Random Headcanons

-hates pretty much any vegetable
-extremely picky about the temperature of the water when he’s taking a shower, seriously, if it’s not right he literally won’t get in
-because of this, he tries to get to the shower first, but that rarely happens
-bites his fingernails when he’s nervous, so they’re always short
-also bites the skin around his nails, Darry hates when he does this
-his track coach spotted him at one of the Junior High meets, and told him to join in High School
-hair gets more red in the summer
-one of those people who never mixes the food on their plate
-when he was 7, he wanted to play football with the gang, but it got too rough and he broke his arm

-once gave the gang salmonella from his cooking
-hates the taste of alcohol
-loves little kids (especially Two’s sister)
-expert on getting babies to stop crying
-when he was in school, he hated that he could never learn things as quickly as the other students
-has crashed from sugar highs…many times
-contagious laugh
-always fears that girls only like him for his looks and not his personality, so he can be hesitant in relationships
-treats every girl the same that hits on him at the DX whether they’re a Soc or a Greaser
-has ADHD
-keeps all his speeding tickets hidden from Darry

Two Bit:
-loves his little sister to death (I imagine her to be around 6 or 7)
-has had plenty of tea parties and makeovers with her, sometimes Soda would join
-prank master
-drinks more than the gang is aware of
-allergic to seafood
-decent driver, but his car is always fucked up
-tries to get Steve to fix it for free
-has been expelled from school three times
-expert at juggling
-his dad left when he was 12, and his sister was born
-actually has a lot of good memories with his dad, that he wishes he sister could have too
-met Kathy at one of Buck’s parties, and they drank the night away together (he ended up shirtless and Kathy just in her bra and underwear behind the bar counter)
-used to be chubby when he was younger

-tried running away from home when he was 9, but Mr. Curtis found him, and let him stay the night
-amazing at pinball
-snorts when he’s laughing really hard
-known to be really snappy when he’s tired
-loves ice cream
-prefers sleeping in small places, since he’s gotten used to sleeping on the benches in the lot or the couch in the Curtis’
-typically curls up when he sleeps because of this
-absolutely terrified of spiders, he gets really jumpy and uncontrollably shakes whenever he sees one
-this poor boy has tried, but he can’t put on muscle

-addicted to black coffee
-really wants to take a day for himself and relax and get a massage, but he always decides not to because he thinks that would be selfish
-stresses over everything at night when he’s alone, so he doesn’t get much sleep
-the LOUDEST snorer
-had a Soc girlfriend in high school, that no one knew about except Soda
-obsessed with, The Twilight Zone
-rarely gets sick
-keeps a picture of his parents in his room, and occasionally he’ll talk to them as if they were there
-everyone at the gym knows him
-secretly wishes that rumbles happened more often so that he could blow off steam

-he got interested in cars when Soda and him snuck out to watch a drag race
-has asthma and he hates it because: “Carryin’ around a damn inhaler isn’t tuff.”
-usually gets asthma attacks when he’s yelling and fighting with his dad because he gets really worked up
-plays the bass guitar
-one time he crashed his car in a drag race, and he was afraid of what his dad would do when he saw it, so he rented a room at Buck’s for a couple weeks until he could fix up the car
-has freckles on the bridge of his nose and on his cheeks
-really wants a motorcycle
-Evie is the first girl that he’s had a real, committed relationship with
-they have their names carved in a tree in his backyard
-his parents got divorced, and later his mom died of cancer when he was 13
-loves dogs, and he wants either a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler

-had an older brother that was killed by a rival gang in New York
-loves candy, keeps a stash under his bed at Buck’s
-has a long scar across his abdomen from a knife fight
-Two Bit’s sister cries literally every time she sees him
-known Tim since he was 5
-the only time he’s known to be genuinely happy is when he’s riding in rodeos
-after the Curtis parents died, he got himself arrested, and didn’t go the Curtis house for months
-there are multiple holes in the walls at Buck’s that he punched through
-his BLONDE hair is really soft, since he doesn’t grease it
-doesn’t like having facial hair, so when he does get stubbles the gang knows something’s up
-terrible handwriting
-one time when he got really drunk with Two Bit, he cried and told him how his mom committed suicide and how he wanted to also for the longest time until he met the gang. Dally doesn’t remember this at all but Two was sober enough and remembers every detail, but never told anyone

StevePop HC\\

🌺They make up their own games in road trips
🌺Have Lowkey insults for socs and rude customers at the DX
🌺Stupid nicknames like “peanut”

🌺 steve cannot stop looking at soda’s abs??? he just can’t???

🌺Steve sometimes spits in sodas drink
🌺Steve backwashes
🌺Sharing is caring. Unless it’s really good
🌺Wet Willies when one is almost alsleep
🌺blindfolded games. Where they have to guess whatever what is
🌺Soda slaps steves ass to make him mad tbh
🌺platonic cuddles or aggressive wrestling. Nothing in the middle
🌺Steve gives random piggy backs
🌺platonic pet names
🌺Petty Competitions
🌺soda has filled steves water bottle with toilet water
🌺Soda once got a hot chili candy in his nose with Steve. And Darry made him wait til it melted out
🌺Steve once tased Sodas butt
🌺pour grease on each other
🌺Soda did the thing where you put his hand in water and steve peed the bed
🌺Secrets. Many.
🌺they tell each other EVERYTHING
🌺once rolled bowling balls down the street and broke someone’s head light
🌺Steve and Sodas worse fight was over food
🌺Soda is the reason Steves teeth are messed up
🌺lawn mower races
🌺They once got stuck on the roof of the tallest building in Tulsa.
🌺Once. Steve accidentally pushed Soda into barbed wire so if you see a scar on his butt. That’s why
🌺they go to mcdonalds to make a scene
🌺soda threw a sandwhich out steves truck once and it hit the windshield
🌺they go night walking a lot
🌺Soda gave Steve his first blade
🌺They do the thing where if they see a snake they whip it and the head pops off
🌺once Steve almost died from the cinnamon challenge
🌺the banana and sprite killed them.
🌺One Steve and Soda were walking in the woods and holding each other’s hands platonically and Steve tripped in mud and brought soda with him
🌺once they played the ouija board and talked to Sodas parents.
🌺Soda bawled the most since the accident that night
🌺Soda has nightmares about his parents but don’t tell anyone except Steve
🌺They do every challenge ever
🌺and honestly never do too bad
🌺Steve and Soda has left a condom filled with lotion (to look like nut) in the DX bathroom

(All of us did this)

Steve Headcanons

🚙When him and Soda were in third grade, they made up a super complicated best friend handshake

🚙There were like twenty steps involved

🚙They still do it from time to time

🚙When Steve gets mad, his eye twitches

🚙His Mom died of cancer when he was ten

🚙He misses her more than he will admit

🚙He visits her grave once a year, on her birthday

🚙He actually tries in school because after he graduates, he wants to open up his own garage with Soda

🚙Steve gave Darry his own paycheck when they were in danger of having there electricity shut off because Darry had no money left to pay the bills

🚙He can hold his liquor well

🚙He’s terrified of snakes

🚙Soda put a rubber snake inside of a car as prank, and Steve jumped back and fell over his toolbox

🚙After that, him and Soda started a long prank war

🚙It ended with Steve throwing water balloons at Soda when he was sleeping

🚙Darry had to put a stop to their madness

🚙Johnny was like a little brother to him

anonymous asked:

Hi can I request a scenario where bakugous s/o is pranking him 24/7 and he has no idea it's them and blames other people even thought all evidence points to the s/o please? Just make it fluffy ~ awesome blog by the way :)

Sure thing dear =) (Though I think that Bakugou wouldn’t react well to most pranks, unless they’re funny, imaginative and/or really harmless) And I hope I could write it well enough and that you’ll like it!

The first time his full soda is suddenly empty, Bakugou growls at everyone around him, though they all swear they didn’t touch it. Frowning, he throws the bottle away and goes to fetch another one.

It’s just the start of a row of weird things along the day. When he takes out a pack of crackers, a comment from a classmate across the common room distracts him and he stomps over. When he returns to the open kitchen, he doesn’t see the crackers anywhere. Looking into the cabinet again, he sees them just where they’re supposed to be and Bakugou glares at them. Maybe he really didn’t fully take them out and instead dropped them back inside when Mineta talked shit.

Then he finds no matching socks and no matter when, there are little notes with smileys in the pockets of his jacket. He empties them every time and a bit later, there would be another folded slip of paper.

“Do you know who the fuck is doing all this crap?” Bakugou grumbles at his partner, who leans against his side.

They glance at the paper with the winking smiley and then shake their head. “No, I didn’t see anyone touching your things.”

He frowns and goes on a little growling and cursing through the classroom, though no one else knows anything.

The next few days aren’t better and filled with more suddenly empty sodas. It’s harmless little pranks and most of this classmates can’t help but laugh and while Bakugou gets amused at most of them, he really wants to know who the hell has the guts to do these things.

During the weekend, he finally gets his answer, just as his partner slides a folded piece of paper towards him. Unfolding it with a raised eyebrow, he sees a winking smiley.

“You?” He says in disbelief, staring at them and when they grin, he gets up. “Oh, that calls for revenge!”

With a laugh his partner tries to stand up as well, though Bakugou is faster. In a matter of seconds he’s tickling them silly and they gasp for breath, laughing and he’s grinning while they tell him between giggles how they did it all.

He stops before they get a hiccup and he snorts at their still grinning face before they kiss the tip of his nose.


One year later and I still haven’t brought myself to watch the last episode of The Outsiders tv show because I don’t want it to be over. I don’t understand all of you who hate it because it’s not the same actors etc, because I absolutely fell in love with it. The show gives us a peek into the everyday situations and lives of the gang and that’s so awesome. For example: Pony talking to Darry about girls, and Steve and Two-Bit playing a prank on Soda, Darry having girl problems, Two-Bit having problems with his dad, Steve, Soda, and Two-Bit having a band, the Curtis brothers taking care of a baby; what more could you ask for? Plus have you seen the actors? Darry, Steve, even Buck, they’re pretty easy on the eyes! I recommend the show 300%

trash part 2

u guys seemed to enjoy these and i enjoyed them so!!

modern au’s part two!!!!!

- pony always types in all lower case letters unless it’s for school

- two-bit actually hates those “BLAM” things on Disney XD that they do with the Mickey cartoons he H A T E S them and thinks the narrations ruin it

- two-bit loves unbreakable kimmy schmidt

- soda made a “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE” vine of dally’s fancy ass sneakers

- dally tells people his favorite friends character is Rachel because “Jennifer Anniston is hot as hell” but really it’s a tie between Joey and chandler

- Steve and Evie watch pretty little liars together every Tuesday. he says he does it for evie, but he actually likes it

- the only meme pony has ever liked was the audition meme

- soda was heartbroken when nasa decided Pluto wasn’t a planet, and he frosted one of his chocolate cakes gray for Pluto to celebrate its return as an official planet

- before his aesthetic blog, pony had a superwholock blog with a blink 182 side blog

- darry and two-bit are voting for bernie sanders

- pony loves the 60’s aesthetic HOW IRONIC

- on PLL, Caleb reminds evie of Johnny because they are both cute lil hackers who need some love but are tough af

- Steve and Soda get the “Cory and Shawn level best friends” superlative senior year even though soda dropped out the year before, he is still seen as one of the most beloved members of their class, and evie’s on the yearbook committee so they pull it off

- Johnny’s favorite Disney movie is the lion king

- sometimes Darry uses urban dictionary to keep up with his brothers

- pony gets a scholarship from winning the national poetry slam finals with a poem about gang violence

- after watching degrassi for drake, Johnny keeps going and sees himself and his friends in zig novak and tiny bell, and hopes one day they can all find something better than splitting their city into sectors and losing blood and lives to keep their turf

- sometimes, when two-bit is drinking by himself late at night, he wishes his 7th grade self would’ve listened to d.a.r.e

- a girl watching steve and evie’s pda later tells evie that she’s a slut. evie doesn’t get angry, she explains why that word comes from a sexist place and enlightens this girl about rape culture

- Johnny loves lexi4prez

- pony loved snape and felt bad for him until Johnny was like “wtf man”

- two-bit loves high school musical

- Steve and soda sometimes modeled their pranks after things they saw on the suite life of zack and cody

- Sylvia was holding dally’s phone this one time sending a text for him because he’s a lazy shit and she sends it, but then kind of subconsciously replies to another. it’s her friend, Samantha, who’s texting him about some pills she wants. and she’s like “so sorry about your cat passing, sam” and after she sends it she’s like OH SHIT and Dallas doesn’t wanna tell sam that there was someone else looking through his phone, because he might lose business, so he has to go on pretending to care about this cat

- when pony was in his scene phase, whenever he said anything ever (it was usually moody and band related) Darry would just look at soda the way jim looks into the camera on the office

- soda and two-bit like to sing Disney duets into the big fan in the Curtis’s living room (when they sing love is an open door, Steve records it and it gets 3,587 loops on vine)

- dally says fam as much as he says man

- soda and Darry get a kick out of Miranda sings, unfortunately for ponyboy, who cannot stand her