants and was whoring around town while he has a girlfriend. Dallas wasn’t some whore-y cheater. He HAD a girlfriend,Sylvia. And he WAS pissed when she cheated on him. Even if there is girls throwing themselves at him, he would most likely stay faithful. Most boys then, were. Yeah they messed around and embarrassed other girls but at they end of the day they had their girl. Just like Soda, for example. He really loved Sandy and yeah, he embarrassed other girls but he wanted to MARRY her. Yeah, Dallas was a dick, but he wouldn’t cheat on his girl. Back then, even the worst greasers wouldn’t/couldn’t cheat on their girl.  They were faithful. It wasn’t like nowadays, how some guys wont even date girls if they cant get any and ‘side hoes’ are things that are normal to have. Dallas Winston is not a cheater, the boys dint even like cheaters. Like the way they told Johnny to stay away from girls because the way they are. It was more common then, for the girl to cheat on the guy. 

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Sodapop Meets You For The First Time

You were nervous, your heart was hammering away in your chest as you went to wait on the table he was sitting at with his two brothers. Before he dropped out, you had seen him around school, always hanging around with his greaser buddies, he had never noticed you before.

“Hi.” You said softly, the moment you reached their table with a notepad and pen in your hands. “What can I get for ya’ll?” 

Your hand was shaking so much that you dropped your pen on the floor, right at Sodapop’s feet, your cheeks stained red. 

“Oh, hang on, let me get that for you.” Sodapop said politely, only just pulling himself out of a conversation he was having with his eldest brother, who was currently staring at you curiously. 

You shied away from his gaze, your eyes, instead, looking at the pale white tiled floor. 

“Ma’am, your pen.” He extended his hand, and moved his head to the side in order to try and get a better look at you. 

You looked up and your eyes met his… God, he was even more beautiful this close up.

“Thank you.” You said softly, you expected him to turn away immediately, he didn’t, instead, he stared into your eyes with a look you couldn’t quite figure out. 

“Are you new around here?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you shook your head ‘no’. “That’s strange, I’m sure I wouldn’t forget the face of someone as beautiful as you are.”

You could see Sodapop’s eldest brother watching on in amusement. 

“Well, thank you…” You trailed off softly. “Can I get you anything to start? Drinks?” 

“How about your number?” His grin was cheeky and hopeful as he raised a questioning eyebrow. 

Headcannons: Cuddling With Them.


-Darry always loves cuddling in his chair.

-Especially right after he gets home from work.

-You’ll just sit in his lap and play with his hair while he reads the paper.

-And you’ll kiss his cheek and neck softly.


-His favorite time to cuddle with you is in the morning.

-He loves when the sun is just rising and is keeping the room warm.

-He loves to face you and hold your hand while your legs are tangled together under the covers.

-Your faces will be close to each other.

-And you’ll exchange gentle sleepy kisses with each other.


-Ponyboy loves to cuddle with you on the couch.

-He likes when you sit with your legs over his lap.

-He likes to run his hands up and down your legs.

-You wrap your warms around his neck.

-And rest your head on his shoulder.

-Usually there’s a blanket covering you two.

-And you you two will have conversations in soft whispering tones to each other.


-Two-Bit is a huge cuddler.

-He doesn’t care where or when just as long as he’s holding onto you.

-He can be very clingy.

-He really likes when you lay on your stomach with your head turned to face him.

-And he’ll be propped up on one arm looking down at you.

-While he gently runs his fingers over your back.

-When it tickles you and you smile or laugh he grins and leans down to kiss you.


-Dally pretends like he hates cuddling.

-He’ll whine at you to get off of him for the first few minutes.

-But you just like to lay on top of him.

-He’s usually shirtless and you like how warm he is.

-You’ll play with his hair.

-And kiss him on his lips, cheeks, chest, and pretty much anywhere you can reach.

-He’ll eventually stop complaining.

-And he’ll wrap his arms around your waist.

-Sometimes he’ll have one hand running through your hair.


-Steve loves cuddling at the drive-in.

-You two will sit in the back of his truck.

-He’ll bring a blanket.

-He loves when you sit between his legs with your back against his chest.

-He’ll wrap his arms around your waist.

-And you’ll rest his hands on his.

-And he’ll kiss your neck.


-Johnny loves to cuddle with you late at night.

-His favorite thing is being the big spoon for you.

-It makes him feel strong and protective of you.

-He’ll kiss the back of your neck gently.

-And you’ll keep whispering ‘I love you’ to him.


Headcanon #2: “Dating Dallas Winston…”
Character: Dallas/Oc

*He isn’t as scary as he seems, behind that hardened exterior you found a frightened kid trying to survive in a kill or be killed world.
*Even on the days you feel ugly and fat, he still adores you, especially at 6 A.M when your hair is in array and your make up is completely gone, he is in love.
*He has kicked the shit out of numerous soc’s for mistreating you… he put on in hospital and spent a week in the cooler, you wanted kick his ass for being there.
*You share food, a lot… you unashamedly pig out in front of him, and although he wouldn’t admit it to your face, he thought it was the cutest thing ever.
*Dally isn’t fond of PDA, behind closed doors he is affectionate and loving.
*His least favourite thing about you is how kind and considerate you are, because he knows that people will take advantage of you.
*You two have the worst fights… but the make up sex is amazing the next morning.
*He is always brutally honest, and isn’t the type of guy to give you his jacket when you’re cold, but you’re okay with that.
*He is imperfect, but so are you.


Sodapop gets drunk for the first time…

You stood in front of your best friend, disappointment clear in your eyes as you watched him make a fool of himself. He had a slutty girl clinging to his side, her well endowed chest was clear in his face… and he was gawking shamelessly at them with lush clear in his eyes. All notions of gentlemanly ways and chivalry were clear out of the window. 

“Soda, I think it’s time we go home.” You said in the sternest voice you could muster. “Darry will be worried about you-”

“To hell with Darry!” He chortled, taking a swig of beer. “If you wanna leave, then go, I don’t need you here to babysit me, I’m hear with Nancy-” 

“Naomi” She corrected with a small giggle. 

“Same thing.” He grinned, his lips connecting to her neck, he kissed it lazily, sloppily… 

Two-Bit had brought him here, he shoved drinks in his face and Sodapop had obliged without a second though- you knew he was still in pain over Sandy, you knew he was still shaken over nearly losing his brother… he wanted to let off some steam, and no matter how many times you convinced him to go home, he wouldn’t. He wasn’t acting like the Sodapop you knew. 

“Please, Soda, come home with me.” You tried once more. You just wanted to make sure he got home in once piece. 

“Listen sweetheart!” Said Naomi, a glare on her face as she sized you up. “He said beat it, so do us a favour and fuck off.” 

You had expected Sodapop to lose it, instead he laughed once more before kissing her lips savagely, hunger dancing in the irises of his eyes. 

“Soda…” You whispered, feeling betrayed. 

“Just leave, Y/N, you don’t have to follow me around like a love sick puppy, I don’t want you here. Just go.” 

“Okay.” You murmured, you didn’t dare to let any of your tears fall even though you knew there was going to be an avalanche of tears cascading down the mountains of your cheeks. 

You walked out the door of Buck’s house and into the cool and crisp winter winds. You walked down the street, hoping to make the short distance to your car without any kinds of hassle from the troublesome kids that liked to prowl these parts of the neighbourhood. 

When you heard footsteps behind you, your heart rate picked up as your heart hammered away. 

“Hey, Y/N, wait up!” You heard Two-Bit’s voice from behind you, his hand grasping your forearm gently. 

“What do you want?” You muttered as you stopped in your tracks. 

“He’s a jerk.” 

Jerk. That has never been a word anyone has ever used to describe your best friend. Kind, chivalrous, charming… mild mannered, but jerk? Never. 

“I’m sorry that he treated you that way.” Two-Bit said softly. “But that’s not him in there.” 

“I know.” 

You should be angry with Two-Bit, furious even for getting him that drunk… but you realized it hadn’t taken much coaxing from him. Sodapop came here knowing full well how he was going to be leaving. 

“Can I walk you to your car?” He asked, his eyes scouring the neighbourhood as he looked at all the shifty looking guys. 

“Please, you had scared me half to death.” He chuckled softly as he linked his arm through yours. 

But it should’ve been Sodapop walking you to your car. It should’ve been him making sure you got to it safe.

headcanon: how to win over the gang’s hearts (っ˘ω˘ς )

Darry: bring him an ice-cold bottle of beer and offer him a back rub after he’s had a long day at work

Soda: go on random joyrides with him where you just talk about life and what’s been going on with the two of you

Steve: believe it or not, he thinks it’s adorable when you try your best to understand cars and fail miserably

Twobit: sit and watch cartoons with him, he loves hearing you laugh with him

 (Modern) take stupid selfies with him on Snapchat, using all the ugly filters!

Johnny: just be there with him when he needs someone: he appreciates your presence more than you know

Ponyboy: let him rave about the movies and characters that he adores, and he’ll adore you!

Dally: call him out on his bullshit and don’t be afraid to put him in his place (most people are too intimidated by him to speak up, so he gets a kick out of it when you do)


“Y/N!” you froze in the middle of your stride, the voice that you used to hear everyday ringing in your ears for the first time in a last few months. After you managed to gain yourself again you turned your head slightly to the side just so you could see where the voice was coming from. “Hold on for a second! Y/N!” he continued to call from down the sidewalk a few blocks away. You hadn’t noticed as your feet pulled you down the old route your took home from school, right by the DX. Lately you had been taking the long way home just too avoid the handsome boy who was calling your name. You checked again to see that he was jogging to you, now only maybe a block and a half from where you stood. It was too late to keep walking and pretend you hadn’t heard him so you stood your ground, praying to God for the strength it would take to face him. “Hey! I didn’t think you would be back around here, I haven’t see you in a while,” he started, now probably only a few yards behind you. He had stopped, forcing you to turn around and see him red in the face from the heat, his loose DX shirt looking perfect on his body as his movie start smile was shining your way.

“Well I can’t say I meant to come down this way,” you admitted, keeping your tone short and as cold as it could be. Soda seemed confused, both at your words and your overall body language. You had turned to face him but you had taken the opportunity to take a step back, furthering the distance between you.

“Is something wrong Y/N? It seems like you’ve been avoiding me and the rest of the gang too,” Sodapop’s voice portrayed that somehow childlike innocence he still had when it came to dealing with girls. He could feel up and make out with as many as he pleased, but he never really took the time to learn the other stuff.

“Well that would be because I have been Soda,” you replied bluntly almost regretting it as you saw a bit of hurt in his eyes before confusion covered it again.

“Well why is that?” he asked, somehow still oblivious despite having months to mull over what had happened. You thought about lying, playing it off as something else, but Soda didn’t like getting talked down to and despite how much you were angered with him, you wouldn’t put him down like that.

“You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her,” you admitted, lowering your voice. You could practically see the light bulb above Sodapop’s head lighting up as soon as the sentences made their way to his ears. The happiness that came with discovery was soon lost to the regret that came with his decision.

“Y/N,” he started, but couldn’t finish. He couldn’t put what he felt for you into words, his shame and regret for blowing you off so may times, for never realizing how much he was hurting you. You took in his silence and sniffled slightly as you stood straight again and prepared to leave him behind, again.

“No Soda, you don’t need to say anything. Actions will always speak louder than words.”

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13 reasons why Johnny wants to be loved

1. He’s never had it

2. He wants to know what it feel like

3. He wants to feel safe

4. The grass seems greener

5. So he can express it

6. So he can sleep peacefully

7. So there is something to keep him going

8. So sunsets mean as much to him as they do Ponyboy

9. He wants to show his parents he’s lovable

10. So he’s more confident in himself

11. Where his mistakes are okay

12. He wants to see the good in the bad

13. So his smile is a little wider


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Being “cuddle buddies” with Sodapop (headcanon)

-The first night you two shared the same bed, he was nervous to say the least. You could hear his heart beating from a mile away. 
-”Am I too close” He asked you, your could hear the nerves pulsating through his softly spoken voice. 
-”Not close enough” You replied, and for the rest of night, and numerous nights more you spent your time in between his arms. 
-You know every single ticklish space on his skin… and you constantly use it to your advantage…
-You only get to see him on the weekends… and boy did you miss the days you weren’t with him. 
-The gang are suspicious of your overnight stays, but nothing ever happens; until the one night it does. 
-You felt his hardened dick pressing into your bottom, you could feel his heart pounding against your back… he was nervously hoping you wouldn’t notice it… or mention it. 
-”Soda… are you, y’know…. hard right now?”
-”I’m so sorry, I-” 
-”I can fix it…” You trailed off slowly as your hand crept underneath the waist band of his track pants. You grasped him in your hand and stroked his long shaft, throaty moan evoked from his lips as he clung on to you. “I’m close” he whimpered… you didn’t stop until he came. 
-You had feelings for him… and boy did he have feelings for you, but you were both too damn stubborn- and shy to admit it to one another. 
-Sodapop gained enough courage to touch your breasts for the first time… it surprised you how good he actually was even though he had no experience…
-The gang constantly ask if you’re together… you wished you were. 

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can you do a hc about ponyboy graduating high school?




-he was rly worried about getting the robe because of the Curtis’s money situation

-but Darry told him not to worry about it

-Darry worked so much just to get Pony his graduation gown and hat

-he never told Pony that he worked so long to get the money for this

-sometimes the best things remain a secret

-the day of the graduation he is really nervous

-his biggest fear is that he will trip and fall on the stage

-when he gets there, he goes and lines up behind some soc

-this boy looked so nice no one realized he was a greaser

-he was proud™

-the whole gang goes to graduation

-they all are ready to scream when Pony walks on stage

-Steve is secretly proud of pony (aweee)

-Darry is giving the gang a speech on how they don’t need to make a big scene

-they didn’t listen

-the principal called pony’s name and the gang stood up, jumped, and rang a cowbell two bit found under his bed

-pony legit didn’t care he was so happy

-Darry was emotional™

-soda was screaming “THATS MY BROTHERRR”

-Johnny stood up and clapped (my child so smol)

-Steve yelled so loud im surprised it didn’t break windows

-dally was just like “you go, man.”

-two bit was ringing that cow bell like a champ

-after the ceremony Pony found the gang and tHERE WAS SUCH A BIG GROUP HUG I CAN SEE IT

-Pony cried so much out of happiness.


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10 things Johnny doesn’t want you to know

1. how he doesn’t always come to your house when his parents beat him, cause if they beat him bad enough he doesn’t want sympathy or human company.

2. he wants to move in with you but doesn’t know how to ask.

3. when you say ‘i love you’ Johnny almost over thinks it and creates unrealistic situations in which you wouldn’t/don’t love him.

4. he wants to trust you. but his parents ruined that ability

5. he never wants any future family anywhere around his parents.

6. that you still keep him going, who knows where the poor kid would be without you

7. steve and dallas make him nervous when you around them cause he’s afraid you’ll leave him for one of them cause they’re “tuff”.

8. when a soc walks by he loses his breath and strength cause he doesn’t know that if they jump up, he can protect you let alone himself.

9. johnny would give everything he had and could earn to run away with you, forever.

10. he tried with everything in him to love and forgive but with you everything came naturally to him.

Modern Outsiders headcanons (Part 1)

- Two-Bit is the memelord of the group. He’s always reposting and tagging the gang in memes!

- Two-Bit is also always on Snapchat. Since he hangs out with so many people, his story has a bit of everything

- Johnny loves photography; he saved up at his crappy minimum wage job for weeks to get a fancy Nikon that he carries with him all the time

- His favorite photos to take are scenery photos (especially sunset photos, taken with Ponyboy) and candids of the gang

- Johnny is way too shy to ask Dally to pose for portraits—as desperately as he wants to—but takes candids of him all the time

- Dally is always being forced into selfies, but he actually hates taking them (despite that, he knows how to pose. Not that he’ll ever admit it.)

- Dally loves both classic and modern rock, not to mention metal. Concerts are the one thing he’ll actually spend money on, and LOVES to go hard in the mosh pit

- Ponyboy loves lurking on social media, in both a wholesome and curious way. He loves being able to get deep into people’s lives and getting to know them from a distance, since he’s shy! (Expect a lot of likes from him, because he genuinely cares about you and what you’re doing!)

- Ponyboy constantly tries to get Johnny to post his photography on social media, because he knows how much Johnny secretly wants to be recognized and appreciated for his work!

- Soda is constantly posting on every social media site. You always know what he’s up to; he has no problem being open and enjoys it

- He’s constantly looking at girls online with Steve, and has no problem with sliding into the DMs (and often does so)

- Steve is always receiving both casual and dirty messages from girls, and enjoys sending a few himself. Whenever you see him on his phone, he’s almost always flirting or making plans with a girl

- One of Steve’s long-term projects is restoring a 1967 Chevrolet Impala that someone scrapped and left in the junkyard. He spends almost all of his free time working on it

- Darry only has a smartphone because Ponyboy and Soda forced him to get one: he barely uses it for anything besides Netflix and Youtube. (Funny pet videos!)

- His wallpaper is a selfie that he took with Soda and Ponyboy, and he looks at it whenever he’s feeling anxious about bills and work. It instantly helps to calm him down and puts him in a good place! (He also likes their Snapchat filter photos because they crack him up)

- Once in a while, Two-Bit and Soda will force the gang to take a “squad photo”. The others will sometimes whine and complain, but secretly enjoy it! (Darry actually put one up in the living room.)


Your first time with Sodapop (headcanon)

-He was nervous as he laid himself between your legs, you could feel his heart pulsating on top of yours… his hands were shaking as they grasped your hips. 
-”Soda” You whispered softly, your hand trailed up to cup his cheek. “We don’t have to do this, okay? I don’t want you to do something that you’re going to-” 
- He pressed his lips onto yours in order to cut you off. “You’re just so beautiful. did you know that?” 
-Soda pressed himself into you, his teeth gnawing into his lips as he did so… he had never felt pleasure like this before.
-You winced and he pulled you closed to him, his fingers drifted through your hair and he looked into your eyes lovingly. “I’ll stop, okay?”
-”Don’t” You grasped onto his shoulders and thrust your hips up to meet his, you were satisfied when you heard a moan escape his lips.
-He made love to you, it was intense and it was beautiful… he would thrust himself into you, long, hard strokes as he clutched onto you. 
-He would lean down to kiss you and whisper words into your ear that made you blush.
-He came, but boy, so did you. 

anonymous asked:

could you do a head cannon with dally and she's a curtis

of course i can sweet pea! :) (lil bit of my southern personality there xD)


- wELP when darry first found out he was a lil bit upset.

- he knew dally was bad news and he didn’t want you to get into trouble

- darry would legitimately give dally speeches

- “dal, I swear if she gets put in the cooler because of you, i’ll skin you. ya hear?”

- “jesus christ, man, I know what would happen. I ain’t stupid.”

- soda would become reALLY overprotective of you

- like he would never leave you two by yourselves

- let’s be real here, pony would make fun of dally because he started dating you

- “ooh, so you’re with (Y/N) again, huh?”

- “shut your trap, pony.”

- all three of your brothers would support you

- but they never knew what you saw in dally

- soda would constantly give you dating advice

- like you wouldn’t even ask for it and he would give it to you

- “so how’d the date go?”

- “good. it was fun, I guess.”

- “okay, so next time, you really wanna get his attention…”

- they all would be really overprotective because of dal’s reputation

- darry would go full on dad-mode on date nights

- “now, I want her home by 10.”

- “maybe.”

- “nO there is no maybe. she wILL BE HOME by 10.”

- it was rly funny because it happened all the time.

- but they would never get in the way of anything because they trusted you and supported your decisions

A/N: really hoped you liked these! feel free to request anytime!! :)

Dally's Little Sister. Pt. 1
For part 2 of this story search the tag ‘thingsaretuffalloverdallyslittlesister’ I’m unable to link part two here because I’m currently only able to use tumblr mobile!

Dally couldn’t believe it when he found out about his sister. He was shocked and angry and simply confused. He couldn’t figure out how he didn’t know about this but yet there he was standing with all of his friends in the parking lot of the high school trying to spot anyone that could have resembled Dally.

He was pretty pissed off having insisted to his friends that he didn’t want to meet her. But after the initial anger cooled off a bit he did have to say that he was a bit curious just to see.

School had let out and Dally was looking at every greaser girl that walked in his eye sight but so far none caught his eye. He swore to himself wondering what the hell he was doing there. He’d never know how she was.

“Let’s get outta here you guys.” He said to his friends as he lit up a cigarette. “Man, this is stupid.”

“You’re meeting her.” Darry told his friend firmly and stopped a passing student. “Do you know a girl named Beatrice?”

The girl nodded and pointed her out before walking off.

All the guys were a bit taken aback. The girl that they were now looking at was in no way a greaser like they all thought. She was dressed to nice, although she wasn’t dressed up enough to be a soc so Dally assumed she was somewhere in the middle class, the safe zone.

She wore a light blue dress that had a classy floral pattern on it. She also wore white keds and had her hair half up. She definitely had Dally’s hair color and the gang definitely noticed that she was pretty right away. They all watched as she went over to her bike that was tied to the bike rack. Instead of getting on to ride it she began wheeling it beside her while she walked. As she became closer to passing them they noticed her tire was flat and so Steve spoke up to get her to come over to them.

“Do you need some help with that?” he asked her and nodded to the bike.

She looked surprised and a bit confused as she was pulled from her thoughts. She didn’t seem put off by the fact that they were greasers but she shook her head. “I’m alright.. Thank you though. My brother is picking me up today anyways.” she said and gave a friendly smile. Dally was staring intently at her not sure what he was feeling at that moment. She began to go again but they didn’t want her to walk off just yet so Two-Bit pointed to her hand which he had noticed was holding onto an unopened red lollipop.

“Got any more of those?” He asked. “I love candy.”

“Yea but you probably won’t like it. It’s cherry. I know most people hate that flavor but it’s my favorite.” she stated laughing a bit.

“Well,” Two-Bit grinned ear to ear as he remembered something. He pointed to Dally and spoke. “Cherry is his favorite too.”

She gave a friendly smile at Dally and pressed the lollipop into his hand. “You can have this one. I keep a whole bag of them in my backpack. And besides maybe it’ll help you kick that bad habit.” she said boldly and pointed at his cigarette.

“Yea..” Dally muttered and quickly without thinking dropped the cigarette to the ground to put it out.

“I really should go,” she said then. “My brother’s waiting for me. It was nice meeting you all. Maybe I’ll see you around.”

They watched her walk off and they even saw her brother putting the bike into the back of their car before they went off.

Dally just opened the lollipop and put it in his mouth. “Let’s go.” he muttered angrily. He shoved the wrapper of the candy into his pocket. He wouldn’t tell any of his friends but he would hold on to that wrapper. He would call himself stupid for it but would always take it out when he was alone and think about his sister who he knew was better off without him.

Twizzlers - Dally Winston Imagine

A/N: @mattsdillons, I hope you enjoy it! I know it’s not real long, but I’m working on getting better and longer writing!

Word Count: 298 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Dallas Winston x Reader

I walk into a small grocery store, wincing as a painful wave of cramps sweep over me. Narrowing my eyes, I set my gaze on the one thing that can ease my unfair suffering: Twizzlers. There’s one box left and I rush over to it, only to be slammed into by a blond boy wearing a brown leather jacket and an irritated look.

“Watch it, will ya?” He snatches the Twizzler box off the shelf and I ball my fists.

“Listen here, hood, I need those Twizzlers.”

“No, you don’t. Why don’t you just take a step back and let me enjoy my candy.”

A mixture of anger and cramp pain washes over me and I struggle to snatch the sweets from him. “Give me the candy,” I snarl.

“Doll, look. I’m taller and stronger and I got here first. Suck it up.” The boy turns on his heel and tucks the candy into his pocket before leaving. Dumbfounded, I watch him walk out of the store and out of my sight.

I’m brought back to reality by another cramping sensation. Sighing, I give one last longing look at the shelf where the Twizzlers had been and leave the store. I walk to my car, miserable until I see a small piece of paper and a candy box on the hood. I first pick up the white paper and read the black scrawl.

“Doll, you can have the Twizzlers. But, you better go to Buck Merril’s at 8 pm tomorrow or I’ll be real let down and may have to take them back. -Dallas Winston”.

I smile a small smile and get in my car, the note and Twizzlers in my hand, and drive home to choose something to wear tomorrow evening.