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Period Cramps Preferences

Can you write something about reader is having menstrual cramps and soda tries help? Side note you’re amazing, I love you. Anyway(!) Thank you

So this was requested but I think I’ll just add all the boys, because I know after I post it, someone is gonna request the rest of the boys!! 

Also, I’m sorry for not writing so much lately, I was having so much writers block, but I am back, for now, I don’t know how long this inspiration will last. 

Darry: He actually had had a couple past girlfriends and was familiar with this sort of thing. He knew to keep track of your period, and never to fight with you, and to always make you know that he loves you and that you are beautiful. When you have cramps though, he goes out buys you a heating pad and lots of chocolate. If your cramps are really bad, he’ll take off work and lay in bed with you, rubbing your tummy. 

Dallas: Dallas is very aware of menstrual cycles for girls, but isn’t very concerned with them. He never really cared much about your period until one day found you curled in a fetal position on your shared bed, your face distorted in pain. He had took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes and rubbed your stomach while cuddling you, and whispering sweet nothings into your hair. He only did this when it was clear you were in pain, and would never admit to doing it if it was brought up in front of anyone.

Pony: Pony hasn’t had much experience with women and his sex ed class only touched on the subject briefly, so when he found you laying on the couch, moaning about cramps, he panicked a little, not sure how to help you. He hated to see you in such a miserable state, and did everything he could and everything you asked to make your cramps a little more bearable. He had to have Soda school him about it a bit more after you had fallen asleep. 

Two-Bit: Having a sister, he knew fairly well what comes with a menstrual cycle. He didn’t avoid you but he also didn’t try to be around you so much that you lost your patience. He kept a single calendar to know exactly when you were on your period and would wake up really early the morning of, and walk over to your house with balloons, candy, movies, comic books, and a couple of his big shirts for you to wear as well as an abundant supply of pads, tampons, and heating pads. He would sneak into your house and make your favorite breakfast and wait for you to wake up, where you would stay in bed all day. On the sudden moments where you would have really bad cramps he would rub your back and play with your hair, kissing your temple and telling you loves you.

Johnny: At first he was bumbling and stumbling over himself, not sure how to help you. You couldn’t help but laugh at his nervousness and just gestured for him to home lay with you. He spooned you and you just told him to rub your stomach, he did so but wanted to distract you so he told you some funny stories that had happened in the past with him and the gang. You eventually fell asleep in his arms and when you awoke, he was sitting in front of you with flowers, chocolate, and your favorite movie, which you in reaction started crying. He had never been more confused by a woman in his life. 

Soda: Soda had all the experience he needed to know how to handle you on your period. He had lots of female friends and knew just the thing to say, and just the things to do to assure your hormones. However he never had to console his female friends’ period cramps, and had no clue on what to do. When you two were laying in bed watching a movie and you suddenly lurched forward, grabbing your stomach and whimpering, he had no clue on what was going on. He was so terrified that he was scared to ask what was going on, in fear that you would scream at him or worse…cry. He snapped out of his frozen state and wrapped his arms around you and rubbed your stomach while whispering how much he loved you. You eventually fell asleep and when you woke up, he had bought heat pads and a gallon of your favorite ice cream. 

Steve: Steve did not need you or anyone to tell him what to do during your period week. He didn’t keep track but had a fairly accurate idea of when it came, he just always had the supplies he needed on hand in his car, so if he ever came over and found that you were on your period he would run out to the car and bring back what he needed which was just the standard candy, movies, comic books, liquor, and heating pads/ice packs. He felt bad for thinking so, but he loved when you were on your period because you were so touchy-feely and just wanted to have lazy days with you. 

Cherry: Cherry knew exactly what you were going though and was always there at your beck and call. However the only downfall was that your period cycles where synced, so when she was on hers, so where you. You two spent the week cuddling and whispering how much you loved each other. You two typically tried not to talk a lot during your time of the month, because your hormones were out of control and someone would get offended at the smallest things and a couple times, it was for that exact reason that you two broke up. 

Tim: Tim had enough common sense to know never to start a fight with you while you were on your period, he just knew he would not win. He made that mistake once…never again. If he found you curled up, holding your stomach, he would kiss you and pick you up, and place you in his lap where he would pet your hair and just kiss the top of your head. Occasionally he would buy chocolates or flowers, but he knew you wanted him in your arms more than you wanted any materialistic thing.

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anonymous asked:

steve and soda brotp hcs plz??

totally omg!! thank you for requesting💖

  • they’re absolutely each other’s wing men (idk if you watch parks and rec but that scene where tom flirts w leslie for ben? that’s totally them)
  • they have so many inside jokes and refuse to let anyone else in on them and it’s so annoying
  • steve’s the only person soda’s ever really, truly vented to. he feels like he has to keep up this happy-go-lucky attitude, especially for ponyboy and darry’s sake to keep the peace, but he knows he can just let it all out w steve–about how he felt inadequate for not being as smart as ponyboy and darry, how he can’t stand their fighting, how he wanted to marry sandy and then was convinced he’d never love again
  • on the flip side, soda’s the only one who knows how bad steve’s situation w his dad actually is. steve doesn’t really like to talk about it around the gang bc he doesn’t wanna seem vulnerable and they have enough on their hands making sure johnny’s alright w his shitty home life too
  • sometimes they’ll order a pizza when they’re working late for the hell of it and it’s always half meat lover’s (steve) and half hawaiian (soda)
    • that being said, soda is pro-pineapple on pizza while steve is anti-pineapple on pizza. they’ve had countless arguments about it
  • they’ve got this weird system going where when one of them owes the other money, they’ll just pay for their food or admission to something instead of actually giving the money
  • steve and soda have been friends for so long they honestly can’t remember life before being friends and neither can most people, it’s like they’ve always been a package deal
  • they absolutely go over the top for each other’s birthdays, like stuff that’ll embarrass the hell out of the other–think “birthday boy” hats, tons of balloons, the works
    • “he’s turning twelve”
    • “shut up!”
  • steve and soda totally kill at duet songs, it’s impressive




Oh my beloved DR Fandom, let us join hands for a satanic ritual in order to get a happy, a perfect ending…. 


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Imagine Darry asking you to marry him.

——— Request for anon ———

“Darry, I found it! I got it!” Soda shouts from the other side of the small Curtis home, rushing towards his brother as quickly as possible with a grin on his face. Offering the modest ring to Darry, Sodapop pats him on the shoulder, “Go get her, brother.”

“Yeah, come back here with us an in-law,” Ponyboy teases, making Darry’s smile widen.

“That’s what I intend on,” glancing around the ransacked place, due to their frantic searching for the ring, Darry motions towards it. “Try and have this cleaned up?”

When you make a margarita, you need to first make a margarita and concentrate on the tequila, and then add accents and garnish that match the color and flavor of the dish. So you wanna, like, complement it; it’s like complementing with wine to your food. You make sure that the drink that you have is an enjoyable experience so that it matches up, so it creates a flavor profile, and then in your mind the presentation is like 50% of the meal; they always say that, so you wanna make sure that the drink complements that. So I had orange accents in there. A normal margarita, you would just: tequila, triple sec, a splash of lime juice, BLENDED, always blend it! No one likes margaritas on the rocks; they’re crazy if they do. And then after it came out, I added splashes of orange soda down the sides so it just created a color gradient of orange from the top to bottom, denser on the bottom, and it added just a…it added a splash of sugar that made it an award-winner, and I won an award! And then you garnish it with a slice of orange, and now I’m done, thank you. I won an award.
how they sleep
  • (schedule, position, etc.)
  • Ponyboy: terribly, but on his side with Soda's arm around him
  • Soda: beautifully; on his side, holding Ponebone close
  • Darry: on his stomach, due to back rubs. when Soda rubs his back, he sleeps great.
  • Johnny: terribly. it's cold in the lot and he never sleeps at home.
  • Steve: out like a light, various positions. his favorite, however, is holding Evie
  • Two-Bit: when he's drunk, amazing. when he's sober, terribly. he'll be up for hours, contemplating the meaning of life.
  • Dallas: out like a light, various positions.
  • (Nick fury gets orders from the council to kill the spy Natasha Romanoff)
  • Nick: who can I send on this mission that is a total softie and will disobey me and make Natasha join SHIELD?
  • (Nick goes to a room facing a guy sitting on a chair with a huge number of straws connected to each other in his mouth with a soda can on the other side)
  • Clint: Hey, Nick! I found an excellent use of my time. I created... SUPER STRAW!
  • Nick: (Looks into the camera while slowly nodding in approval)