soda crates


Last week we talked about creating a mini-garden using pop crates with pockets. There are many other innovative pop crate purposes. Examples we found include décor/accent, light bulbs, spice rack, arts and crafts materials, and dessert display. Sea shell and letter accents are nice additional touches to a washroom, bathroom, or hallway. The round light bulb idea is unique and striking – I can imagine it hanging on a ceiling or in a walk-in closet. A labeled spice rack mounted on the kitchen wall is great organization. It’s easy access during prepping and cooking a meal (no more opening cabinets!). Maybe you’ll even memorize where the spices are located on the crate. Arts and crafts supplies pile up and can get messy overtime. In a crate, they’re all in one place and can be sorted by colors, types of purpose, ribbons, threads, and trim. Pop crates make fun dessert holders and displays at outdoor events. However you choose to display them, they add a simple vintage touch.

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- Yolei, Intern at Architectural Antiques