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Kissing, Interrupted.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter and the reader are getting pretty steamy and someone decides it’s the perfect time to interrupt. Talk about cockblock, amiright?

Warnings: language, kissing, fluff, Star Wars, makeout sesh (holla). (Let me know if I missed any).

Word Count: 1,479

A/N: For the amazing @literallyrozie812, thanks for the request! I hope this fic gives you guys all the Peter feels. Also, I apologize if it sucks ass lol. I’m not experienced in this part of writing, so bear with me as I slowly dig my way into it! Let’s hope I did at least a 4/10. Thanks for all the never ending support, guys! As always, feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Being raised as a Stark definitely has its perks, but let’s not forget about the downsides.

For instance, not being able to try out the Iron Man suit because of one accidental mistake of you blowing one up. 

Hey, it happens… right?

Or not being able to join the team on missions because it’s “too intense” or “not safe.”

Like, hello? I’m an Avenger? I deserve to participate, Dad.

And don’t even get started on boys.

Oh, lord. If he knew about Peter and you, well, let’s just say Tony’s suit isn’t the only thing that would be blown up.

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Mon-El’s Secret - Dialog Drabble

Soon Mon-El’s secret will come to light. I’m hoping the dialogue between Kara/Mon-El is something like this…

KARA: You should’ve TOLD me! Don’t you trust me?

MON-EL: Of course I trust you!

KARA: Then why keep it a secret?

MON-EL: You really don’t get it, do you?

KARA: Oh, right, because I wasn’t born royalty, I couldn’t possibly understand.

MON-EL: That is not what I said! (brief pause, lowers his voice) Anyone who has ever been my friend, who ever kissed me, who even looked at me twice - they only did it because I was the Prince of Daxam. But you… you wanted me when I was just some guard. When I was some nobody in a pod, you were my friend. All of you. And you, you specifically, believed in me, you thought I could be better. And you wanted to be with me because of who I am. I’ve never had that before. Not from anybody in my entire life. Just you. And I didn’t want that to go away.


What, didja think I was done making designs for Ghost Rider: Re-Imagined?  PSHHHH NOOOOOO

So here we have two characters, one of which wasn’t even part of my original plan for the reimagining!  Say hi to Gunmetal Gray and Clara Blaze!  (and no, her real name will NOT be “Naomi Kale” here)

Like what you see?  Click here for more of my Ghost Rider redesigns!

Head on under the cut for brief character bios!

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Sugar Sweet | 3 |

word count: 5.1k

genre: smut & fluff



part 1 | part 2 | part 4 | part 5

a/n: there’s no actual smut in this chapter, just lots of talk about it along with seriously suggestive things, but it’ll be in the next one! thank you so much for the support and love for SS so far!!  ♡ ♡ ♡

2 days.

2 days was all you got before fate decided to fuck you over once more.

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Dating Jeff Atkins Would Include....

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  • you two being in the same class but never talking until you’re paired up for a project
  • “hey, y/n. i need your number.”
  • “oh. okay”
  • him purposefully leaving books at your house so he had an excuse to see you
  • “hi…i think my textbook is here”
  • “mmhmm. welcome back, atkins.”
  • “seriously, it was an accident.”
  • him getting the nerve to ask you to dance at the winter formal
  • also you needing to take a second because DAMN that boy can work a white tuxedo
  • and you may or may not pretend to stumble a few times in his heels so he can catch you and you can feel those muscles cuz shittttt that boy is fine
  • then him leaning in and kissing you really softly
  • goodnights texts from him
  • spending time together over the summer
  • accidentally spilling soda on his shirt at a fourth of july party
  • “shit, i’m so sorry”
  • him smirking and pulling off his shirt
  • “it’s no big deal, y/n. it’s hot out anyways.”
  • lots and LOTS of touching
  • like immense amounts of PDA
  • stealing all his clothes
  • him getting fed up with it
  • “at this rate, i won’t have anything for school”
  • “just steal something of mine”
  • the next day he shows up in your sweatshirt
  • then he gets dress coded
  • having to stand on your tippy toes every time you want to give him a hug
  • hitting ground balls for him for practice
  • finding the best ice cream spot in the county
  • he’d drive with one hand on the wheel and one on your leg
  • his parents would actually be in love with you
  • “jeff, why don’t you bring y/n over for dinner tonight?”
  • “mom, she was here two days ago.”
  • “so? she’s such a lovely girl.”
  • “jeez mom remind me again who’s dating who.”
  • study sessions with him and clay after school
  • “jeff, babe. no…no…they…they didn’t smoke weed…”
  • clay laughing and you hitting him with a book
  • you absolutely DYING when he got his ears pierced
  • “you look so hot right now, jeff”
  • “i actually can’t deal with how attractive you are with those studs atkins”
  • taking road trips to the beach with him
  • finding out that his background is a photo of you laughing
  • doing college tours together
  • finding out he’s being recruited for baseball
  • not telling each other which school you two applied to so neither of you would feel pressure to choose which college to go to
  • getting admitted to the school of your dreams- Harvard
  • jeff texting you saying he has great news about college and he can’t wait to tell you about it
  • you sending a heart and starting homework
  • jeff asking if you’d come to an end of the year party with him
  • you saying no because you had to write an essay
  • him not answering your texts that night
  • seeing a news report about a fatal car accident
  • hearing the phone ring
  • “y/n? it’s mrs. atkins. i…i don’t know how to tell you this.”
  • going to his house to be with his mother and seeing a huge crimson envelope with the words “congratulations, Harvard admit!!” printed on it

wow guys i’m so sorry i just kept writing and now i’m crying no big deal happy monday everyone

I’M so tired of post minimalist sculpture in all senses I just want to make hyperreal interior installations and smoke 30 cigarettes and spill grape soda in an art gallery until it smells exactly like the bowling alley where I first heard the F word in my youth

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It's Steve's birthday. Dr. Strange's gift to him is to enchant his shield for a day.

Steve reaches over to take the bag of Cheese Puffs from Bucky, his lawn chair creaking ominously. He shoves a couple into his mouth, crunching noisily. Bucky wipes dusty fingers onto a orange stain on the front of his shorts. Steve holds out a napkin along with an opened bottle of coke. There’s a loud pop. A blue glow illuminates their faces and they both look up and smile. They morph from blue to red following another series of pops. Without turning, Bucky takes the bottle leaving the napkin.

As the red fades, Steve leans back in his chair, pushes bare toes at his kicked off boots, moving them closer together in the cool grass. His uniform jacket is unzipped, peeled down, sweaty undershirt exposed to the warm breeze.

“Another piece of cake?” Steve asks, taking Bucky’s empty bottle from the grass. He heads to the table on the deck. Tubs and plates cover the top, left over from the gathering earlier.

“Nah, but bring me another dog, will ya?” Bucky reaches out and snatches a lightning bug from the air, lets it run up his fingertip. It blinks a few times before lifting off, hovering inches from Bucky’s outstretched hand. Steve surprises him by stuffing a hotdog into the hand.

Steve rests an opened coke onto the seat next to Bucky. “Don’t knock that over.” He says dropping into his own lawn chair with a groan. “Today the strangest thing kept happening.”

Wolfing down the hotdog one handed, a blob of relish drips into Bucky’s lap. “Yeah?” he said around a mouth full of dog. His eyes widen as another series of fireworks light the sky.


“Stranger than aliens? Or, just normal strange?” Bucky said between bites.

“I don’t know. I’m out on the mission and I keep hearing the word, No.”

“Just, No?”

“Yeah but at least a couple dozen times.”

Bucky chokes on that last piece of hotdog. “Couple Dozen??” He gasps coughing. Steve leans closer, plucks the spilling soda from where Bucky knocked it as he jerked.  

The back door to the farmhouse clicks open and Doctor Strange steps out, looking damp and freshly clean from the harrowing afternoon. Bucky stands, “I woulda thought a couple times, not a couple dozen.”

Strange chimes in, “I counted twenty-eight times.” He wanders over, holding a plate of potato salad, beans and a burger. “You have something on your shorts.” He points his fork at the blob of relish.

Bucky pushes it onto the grass with an angry swipe, and stomps back into the house with a slam.

Steve stands. “What the heck?” he takes a step towards the back of the house. A loud series of thundering booms signals the grand finale, and the sky turns bright.

“My birthday gift to you, was that your shield would tell you if you were about to put yourself into harm’s way unnecessarily.”

“What?” Steve glances back and forth between the house and Strange. “What?” he repeats.

“I realized it was a futile and distracting gesture, and removed the spell after the enemy was subdued.”

“And Bucky knew?”

“He thought it would be helpful.” Strange watched the fireworks finish up. “It turned out to be distracting for your team. You on the other hand, completely ignored it.”

“I didn’t ignore it. I was focused.”

“You had to realize that every time you did something unnecessarily dangerous, you heard the word, No.”

“Well, everything we did today was dangerous.”

Strange turns and takes his empty plate back to the trash can on the porch. Over his shoulder he adds “The spell is for unnecessarily dangerous activities. Unnecessary being the key word.”

Steve slumped back into his chair as the light to Bucky’s room clicked on.

He sat alone in the lawn and the house grew quiet. Startling as something cold taps his back, he finds Bucky with two beer between his fingers. Taking one, Steve watches Bucky slide back into his seat. Together they stare at the constellations. The smell of honeysuckle drifts in on the warm breeze, and the a fireflies float over the wide field blinking their morse code.

So, in this pretentious, flamboyant restaurant filled with dignified people, Ash suddenly climbed atop the table much to Johnny’s (and the fellow customers) shock. Dark soda knocked over and spilling across the pearly white canvas in the process as she made her way over to Johnny.

The sound of the table jostling and glass hitting the table with a thunk caused Johnny to look up. Wide brown eyes lifted to hers in obvious confusion of what exactly was happening yet before Johnny could even utter a word out of that cute mouth of his, Ash shut him up with her own.

The shock of feeling’s Johnny’s mouth under hers was shocking to say the least - for damn, did it feel a helluva lot better than those previous times the unwarranted thoughts flitted through her brain. Her hands were less than gentle as she grasped onto the fur on his cheeks and tilting her head against his mouth.

Ash became instantly aware of two things in that moment - One, this had to be Johnny’s first kiss for he didn’t know what the hell he was doing. Two - she didn’t care because it felt that amazing.

It was sloppy; his mouth completely unsure as he maneuvered to try and perfectly fit it against hers. Ash couldn’t help but smile against his lips and pull him closer out of sheer need to have his warmth closer. Large hands trembled only for a second as they skirted firmly over her hips before grasping lightly onto her sides and back and holding her tight as she grasped onto him.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

If you feel alone on Valentine’s Day, remember you’re really ALONE




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I love y’all. xoxoxoxoxo

Avengers Assemble

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: After a whole week of craziness, there is nothing like a team movie night!

length: 780 words

note: happens in the timeline of Avengers 2012, pairings include Stony and Bruclintasha

a/n: I feel awkward today in terms of tumblr and fandom stuff, so decided to write something short to make myself feel better and remind myself why I fell love with Avengers in the first place. inspired by this prompt. big thank you to @amazingmsme for suggesting to write it as a team movie night!


Avengers Assemble

“Excuse me, coming through, oops, sorry, better watch out with that soda — hey, handsome!”

Steve chuckled, as Tony wiggled himself all the way in the narrow space between the couch and the coffee table, bumping knees with Nat, and making Clint spill soda all over himself, until he reached his destination and planted himself in Steve’s lap, grinning happily when his journey ended.

“Hey, Tony,” Steve replied, wrapping arms around his boyfriend’s waist, and holding him close.

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A better Mekakucity Actors

Now, with this post I want to make it very clear that I don’t hate the anime. It’s actually a really nice adaption, but it’s littered with several errors that need to be fixed. 

I want to make it clear that this ‘fix’ of MCA will not be drastically altering the plot in any way, but it will address the issues that I have with it as an adaption and attempting to fix them. 

I’ll start this off with my issues with MCA as an adaption of Kagerou Project:

  • To begin, the anime is too short. I would have loved for MCA to have been at least 24 episodes: it would have given us enough episodes to focus on each character individually– However, I understand why it was only twelve episodes. 
  • The plot skips around too much for my liking. Things overall aren’t very clear, and it took several rewatches to understand certain things. 
  • The climax was incredibly rushed, being thrown in for the last few minutes of episode twelve. 
  • Not enough Seto.
  • The characterization was weak: there needed to be more of the Dan’s family dynamic shown. 
  • The lack of explanation for the way Hiyori acts. 

Now, here’s how I’d rewrite MCA to fix the issues that I had with it. 

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First Sight (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Request from anon: “your writing skills are amazing. if you haven’t already, it would be cool af if you made like an imagine about something like ‘how you met gray for the first time’ if you know what i mean lol. ILY”
Word Count: 1,327
Warnings: None.
A/N: Thank you babe for the request. I liked writing this one! Also fun fact, the record store thing is inspired by Pretty In Pink. This might not be what you had in mind, I’m sorry if I butchered your idea. Tell me if I did, anon! xx

The first time you saw Grayson was at a bowling alley. You were sitting with your friends in your booth, cheering whenever someone got a strike and laughing when the bowling ball missed the pins. He was with his brother and three other guys, being as loud as teenage boys were, causing a ruckus beside your lane. But you didn’t mind because it was a Friday and the music was loud enough to drown out most of their cheers and yells.

You had excused yourself, taking a quick break to head to the toilets because all those sodas were starting to affect you and when you came walking back, somehow you ended up walking into Grayson, him spilling his soda all over your arms. You couldn’t help the shriek that left your lips because the beverage was cold and it was so unexpected.

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