soda cupcakes

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in one of one taemin was really shaking his ass so hard and it was all jigglin he got CAKE

ukw taemin booty not inverted like jong’s own but it not really Cakey he got some lil muffins back dere… lil cupcakes.  i will say thet

Rules 💝 2017

• Don’t eat before 7am or after 7pm
• Never exceed 1,000 calories
• Drink green tea, coffee, and water
• Exercise every week day
• No food treats
• Vitamins daily/when able to take them
• Body checks on 1st of every month

~More will be added when I think of some~

Not Allowed to Eat
• Fast food
• Candy
• Chips
• Cake/cupcakes
• Soda/sugary drinks
• Junk food

PSA: These are my personal rules, no one is obliged to follow them. I highly recommend you don’t because these are what fit my needs and might not fit yours.


         in MIAMI MEDICAL ( 2010 )

                 “Uh, yeah. I was six… when we came over from Cuba. It was twelve days out on the boat, which was more of a raft, really. We were dehydrated. My dad had heat stroke. And uh, my mom… well she was fighting a serious infection by the time the coast guard brought us all to the INS infirmary. I was uh… I was left alone in the waiting area. Didn’t see either of them for two days. I was living off soda’s and cupcakes from the vending machines… until my dad was well enough to get up and tell me that uhm… my mother had stopped fighting.”

Duncan Hines Soda Cupcakes

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes, so easy to make, and SO good!!

10 oz of dark cola (you can use a 12 oz can, take a sip or two from it, must not be diet soda, however.)

1 box of Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix

1 can of Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Frosting (both of which contain no eggs, no milk powder.)

That’s it! Mix it together, follow baking directions, and enjoy!

You can also use a white cake mix, and a crystal soda (Sprite, or 7UP) for the same results.

PS: Mine are a little bit burnt on top because I didn’t follow baking directions, but they’re not bad at all!