Using Soda in Witchcraft

Sometimes you don’t have the perfect kind of water to do the job. Fortunately, you can substitute in a soda and it’ll do the trick.

  • Coke:Use to break down a barrier or disintegrate something. Good for curses/hexes/removing anything.
  • Pepsi: Use to “Sweeten” someone up, butter them before asking them of something. Good for offering due to high sugar content, making it sweeter than Coke.
  • Mountain Dew: Give a spell a jolt of energy/power.
  • Ginger Ale: Settle an argument, calm something down. Also good for grounding yourself, since it comes from a root.
  • Root beer: Also good for grounding. Use in a mixture to add the element Earth to your spell.
  • Cream Soda: Use as a replacement for vanilla extract, good with love-related spells and money.
  • Orange Soda: Good for love, luck, and divination. Drink before/during divining.
  • Grape Soda: Use to add a “sour” note to something. Good for hexes, curses, etc. 

London-based artist Laura Keeble creates works of stained glass pop art using antique stained glass painstakingly cut from former church windows. Her works to-date include a complete McDonalds Happy Meal, a six-pack of Pepsi cans, Starbucks coffee cups, CCTV surveillance cameras, and a pair of sneakers with their shoebox.

Head over to Hi-Fructose for additional photos and to learn more about Keeble’s awesome upcycled artwork.

[via Hi-Fructose]

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