sodalite gemstones

Moon Mermaid Sleep Guardian

To have restful nights.


  • dark blue fabric (I chose velvet)
  • Needle and thread
  • pen
  • blue or silver ribbon
  • vanilla
  • vervain
  • lavender
  • sodalite
  • amethyst


Lay your fabric flat onto a table (on the reverse side if there is one), so you will have a double layer.
Trace the shape of a moon crescent onto the fabric.
Take your scissors and cut out the shape of your crescent, on the double piece of fabric (you will get two similar pieces in shape of moon crescent).

Stitch them together with your needle and thread, but leave one space open and use it to reverse the fabric, so that the stiches are not visible.

Place your herbs and stones in the “bag”, and for each one focus on the purpose of this bag: to give you good nights of sleep.

Once this done, close the crescent. Your guardian is ready!

Place it near your bed to find the good sleep you are seeking.


  • use a dark pen to draw the shape of a benevolent face on the crescent
  • make a little hole in the fabric to put the ribbon in and hang the crescent near your bed.
  • If you want some help to focus on the intent, you can repeat this haiku:

“ Protected by the Moon and Stars

Now let me find some rest

And peace during my nights”

I wish you the sweetest nights,

The Moon Mermaid

Sodalite: Enemy of the Retrogrades

You know when someone tells you, you CAN’T, and you do everything in your will power to prove them wrong? Well, Sodalite is an amazing conductor of aha moments. Sodalite is a healing gemstone that allows one to connect the inner and outer worlds together, enabling one to decipher archetypal patterns in the universe. Psychics, tarot readers, numerologists, and other diviners would benefit from using Sodalite to help them translate their oracles. 

Sodalite stimulates the third eye chakra and gifts the user with deep insight, intuition, and clarity, kick-starting one’s inner genius. It allows you to assess your motivations, desires, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and patterns of personal destiny.

Sodalite creates an inner stubborn courage that allows you to stay on your path, without doubting yourself. It’s almost as if it takes the reigns from the universe for a short while. It does not change your destiny, but gives you those little cosmic pushes that we all need sometimes.

Sodalite is also excellent for artists, writers, musicians, and anyone who requires creativity.

Sodalite is also excellent for mental endurance, and helps you to retain information, which is why students should take advantage of this stone.

I have been wearing my Sodalite pendant for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, I have been able to piece together things in my life, to the point that they are no longer puzzle pieces, but a beautiful image that I can now reflect upon. This is why Sodalite is the perfect stone to use during these crazy retrogrades, as all of your inner work, will be far less daunting.

I could write an entire blog post about my experiences with this stone, so if you would like more information, please feel free to send me a message:)

Cute Essentials Crystal Kit 🌿 

  • Smokey Quartz- Protection 
  • Sodalite- Travel 
  • Clear Quartz- Healing 
  •  Amethyst- Spiritual Awakening 
  • Amazonite- Health 
  •  Rose Quartz- Love 
  • Citrine- Happiness