the outsiders - school dance

gang; school dance.

♩Two-Bit compliments girls in their dresses.

♩He also flips them up, and/or pretends to fall and grab girls, well, inappropriately.

♩He doesn’t get in trouble because he keeps “slipping”.

♩"I reckon if this floor wasn’t so slippery none of this would have taken place,“ Steve would jump in defensively. “Y'all ready for a lawsuit? Kick him out and we’ll sue this whole damn school, you hear me?”

♩Dally would sneak in.

♩Curly would somehow attend.

♩Johnny would dance a little, but mostly stand with Pony.

♩Ponyboy is the awkwardest little creature.

♩He stands by the refreshments and snacks the entire time.

♩Curly talks to him some, then chats loudly with some guys only he knows.

♩Soda comes and his old favorite teacher would say he’s always welcome as a past student.

♩He would be very surprised.

♩"Guess I’ll attend me some school functions more often then, huh?“ He’ll tug on his collar.

♩Girls would form a line to dance with Soda.

♩"Hey honey, just give me a minute,” he’ll catch his breath but maintain a charming smile.


♩"Ponyboy, can you do something with yourself? I didn’t call out of work for no reason, bud.“

♩"Yeah, stop actin’ like a pansy, man.”

♩Pony would turn to Dally, “but I don’t got anyone to dance with, Dal.”

♩Within the matter of a five minutes, Dallas would deliver a pretty, single middle-class girl to Pony by her forearm.

♩"Ponyboy, your friend’s a dick.“

♩He’d laugh, and lead her out to the floor.


♩Two-Bit would try to steal girls away from Steve.

♩Curly would french a ton of greaser girls against the wall for a good amount of the dance.

♩Darry wouldn’t even bother.

♩When Dally would find greasy girls for Johnny, Soda would stop his current dancing round to scout out a proper girl.

♩Johnny would eventually end up dancing with a friendly, kind Soc girl.

♩He didn’t want to at first, but no one would help him out.

♩He ended up liking it. And the girl.



♩Tim would end up dragging his siblings out by their ears.


♩Two-Bit would get drunk “off life”.

♩He would get smashed “off life” tbh.

♩a f t e r p a r t y.


♩Everyone would crash at the Curtis house and discuss their experiences and the night.



Zombie - Steve Randle (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Merman - Sodapop Curtis (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Werewolf - Ponyboy Curtis (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Ghost - Darry Curtis (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Demon - Two-Bit Mathews (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Vampire - Dallas Winston (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Guardian Angel - Johnny Cade (Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Best Friend Moments - Steve Randle

Best Friend Moments - Sodapop Curtis

Best Friend Moments - Ponyboy Curtis

Best Friend Moments - Two-Bit Mathews

Best Friend Moments - Dallas Winston

Best Friend Moments - Johnny Cade

Best Friend Moments - Cherry Valance

You Take Him To The Dog Shelter - Sodapop Curtis

Being the Curtis Brother’s little sister - The Curtis Brothers

Being Pregnant with Soda’s baby - Sodapop Curtis

Getting Married to Sodapop - Sodapop Curtis

Couple Moments - Sodapop Curtis

Couple Moments - Ponyboy Curtis

Couple Moments - Dallas Winston

Couple Moments - Johnny Cade

Psychopath - Sodapop Curtis

Psychopath - Ponyboy Curtis

Psychopath - Dallas Winston

Psychopath - Johnny Cade

Wedding Moments - Ponyboy Curtis

Ponyboy and Y/N as parents - Ponyboy Curtis

Being Best Friends With Dally Would Include…- Dallas Winston

Having Fun With Dallas Winston - Dallas Winston

Spending 4th of July with the gang (part 2) - The Whole Gang

Going to a concert with the gang - The Whole Gang

Spending Halloween Night with the gang - The Whole Gang

Spending Christmas with the gang - The Whole Gang

Spending a rainy day with the gang - The Whole Gang


Merman - Sodapop Curtis (The Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Werewolf - Ponyboy Curtis (The Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Vampire - Dallas Winston (The Outsiders Supernatural Series) 

Ghost - Darry Curtis (The Outsiders Supernatural Series) 

Guardian Angel - Johnny Cade (The Outsiders Supernatural Series)

Curtis Brothers Little Sister Imagine - The Curtis Brothers

You Start Your Period At The Curtis House - The Curtis Brothers


Sodapop Curtis - Sad Song

Dallas Winston - Blue Neighborhood

Ponyboy Curtis - COLORS

Soc Girl Aesthetic

Greaser Girl Aesthetic

Dallas Winston Aesthetic

Johnny Cade - BLUE

Steve Randle - Stressed Out

Johnny Cade - Still Here


The Song You Dance To At Your Wedding

Their Favorite Green Day Song

The House You Buy Together (visual)

The Dog You Adopt Together (visual)

How You Two Cuddle (visual)

Your Christmas Party Outfit (visual)

Your 4th Of July Outfit (visual)

His Christmas Gift To You (visual)

The Scary Movie You Watch Together (visual)

Your Child (looks and personality) (visual)

Your Wedding Reception (visual)

His Favorite Photo From The Wedding (visual)

Your Wedding Dress (visual)

Your Wedding Cake (visual)

Their Favorite Taylor Swift Song (visual)


The Outsiders Dog Filters (Part 1)

The Outsiders Dog Filters (Part 2)

The Outsiders Dog Filters (Part 3)

The Death of Dallas Winston

The Outsiders (1983)

Rumble Fish (1983)

My favorite bands/group: Marianas Trench

My favorite bands/group: Green Day

My Favorite bands/group: 5 Seconds Of Summer

My Favorite Disney Movies: The Little Mermaid

My Favorite Disney Movies: Tangled

Stiles Stilinski Appreciation Post

The Maze Runner (2014)

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Sodapop Curtis Imagine

Requested: @leximarie0213

Song: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Character: Sodapop Curtis

Sidebar: y/e/c= your eye color

Soda’s POV

I had been keeping a secret from Y/N. She was the love of my life, well that wasn’t the secret. But, I wanted to make it official. I had been secretly saving some money for us to go away and get married. I had been saving this up since the moment I met her. The moment I met her changed my life forever and I knew I wanted to keep her around forever.

I had organized a picnic. It was simple, but I knew she’d like it. I was pacing around as I waited for her. I saw her walk up the hill. I swear my heart skipped a beat. I froze and just looked at her. 

She was wearing a dress that brought her y/e/c eyes. Her hair looked amazing, as always. She was smiling that perfect smile. “Soda?” she smiled, “What’s all this?” “I made a picnic for us Y/N!” I said happily. She giggled, “Yes you did. Wow, this looks amazing!” “Here, have a seat.” I said. She sat next to me and we had an amazing time. After a few hours, we were laying on our backs looking at the stars.

“Will you marry me?” I said. “What?” she propped herself up and looked at me with a smile on her face. “Will you marry? I’ve been saving up for us to go away together and get some time to ourselves.” I said. “Oh Soda! OF course!” she hugged me tightly. I kissed her happily and deeply. I couldn’t wait to start our new life together.

  • johnny:im a little thirsty
  • dally:here i'll buy you five cokes you might get thirsty later too
  • dally:do you need anything else literally anything i will get it for you
  • ponyboy:could i have one too
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I’m proving a point to my boyfriend.

mrs curtis: *holding her second born* honey what should we call him

mr curtis: sodapop

mrs curtis: 

years later

mrs curtis: *holding her third born* honey what should we call him?

mr curtis: ponyboy

mrs curtis: 

Stop treating the characters of The Outsiders like one dimensional tropes.

Ponyboy is a caring dreamer, but he’s also judgmental and immature.

Sodapop is happy-go-lucky and friendly, but he’s also reckless and damaged.

Darry is under a lot of pressure and has limited patience, but he’s also protective and arguably the most selfless character in fiction.

Dallas is dangerous and angry, but he’s also loyal and protective.

Johnny is anxious and sad, but he’s also a compassionate dreamer.

Steve is angry and violent, but he’s also emotional and intuitive.

Two-bit is a lazy drunk, but he’s also fiercely protective of his friends and cheerful.

Cherry is reserved and caught up with social status, but she’s also brave and understanding.

Bob is hateful and violent, but he’s also desperate and passionate.

Randy is judgmental and violent, but he’s also insightful and ready to grow.

Some Socs are obnoxious and dangerous, but some Socs are fun and friendly.

Some greasers are loyal and brave, but some greasers are violent and angry.

The book is narrated by somebody who sees others as very black-and-white, good-or-bad… but that isn’t the truth of the characters or the world.

  • Cherry:I could fall in love with Dallas Winston...
  • Johnny:*steps forward* Okay, first of all, bitch-
if the greaser gang had a tumblr...
  • ponyboy:nature aesthetic blog, particularly sunsets or photos of em
  • darry:horses,hunting, or animal wildlife
  • sodapop:multifandom probably
  • johnny:sad or cute old 80's anime
  • dally:crime, weapons, or artillery blog
  • steve:cars, definitely cars. his blog would be similar to Top Gear
  • two-bit:memes, shitposts, stand-up comedy gifs, or the blog of Denny's itself.