soda poodle

The signs aesthetics 💗
  • Aries: black nail polish, the good feeling after a workout, Rumble Fish, alternative music, a lit fireplace, cool winter air.
  • Taurus: flower crowns, spring mornings, winning a game, 70s music, Family Ties.
  • Gemini: passing a test, relaxing on a Friday, drawing on your shoes, oil pastels, The Goonies, glitter nail polish.
  • Cancer: 40s hair, new stockings, a new outfit, Sunday morning, Captain America, hot tea.
  • Leo: knee high socks, milkshakes, cold soda, poodle skirts, saddle shoes, diners, The Outsiders, Elvis Presley, leather jackets, Valentine's day.
  • Virgo: buying gifts, genuine smiles, fresh snowfall, a clean room, Grease, baking a cake, new jewelry.
  • Libra: Nostalgic music, sketches, cobalt blue, the night sky, Back To The Future, old furniture, black coffee.
  • Scorpio: summer nights, 80s music, The Karate Kid, big eyes, puns, ripped jeans, old converse.
  • Sagittarius: finishing homework early, bright colors, flattery, smirks, being on time, Weird Science.
  • Capricorn: anticipation, long hugs, empty soda bottles, shimmer eye shadow, tinsel, watercolors, crop tops, Can't Buy Me Love.
  • Aquarius: Pretty in Pink, neon lights, Lana Del Rey, layers, tin signs, round glasses, chokers, long nails.
  • Pisces: Jean jackets, 60s hair, drive in theaters, a summer tan, different colored nails, Star Wars.