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Edible Spellcraft - Prosperity Tonic

The Universe offers us abundance and we can draw on its energies to prosper. This prosperity goes beyond a materialistic accumulation of wealth; it is the amplification of our energies and brings with it health, happiness, and healing. To be prosperous in a spiritual sense is to have the energies to perform at your best, whether you are casting, creating, meditating or working. Here is a simple elixir to boost your energy and promote prosperity.

You Will Need
1. 3 blackberries
2. 1 ounce lemon juice
3. Tonic water (sub: club soda or sparkling water)
4. Blackberry leaf (optional)
5. A glass (that can hold 6 to 8 ounces)

If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.

Place the blackberries and lemon juice in the bottom of the glass and muddle them with a fork. Then pour in the tonic water (approximately 6 ounces). Stir in a gentle deocil (sunwise, clockwise) motion three times. Garnish with the blackberry leaf (optional).

Hold the glass before you and repeat the following with intention:

The Light before me
Brighid beside me
The dark behind
Bring prosperity

Drink the tonic at your own pace.

Blackberry: the berry is ruled by the planet Venus and the element of earth. The leaf is ruled by the planet Venus and the element of water. Blackberry is sacred to Brighid and draws prosperity
Lemon: ruled by the moon and the element of water, it promotes cleansing and protection

Eat This, Not That! (Food Substitutes)

• sub candy for fruit and veggies

• sub chocolate bars for organic dark chocolate

• sub french fries for roasted sweet potato wedges

• sub soda for mineral water with lime

• sub ice cream for nice cream

• sub mayo for mustard

• sub vegetable oil for coconut oil

• sub croutons in salad for raw nuts

• sub sports/energy drinks for lemon/coconut water

• sub sugary juices for water

• sub cow’s milk for almond milk

• sub a cheeseburger for a veggie burger

• sub potato chips for kale chips

• sub Mac and Cheese for regular pasta

• sub table salt for sea salt

• sub milkshakes for low sugar smoothies

If you have a questions or a certain craving, message me and I will give you an alternative food to eat!

Chatfic: Sammy Kane and the Joshes Who Are About To Become Hawks Season Ticket Holders

(Not my pic! See link in post for source and MORE PICTURES OF THE BEST BB in a TURTLE COSTUME.)


me: i have edited turtlefic for posting
i developed diabetes
ninjaboots: ahahahaaaa
you want the entire internet to think we’re insane, don’t you
me: the sad thing is, this is like, a medium
on our insanity scale
ninjaboots: yes, well
me: they lack the proper perspective.
ninjaboots: the internet doesn’t need to know that
me: which they will never have.
thinking of posting this as the intro.
so they know to appreciate that we shield them.
this is actually us shielding them
believe it or not.
ninjaboots: from our broken selves, or from sam kane’s lethal cute factor
you decide which
me: i’m gonna go with unholy combo
ninjaboots: fair.

(Also, it goes without saying that these chatfics like - aren’t meant to be a) logical b) in line with actual child development stages and c) anything but cuuuuute awful domestic action ft. hockey players right? YOU KNOW THIS, GO FORTH.)

let me just
right the fuck out of that
ninjaboots: oh my GOD
baby SAM
svmadelyn: they would have to watch him so closely
that is such a kidnappable baby
ninjaboots: and he is such a friendly baby, too
he wants to talk to people.
svmadelyn: hello
he’s a turtle
wanted to be a dog
but it got losted in the mail.
yes, it is a betrayal.

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Bit by Bit

I’m not sure if this fic is for anneapocalypse, or her fault. But either way, Volleyball/South Dakota because I cannot be stopped.


The first time you fall a little bit in love with her is when Felix brings her back to camp, swearing and clearly scowling through her helmet and dripping blood all over the back of the jeep because “Fuck you, you sub-standard soda can wannabe, I’m not taking your fucking biofoam pen. How’d I know what’s innit, you trying to poison me, asshole? Fuckin’ thing looks like it’s from the Jurassic Era, I’ll keep bleedin’ instead of jabbing that rusty-ass thing in my–”

You pause with a burger halfway to your mouth to watch the jeep go by, Felix in the front seat with some purple-and-green armored soldier in the back. You don’t answer the first few times Jensen calls your name, only wake from the daze when Bitters nudges your elbow and makes you get ketchup all over your chin.

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