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Starship Musain with the Leverage ot3?

Hardison is accidentally-on-purpose abducted by aliens. (”IF THERE ARE ANY ALIENS OUT THERE,” he yelled in the middle of a heist gone wrong, “NOW WOULD BE A GREAT TIME TO BEAM ME UP.”)

He finds himself on the Pangalactic Interstellar Starship Leverage, or at least that’s what the translators tell him. It is staffed by a very weird group of beings who cheerfully call themselves thieves, and the captain has the very improbable name of Nate.

(Sophie is some kind of shapeshifting/camouflage species, I think Eliot is stone like Enjolras on the Musain, Nate might be the same kind as Combeferre, Parker is tough but I know her world has slightly less gravity than the general interstellar standard and she has more cartilege than bones.)

Anyway, Hardison learns how to hack alien tech, learns how the universal translator works, rebuilds the replicator from scratch until it gives him perfect orange soda, inevitably gets addicted to The Great Romance of Shulia Shamia and like three other Space Soap Operas, falls in love with two aliens, and steals the stars.

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Does/Has Remilia ever cared much for drinking soda/pop? Also here's a random thought, carbonated blood in cans.

Well, counting with that she probably experienced when soft drinks were created, she probably tried them, but she’s probably not a fan.

For the mention of carbonated blood in cans tho, have this crack icon I edited long ago of Remi sipping from a Diet Blood can!

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I need help, I'm like 30kg above my weight. I just turned 18 and I'm scared as hell to be like this for the rest of my life or even get worse. My mom weights 20kg more than me (110) and her health is worse everyday. I just don't know what to do anymore, I have no motivation. I know this is a generic question but please, if you have any advice, I need it.

Think of it this way: you’re scared for your mom’s health and your own, so why not take control NOW and take things into your own hands? You may not be able to convince your mom to do this with you (right away) and get healthy, but you can be a role model for her. 

The best way to start out a health journey is to start building healthy habits, one habit at a time. Have a soda addiction? Start cutting out soda. That’s all you need to start with. Often times people don’t stick with their healthy lifestyle because they try to do too much all at once (I’m guilty of it too!). Research has found that it takes around 21 days to build a new habit or break an old one. So give yourself 21 days to stick with just ONE new healthy habit. Then start with the next one. This isn’t a race to lose as much weight as quickly as possible - it’s a marathon to ensure you keep the weight off and create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. 

Here are some ideas for that first initial habit you can introduce over the next 21 days:

- Stop drinking soda (replace with sparkling water like La Croix or plain sparkling water with frozen fruit added when you have a soda craving)

- Start working out 2-3 days a week (If you’re trying to build a habit of working out 5-6 days a week, start with just 2-3 days a week for the first 21 days. If you can stick to that for 3 weeks, then add in an additional day for 3 weeks, then another day for 3 weeks, and then you’ll be working out nearly every day)

- Be mindful of your portion sizes (Something simple to start doing - measuring out your food. If a serving size is a cup, measure your food out in a cup. You don’t necessarily have to track your intake, just start my measuring it out)

- Track your food intake for 21 days to get a good idea of where you’re at (I use myfitnesspal and track my food - don’t worry so much about the calorie level MFP sets for you, just use it as a food journal to see where your nutrition is coming from each and every day)

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My depression is slowly creeping back. My social anxiety peaks in summer. I hate walking around in daylight. I need to see a shrink. I need to check if my anti depressants are wearing off now.

I also need to eat the right food. Only recently discovered Im addicted to soda. That has to stop.

Im taking the steps to recover..

The battle gets worse before it ends.

drop everything now // @starrycove‘s miraculous moves au // meet me in the pounding rave; kiss me on the dance floor; lose it to the bass // art by @sorarts and @caprette // listen

// ice cream cake . red velvet / marble soda . shawn wasabi / addicted . hatsune miku / 2015 proximity mashup . exige / sparks fly [swiftstep] . justin streck ft taylor swift / sing . pentatonix / overdose [areia remix] . exo / i belong to you/mon coeur s’ourve a ta voix . muse / étrange . dobacaracol / remain nameless . florence + the machine / doin’ it right ft panda bear . daft punk / on s’endort ft keen’v . willy william / i want you to know ft selena gomez [r!ot remix] . zedd //


annnd here we are! the main cast for my other horror game idea plus the girl who starts their adventure!

these will be the only characters ill show on here right now, since i dont really plan on finishing/making the game until after im done with Wardens&Mansions, but feel free to ask me abt them yesyes


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Warren Worthington III x Reader


Author: Morgan

Prompt: Can you write a Warren Imagine where him and the reader are caught in a make out session by someone???? I love your blog by the way. Kisses <3

Note: Yaaaaassss

Warnings: S T E A M, minor swears

Warren walked into your room, his wings drifting behind him. It was dark out, and your room was dimly lit, the only light coming from the lamp sitting on your nightstand.

“Hey babe,” Warren greeted. You looked up from your book.

“Hey yourself,” you replied, grinning. “What brings you to my humble abode?”

“I feel like if I don’t make out with you right now, I’ll explode. Is that weird?” Warren approached you, lust in his eyes.

“It’s our damn teenage hormones.” you shrugged, setting your book aside and standing up in front of him. “They’re no good.”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” He loomed over you, his warmth mingling with yours. You looked up into his eyes. There were a few seconds of silence, of anticipation before his lips crashed onto yours, warm and soft and sweet with the taste of soda (his latest addiction to replace alcohol).

His hands held your cheeks and his wings wrapped around your back, encasing you in warm feathers. You backed up, and he pinned you to the wall, holding your hands above your head as be peppered kisses down your cheek, past your jaw, and down to your neck. He bit softly, leaving small marks on your skin. Well, you were going to have to wear a scarf for a few days…

You tangled your fingers in his thick blonde curls, tugging them gently. He groaned with pleasure, wishing you could do this every day, all the time. His lips found yours again, and his hands pulled your thighs up onto his hips. He carried you to the bed, laying you down. He tugged off his jacket, and you helped him pull his shirt over his head, revealing his rippling muscles. You traced them gently, smiling before he pulled your body up towards his, his lips capturing yours once again.

His hands found the bottom of your shirt, teasing it upwards slowly as the door swung open. A very wide-eyed, terrified Kurt opened the door. He let out a little yell. You both stopped and looked at him apologetically.

“Kurt, learn to knock!” Warren shouted.

“I’m sorry!” Kurt disappeared in a cloud of smoke. You shook your head, laughing softly.

“We really need to get a lock on that door.”

“You think?”

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Is cola zero also bad for you? It contains 0.3kcal and I feel like I gain a shit ton from drinking it but I'm a soda addict and I feel like it's the best option

It is bad for you; it has many artificial sweeteners in it and I heard that the whole thing turns to fat automatically; fucking you over more. Stop drinking it and start drinking lemon water/water/tea’s instead! <3 

Hope the office has room for aquariums
علی نواز

My qualifications on paper lacking made me lack paper thus far

My offenses have been legal but flagrant

Never been arrested but I’m comfortable in handcuffs

Read the witch’s notebook never been the same since

Think alligators at rest in the tributary and you’ll find me

Too busy for favor

Too many times without returns on the investment

Gave into peer pressure on several occasions

D.A.R.E. was a joke

I like ice cream for breakfast

Quite informed about the health risks

Of paddling in a dry river

Trudging through sediment making way for the beeline

Ran races without a corvette

Loved without a corset

Lived without a corset

Spirit slept underground for millennia

Unapologetically carnivorous for millennia

Addicted to soda and msg

Loved shelter food and water

Mind like a home for fish