soda alternatives


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grape soda on ice theory

This is totally wrong and not at anything more than my crazy thinking, but like, what if the reason the Joker has grape soda on ice after rescuing Harley is because they both try to stray from alcohol because of their mental illness, their instability which would only be amplified with alcohol, and by some means they both came to agree that grape soda was the best alternative and fun drink that wasn’t alcoholic. Yes, we do see Harley drinking what appeared to be a martini in the bar scene, but that wasn’t in the presence of the Joker, where he may have reprimanded her otherwise. And we don’t know if she actually drank it but that’s neither here nor there. I don’t know, i’m totally pulling this out of thin air but i just thought that would be really cute if they both try not to drink in order to be able to have a good romantic time together at regular level insanity and not drunk level insanity. Sober psycopath lovers. 


Confirmed!!! harley never touched her drink or finished it!! This is right before they leave the bar and she’s bitching out Chato. holy MolY am i on to something?

Tried a new soda today. I see this in Giant all the time and while I was at Whole Foods, I saw it again and decided it was time to try it. It’s no calories and no sugar (just like diet soda) but it’s all natural and sweetened with stevia rather than crappy aspartame. I tried the ginger root beer and it’s really tasty! Highly recommended especially since it’s a lot cheaper than most of the all natural soda type drinks I’ve come across. It was $1.49 for a 16 ounce.