“HIC– Urghhh… You guys… know how to… Treat your King…”

On the day, Dark Land’s Castle had been flooded with an assortment of sweets, goods, and sugary delights. However, two days later, naught remained but cleared plates, crumbs, and one corpulent Koopa…

There was no way Bowser would be electing to rise anytime soon. The pampered Birthday-Koopa caressed his bloated belly delicately, gifting himself with a nice massage to compliment his gifts. The world was bubbly, and the tang of sugar teased his tongue– he felt as if he were still eating, though he had finished long before. Oh, and how it showed! Laying as he was, the King was completely shadowed by a mountain of flab, and he was unable to even see his feet. Still, they swayed idly, and though he had collapsed on his concrete floor, he was happy, hearty… everything but hungry! The budge swayed at a pat, and gurgled as it bounced. 

The scales had damage to report, but as he lay, grinning big and dumb, he whimsically sang to the ceiling. 

“Here’s to another year… Of meeeee… No more… chocolate sauce… HIC– Urghhh…”

“You failures know how to welcome a Koopa back, that’s for sure!”

The plates were refurbished at twice the speed they had been emptied. In no time at all, double what had been asked for was surrounding the blimp, who could only smirk at the stacking gifts. It’s good to be King. 

For the first round, Bowser did give. The plate hovered below his chin, place so delicately before his cracked maw that he couldn’t resist. T'was too tantalizing. Paws were overrated, so he simply craned his neck and dove headfirst into the plate. All which didn’t go in him, ended up on him in a slobbery descent. He ate as if he had been starved for weeks! Chops smacked, and the behemoth gave his paunch a hearty smack as he walked ahead of the group, round one cleared flawlessly.

“Put all this food by my bathroom! I’m dining in the tub tonight! Havin’ a day-off feast!… Till then, savin’ my appetite!– Sorta! Bwahah!”

ask-skekti  asked:

Is Princess Daisy your sister, cousin, or not related to you?

Oh, dear. There’s actually been a lot of confusion with our relationship. Daisy isn’t related to me in any kind of way. At least not biologically. I think of her as sister though. She is my very best friend though. We got along from day one despite the fact that we’re completely different. 

She’s always there for me when I need her and I think we make the best team ever in tournaments and kart races. Daisy always brings the fun with her when she comes to visit. I love her so very much. ❤

ask-skekti  asked:

"I am Princess Angela of the magical kingdom Altena. I've heard a lot about you and I didn't know you would such a STUD! Anyways I arrived at your home to bestow gifts to you that would make you even more powerful."

“Fun!” The introduction was a bit of a snore, but he heard of compliments and gifts… all the essential ingredients necessary to garner his attention. “I hope there’s one that makes me giant! I haven’t used growth in battle for over– almost a few days now!”

ask-skekti  asked:

How ya doing Peach? The weather here has been yucky. At least the rain will help the plants.

I‘m just peachy wonderful, thank you for asking. Ah, it’s actually been raining quite a lot here as well. It looks so gloomy and sad outside but that’s no reason for me to feel the same way! It’ll probably storm pretty soon but I actually don’t mind the rain. Rain always makes me sleepy sometimes but I hope there’s a rainbow after the storm passes.