soda sub

Eat This, Not That! (Food Substitutes)

• sub candy for fruit and veggies

• sub chocolate bars for organic dark chocolate

• sub french fries for roasted sweet potato wedges

• sub soda for mineral water with lime

• sub ice cream for nice cream

• sub mayo for mustard

• sub vegetable oil for coconut oil

• sub croutons in salad for raw nuts

• sub sports/energy drinks for lemon/coconut water

• sub sugary juices for water

• sub cow’s milk for almond milk

• sub a cheeseburger for a veggie burger

• sub potato chips for kale chips

• sub Mac and Cheese for regular pasta

• sub table salt for sea salt

• sub milkshakes for low sugar smoothies

If you have a questions or a certain craving, message me and I will give you an alternative food to eat!