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“tell the black girls
how special powers
are interwoven
in their braids and cornrows.
god gifted
in the tips
of their twists and locs.”

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Mon-El’s Secret - Dialog Drabble

Soon Mon-El’s secret will come to light. I’m hoping the dialogue between Kara/Mon-El is something like this…

KARA: You should’ve TOLD me! Don’t you trust me?

MON-EL: Of course I trust you!

KARA: Then why keep it a secret?

MON-EL: You really don’t get it, do you?

KARA: Oh, right, because I wasn’t born royalty, I couldn’t possibly understand.

MON-EL: That is not what I said! (brief pause, lowers his voice) Anyone who has ever been my friend, who ever kissed me, who even looked at me twice - they only did it because I was the Prince of Daxam. But you… you wanted me when I was just some guard. When I was some nobody in a pod, you were my friend. All of you. And you, you specifically, believed in me, you thought I could be better. And you wanted to be with me because of who I am. I’ve never had that before. Not from anybody in my entire life. Just you. And I didn’t want that to go away.

volleyball at the beach w/ the gang

• Steve is too extra
• No one will beat Steve


• Ponyboy has eaten so much sand
• And you won’t be able to forget it
• He tries to be good and just,,, falls

• “there’s sand in my c r e v i c e s”

• Soda is pretty good tbh
• And he manages to look majestic while playing
• He’s completely missed the ball a few times because hot girls

• “ok but you would do the same thing so ugh god lets play agh”

• Tim and Darry have a rivalry
• They’re both so good
• Probably because they’re fucking tall
• They want to see who even LOOKS best at it
• Steve is just a disaster, a good disaster, but doesn’t look even close to better than them

• “I’ll just stay here” “yea it’ll be too easy if we switch” “yea pony needs some help besides” “yeah” “…yeah” “so yeah you stay on that team”

• You can count on Two-Bit to hit the ball no matter what
• He will go To Great Lengths to hit it to the other side
• Two-Bit sucks at actually hitting it but he’s a Great Team Player cuz he’ll always save it

• “I’ve got so much honey the bEES ENVY MEEE!!!!!!!” “MY GIRRRRRRRL” so much aggression
• That’s not happy singing that’s aggression

• Johnny just stands in the background and acts like he’s playing
• He just looks at Pony like,,,
• “What’s the purpose of this sport, Pony? What are we doing”
• “Inserting our superior male dominance in what should theoretically be a healthy way”

• Dally just tries to look sexy
• He’s the “referee”
• Acts so fucking good but probably can’t play for his life
• “Steve, what are you doing with your body, man? Just stop.”
• Is flexing for the ladies



Oops, I almost forgot to share this here, last one of these guys for a while: little ray of sunshine, Denise Cloyd.

eating habits of the fahc

- the penthouse is always just full of random shit to eat, but they also used to keep body parts in the freezer as well (until geoff finally bought another freezer). jeremy was left traumatized once when he tried to make breakfast sausages but instead of grabbing sausages out of the freezer he grabbed actual human fingers– he was more surprised at the mix up, not at the fact that there was an actual human body part in the freezer

- jack makes sure to buy an entire array of everything– fruits, meats, seafood, veggies, the whole nine yards

- she is the only one that eats the fruits and veggies, and probably the only one that eats what normal people should. she always makes sure to get three meals a day, relatively balanced, though she is a slut for angel food cake and none of it is safe around her

- geoff is very much a Dad-esque Eater. like, he grabs a fucking giant sandwich at lunch, eats whatever is made for breakfast, and only eats dinner if it interests him (aka, anything made by jack or himself)

- michael is pure junk food and soda. his blood is pretty much mountain dew at this point. jack tries to make him eat healthy but all the items he’ll ever eat can all be found in a convenience store. he can make basic stuff (pancakes and whatnot) but just chooses not to. jack’s just thankful he at least has a schedule 

- gavin doesn’t eat a whole lot and not particularly because he chooses so, but because he is the pickiest eater in the entire fucking world. he eats only the fanciest cuisine simply because “That’s just my taste!”. his tea MUST be imported from that small local tea store in his home town and his chocolate MUST be imported directly from that one store he went to one time in switzerland that also serves the french minister and it MUST 

- ryan claims he eats enough and eats well, but unless he’s got a mini fridge in his room (how would he have room between all the weapons and plants?) or goes out to eat ever day (at this point? it’s a possibility) there is no fucking way, says jack. a month went by where the only thing she had seen him eat was an entire bag of doritos, once, at three a.m., and seven cans of diet coke in one day. she has no idea how he functions at any point in time. 

- jeremy ranges from “listen guys i’m trying to diet and eat well okay i’m just gonna have a sandwich instead of this pizza okay” to “how many cans of pringles do i need to eat in order to build a fort in the living room? 50? well, start crackin them open i suppose”

- trevor tries. he tries so hard whenever he goes to the penthouse– should we do a dinner?? let’s go out to eat!! pleaes i’m begging you there’s lettuce here, it’s going to go stale– but at this point the mold is set and everyone except jack and geoff are fucked