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*** Quick little semi smut for your guys 💖 No Donna or Lyla in this. Just you and Opie having the hots for each other.***

“Need any help with that?”

You turned around slightly and peaked over your shoulder, a small smile gracing your lips as you saw Opie. Hands in his pockets, he was leaning against the edge of the bat as you began to pull the box of sodas off of the top shelf. With a quick shake of your head, you placed the case down on the bar top and smiled.

“Nope. I got it.”

With a gentle hand, you patted his firm chest and began to walk passed him but his hand was quick to grab you by the hand, pulling you to face him once again.

“Why have you been avoiding me lately?”

You shrugged and tried to keep the smirk from rolling onto your face. He’d been after you for weeks, gently hinting at his attraction to you but you’d been nothing but aloof to his advances and it seemed that he was growing impatient, asking you directly now. You simply shrugged and pulled your hand away.

“I’m not. I just have stuff to do. It gets busy around here now, the parties go through all the supplies we have. I gotta start restocking everything.”

Opie nodded but stayed quiet. He knew you weren’t lying about being busy but that didn’t mean you couldn’t stop to get a quick meal one of these days after they closed up shop. Every Time you always had an excuse and it had began to irritate him, bug nothing had annoyed him more than the bit of information he’d been given from Jax this morning.

“I heard you were talking to Half Sack. He asked you out on a date?”


You saw his beard shift slightly, his jaw no doubt clenching beneath it and you couldn’t hide your grin.

“What did you say?”

Your shoulders shrugged slightly.

“I haven’t answered him yet. It might be nice, I thought I might go, have some fun.”

The expression in Opie’s face was unreadable but it wasn’t long before his mouth was pressing roughly against yours, his lips soft and warm. He gripped your head in his large bear like hands and held you to him, his lips working against yours feverishly. You couldn’t help but let out a small moan at the sheer passion emanating from the man before you. You were breathless as he pulled away, a star struck look on your face as you stared up at him.

“I’ve been waiting for that.”

Opie looked shocked for a second before he caught onto your words, his tongue snaking out to lick his bottom lip.

“So all this shit was just you playing hard to get? You wanted me the whole time?”

“The whole time.”

He shook his head and looked around the clubhouse before his eyes settled back on you, his hand wrapping around your wrist and pulling you along behind him. You struggled to keep up with his large strides and shuffled along behind him, your excitement almost bubbling over the surface. It wasn’t long before you were in his dorm, your lips connecting again once the lock on the door sounded. His hands were firm but gentle on your waist as he grabbed you and walked you back towards the bed. Laying you down first, he stared down at you as he began to pull his kutte off.

“Take your clothes off.”

You nodded obediently and began to pull at your clothing as well. You stared at each other as your bodies became more and more exposed util you both stood there in nothing but your skin and you reached a hand up, tracing over the tattoos that littered Opie’s chest and neck. He wasted no time in climbing on top of you, his beard tickling your skin as he began to kiss along your neck and shoulders, his hand already between both of your bodies, caressing you softly. His fingers were steady, tracing around your lips and getting to know your body. The body he’d been longing for, and now that he had you he felt almost lightheaded. You were already wet and he grinned against the soft skin of your breast, pride blooming at being the one to do it.

Your hands grasped at his shoulders and biceps and he slowly slid a thick finger into you, his eyes trained on your face to see your expressions. He watched as you took your lip between your teeth, your eyes slipping closed. You were even more beautiful then he had imagined.


He had planned to tease you a little longer, make you pay for playing hard to get and making him believe you weren’t interested but he didn’t want to wait any longer than he already had. He planned to show you what you had been missing out on, and missing out you most definitely were you realized as he gripped himself and pushed into you slowly, your back arching at the sweet stretch of you accommodating him. He gave you time to adjust, kissing along the valley between your breast as he waited. Your hands gripping at his back let him know you were ready though and he didn’t hesitate to pull out nearly all the way before pushing back in to the hilt.

Your gasps lit a fire in him and all he wanted to do was see your face contort in pleasure while you came beneath him.
His hips moved even faster and all that could be heard throughout the dorm was the sounds of skin and your moans. His body hovered above yours and you stared up at him in awe, his hair falling down around to frame his face, his eyes on fire as they peered down at you. You ran your hand down his chest and felt the rippling muscles beneath your fingers, your walls clenching around him as you got to see him in all glory, walls down and open. Reaching up, you pressed your lips to the base of his throat, kissing and sucking gently. You felt the vibration of his groan against your lips and you couldn’t help but smile, suckling a little larder. You didn’t know exactly what was going to happen after everything was all said and done but whatever happened, you wanted to make sure everyone knew Opie was now yours.

play doh on hardwood floors, dark green carpeted staircase, boxes of soda by the door, floam slime, stickers on a coffee table, little fenced backyard, blue pool sparkling in the sunlight, summer cookouts, playstation 2, silly putty on newspaper, a navy blue couch, bike rides down the sidewalk, hoodsie cups, classic rock on the radio, 2003 car calendar on the basement door

Catbus Pet Costume Tutorial

You asked for it so here it is! An easy No Sewing required lightweight pet costume. This build should take 1-2 hours at most.

For Supplies you will need Sheets of Felt in colors that match your pet (Our build ended up using 7 total but we bought 5 of each color), Scissors, Glue (We used Hot Glue for our build but almost any will work as long as you are willing to wait on it drying), and 2 cardboard Soda boxes from the recycling, and a Pen.

Cut the bottom off one of the soda boxes and then gently unfold it. Trim it to fit your pets size as needed if a long 12 pack box. Then trim the inner corner area’s like so ^. So that when you assemble it later your Catbus will have a rounded top. Also plan to have the brown side facing out so that the soda decorations on the box don’t show up behind the felt.

Draw the windows in just under the crease of the box and then cut them out. For uniformity you can trace the cut outs on the other side. But remember that Catbus is fluid in the size, shape, and total number of windows. (Usually it’s 6-7 but can be more or less)

Of you have a razor blade it can speed up the process but scissors are all you really need.

Break down your other soda box and create “legs” by patterning and cutting out a similar shape as shown. We did them between 4-5 inches because of our pets size. Don’t go too short. You can always trim later if you feel you made them too long.

Take a couple pieces of felt and layer the legs on them with plenty of room in between them. I would suggest no more than 6 legs per piece as the more felt you have on the edges the easier it is to roll them for a smooth look.

Cut out each leg with plenty of felt on the edges. Then trim that with triangles similar to this. That will allow for easy fold/gluing.

Fold and glue each leg and set aside to dry.

Remember that the Catbus is usually at least 2 tones and pick which colors you want where. There is no wrong way to make your Catbus. Take your cardboard base and trace out the top to the fold, and mark smaller squares inside the windows.

(this is so you can fold the fabric and glue after attaching the felt)

Glue the piece on with the top matching up near the fold and the holes matching the center of the windows.If the top goes a little high you can always trim later. Then cut from the center holes of the felt in the windows out to the edge of the windows in order to fold and glue.

Fold and glue inwards.

Once you’ve finished each window, cut a strip of your other color of felt and glue below the passenger area.

Trim 2 other pieces of felt  and glue them in between the passenger windows (and meet at the halfway point of the cabin) so that they dangle downwards on the front and back. It’s at this point that you take the flaps and re-glue or tape them back together to reform the box shape.

Often times you will have overlays of felt. Once everything is dry. Trim these so that the edges meet up.

Take 3 pieces of felt that match the cabin area and trim them to the width of the build then glue them on below the bar on both sides. Its at this time you should cut the Windows in the front and back of the bus and glue the back side down. Leave the front unglued for now

Take your legs and space them out on the felt at whatever length they need to be at to emulate legs on your Cat(Or Dog) turned Catbus. Then glue them down, cut the felt between them, and then glue the cut felt to the edges as you roll it to grip and hold the fake legs solidly. Decorate your legs with the opposite color felt however you wish. We did stripes, the original did pointy ovals.

Now for the attaching part. Cut a big “ U ” the size of your pets neck out of a piece of felt. Hold it up to your pet and make quick note how thin their chest is for trimming it inwards. Towards the end of the felt let it come back to form an upside down “ T “. Glue extensions on the “ T “ so that they will reach back up into the costume. Then glue the 2 parts of the “ U “ in to the edge of the front of the box. Then take that top flap you left unglued before and trim it before gluing it over those 2 straps and Rolling the excess fabric inside and gluing it firmly. (Alternately you can take 2 thin straps and form an “ X “ that will fit across your pets chest between it’s front legs)

If you have Velcro attach one side to each of the “ T “s edges then place the other side on top with a protective surface still on. Slip the U over your pets head and pull the T straps below their legs and slip each T cross inside of the Box and attach the Velcro in a comfortable fit for your pet’s chest.

Congrats! You’ve Made an easy to make Costume of the Catbus for your Pet! Feel free to add more details like the sign above the front windows!  Print out any characters you would like to see riding the bus, cut them out and glue them in the windows! Get Creative.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

what if talon sends reaper after genji but zenyattas there with him and reaper gets there and zenyatta ends up becoming his guidance counselor (after kicking his edgy ass into next week) so reapers just laying back and talking about his past/problems and ends up joining up with him while genji glares at him in the corner and is very weary of edgelord even coming close to his squishy master

then after seeing that didnt work they send out widowmaker and zenyatta ends up swaying her also and shes there learning to feel again but reaper and genji have got her tho genjis even more weary of her knowing what shes done to mondatta (but zenyatta forgives her, of course)

eventually talon keeps sending agents in until zenyatta just has this community of former talon agents as his students so theyll like break into the old ow base where theyre hiding out and reapers points to zenyattas room with his thumb and widow throws them a can of soda and a box of tissues

finally talon manages to contact zenyatta like ‘STOP STEALING OUR AGENTS’ and hes like ‘dpnt ttalk to me or my 47 pupils ever again’

More Wrench headcanons :3

His home:
~ is kinda messy. He just lives in the garage and has a separate room with a small bed and that kinda stuff. But he literally falls asleep wherever he wants when he’s tired.
~ tho his workbench is always the cleanest place. He needs enough space to work after all.
~ it needs to be cleaned, like any other home. Of course someone will have to force Wrench to clean it. Sitara does a great job for example, whereas Marcus would be a bit to soft (no one can resist Wrench’s virtual puppy eye remotes)
~ it also harbours a lot of food. Sodas, snacks, empty pizza boxes. Sometimes Wrench gets rats inside his garage (which scare the hell out of him - he’d jump onto tables and call for the dedsec crew to help him)

~ he also doesn’t have thaaat many clothes, since he basically wears the same outfit every day; he goes by “not stinky enough to wash yet”
~ he’d probably also be the type to staple his shoe soles to the fabric above to make them more endurable (anyone who had vans or all stars will get what I mean xD I never did that *cough*)
~ Wrench is the type of guy who respects literally the weirdest hobbies (dude watching hentai all day long - it’s okay with him) since he has some weird ass hobbies aswell
~ he prefers to not drive, when travelling somewhere, because he’d take naps all the time and couldn’t be bothered with steering a car
~ he likes beer best. Simply because of the taste and the convinience of having it in bottles and cans and stuff. Also he can drink a lot before getting wasted
~ his smartphones have shattered displays all the time, they are dirty and possible covers will break at some point. I kinda feel like his headphones are broken aka only one side works (he either fixes them by himself or they meet his sledgehammer and he buys/steals new ones)
~ he’s the dude that totally starts spamming you, when you don’t answer his texts immediatly/ he also texts really fast with small typos

HERE IS Who Made it (Nah it won't Now)

Sour Patch Candy 
Hersheys Caramel 
Girl Scout Cookies 
Kelloggs Frosted Flakes 
Captain Monopoly 
Mini Laffy Taffy 
Red Vines 
Baskin Robbins Fuck 
Soy Pudding 
Beef Jerky 
York Patties 
Chips Ahoy 
Crush Soda 
Mysterious Box 
Diet Coca Cola 
Sweet Hearts 
Laffy Taffy Lives 
Jolly Rancher 
HomeMade Brownies 
Mountain Dew (Dewey)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hello Panda 
Pixy Stick 
Black Licorice 
Red Swedish Fish 
Life Savers
Cinnamon Bun 
Lindor Truffles 
Total 40

Wanted 48

8 more people and it could be great!

protagonistically  asked:


This is just the best though? Like, Bruce is this huge, buff, ultra-manly, competitive alpha male, you know? But he just doesn’t get sports. At all. It all seems pretty arbitrary, especially if you’re not even playing. He pretty much thinks everybody should calm down, the stakes are really not very high.

And then you’ve got Tim, who wears the grossest seven-year-old jersey (that used to hang almost down to his knees, but he grew into it) that is literally falling apart because he’s got spirit, and he talks about stats and different plays and how maybe, for the first time in nine years, Gotham might make it to the playoffs. And he’s not delusional, Bruce, he gets that they won’t win, but it would be so nice to not finish at the bottom of the league this year! Right?? And!! Tim could wear a Gotham jersey– wait for it– outside of Gotham, Bruce!! Proudly.

And Tim, cool and collected Tim, YELLS AT THE TV IN THE MANOR when games are on, wearing his falling-apart clothes and four-day scruff and he’s throwing his arms and too worked up to even sit, and citing like. Obscure as shit rules and violations while he paces, and the TV is blaring at full volume and Tim, also blaring at full volume, is shouting back at the commentators and every ref’s decision. 


A Satisfied Stomach!

(Oh boy!, finally got another one out of the woodworks , this time with a bit more effort on my behalf! been a week or so to finish this on up but i gotta say it was worth it. I got to learn quite a bit while making this too!)
(a lil something I did for myself and a bit as a gift for my friend Rubysnoot! Lovely dragon qt!)

Here we see a rather stuffed Zonetti all nice n full after having a nice get together with her favorite dragon buddy Ruby where they enjoyed themselves with food and drink! However a few pizzas and a box of sodas wouldnt keep her hunger down for too long , as well as Ruby needed a place to spend the night!, This gave Zonetti a rather pleasureable idea! and well~ you can probably guess what happened! Also she isn’t used to holding dragons inside her, so she probably ought to prepare for the inevitable stomachache!

A fun game of “find the rats!”

I was hanging with the rats on the futon for some playtime, and stepped out of the room for about 1 minute, came back anddd….

No rats to be seen? Like, where did you go in such a hurry? Not in the rat house….not in the cage….not in the soda box…

Ah but of course! The pillow mom had been fighting with them for an HOUR to not go behind!

“….oh, hai mom. Whats up?”

Apparently in the 60 seconds I was gone they urgently decided it was nap time behind the forbidden pillow…