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as the saying goes: “when life gives you lemons - make lemonade! ”

(iv been given so many sodding lemons in life - i could probably make a life time supply of “lemonade” 😂🍋🍋🍸) - pa a dash of archers helps too 😜

State of His Head.

TW: Suicide, mentions (brief) of self harm, major character death, etc etc.

He had been fighting for too long.

He had been fighting for too long and it was now time for the ever waging war to come to a close.

It couldn’t end itself so now the blue paladin would take matters into his own hand. Save the universe?

Save himself.

Lance sat outside the airlock doors, knees drawn up and nose between his knees as he glared ahead.

His hands in front of him, palms towards his face, and he watched as the fingers trembled.

His own hands.

The hands that had spent countless hours fisted into his hair, pulling at the strands as if he could pull out the thoughts that stewed below them.

He recalled past mistakes, and yes there were many, and he’d grab a fistful of short brown locks and tug.

Lance couldn’t believe he had fucked up like that once! Countless times!

The boy thought of things he had said and done, and he would grit his teeth and shake his head, pulling on his hair.

He had a headache.
It was ironic, since he was one himself.

Lance was nothin more than just a headache, to himself and everyone he came in contact with.

He could never follow orders well enough. Even if he did there would always be a mistake somewhere and someone would have to say something.

He could never choose the right times for humor, even when it was just to make others feel better, and always ended up having people angry with him.

Lance couldn’t live up to his own standards. He could be the bet fighter pilot; hell he was barely one at all. It had been sheer chance that he took Keiths place.

He was such… a headache. A parasite.

The blue paladin couldn’t help but feel that each and everything he did, didn’t go well with others.

He couldn’t say what he meant, what he needed to say. Couldn’t say what people wanted or needed, leaving them bored or displeased.

Why couldn’t he ever be the man he wanted to be? Like his hero, Shiro, or maybe even well… anyone else.

Lance hated Lance.
Lance didn’t want Lance here anymore.

If he knew himself outside of his own body? Lance wouldn’t like the guy he met.

So here he sat, outside the airlock, now standing as he took a breath. One of the last few he would take.

Lance opened the door, stepped into the empty lot, and let it fall closed behind him.


The last time he was in here, he had been scared of death. Now, in the same spot, he willingly welcomed it on his own accord.

A voice spoke, announcing that in only thirty seconds the second, final set of double doors would open and he would be free.


The countdown to the end of his life progressed in the back of his mind, and he thought about freedom.

Lance would be free of anxiety.
Lance would be free of the horrible situation his life had turned into.
Lance would be free of himself and the people who shaped he fees of himself in his mind.



He felt warm tears trail down his cheeks, but they were not sad. If they were sad, then why would he be doing this?

It was what Lance wanted, for so long, after all. No, these were tears of relief.

He could be free.

Lance understood that the others would miss him, even if I’m his mind he relieved they would not.

It would probably be best if they didn’t.
But if they did, he had left notes for each of the members of his space family.


Eyelids fell in front of blue eyes.

Blue eyes that on moment would hold no more life. Not that there had been much life left in them recently.

Maybe it was a shitty way to go.

He could have always reopened the wounds in his legs, or drank whatever Coran used to clean the healing pods.

Could enough nunvil actually kill him?
Lance chuckled at his joke.


His pains would be gone.

The evil words and memories that crept in his mind at the worst times would be gone.

The headache would be gone, the physical and mental aching would be gone.

Seventh wheels were a horrible wheel to be, how could a vehicle move with an uneven set of wheels?

Six would be better, that was true.


And six there would be, the final set of doors only and in a rush of motion Lance was no longer on solid ground.

He was in wide open, suffocating… space.

As his body reacted to the exposure to space, he internally chuckled for the few second sod life he had left.

Movies all got it wrong.

It wasn’t peaceful floating and his inside working just stopping, and a dramatic closing of his eyes.

It hurt more than anything.

His lungs, his everything, blowing up and swelling to twice his size as the water that made up his body vaporized.

Lance blood pressure going berserk, his blood boiling and any and all tears freezing his face.

It would take awhile to name everything that happened to Lance during his final moments. But that wasn’t the point.

Freedom never came easy, pain had to be endured. Lance learned that easily.

So he decided he deserved those final moments of pain, for his selfishness and his mistakes.

His death would mean freedom for all.
If only he’d known how wrong he was.


Classic SOD Cover Date: November 28, 2006

(top row) Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Maggie, ALL MY CHILDREN); Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan, GUIDING LIGHT); Maura West (Carly, AS THE WORLD TURNS)
(middle row) Grayson McCouch (Dusty, AS THE WORLD TURNS); Trevor St. John & John-Paul Lavoisier (Todd & Rex, ONE LIFE TO LIVE); James Scott (EJ; DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(bottom) Bryton, Unidentified Actor, & Victoria Rowell (Devon, Police Officer, & Drucilla, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)

All the While, Part 12

Warning: Smut ahead. Yes, finally.

Remus was torn. He worried that if he didn’t act quickly, Sirius would bury his hurt so deeply that he would lose the person he loved most forever. He also worried that if he interfered he would lose one of his best friends forever.

He decided to consult James on the subject. If nothing else, he would need his help in getting past his dragonlike girlfriend.

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Seahawks II: Reloaded and Rearmed

They’re back - and better than ever! The 99th Aleutian Seahawks return in style with a smoother paint finish and more sensible Tempestor loadouts, as well as a far nicer sandy edge to the base that makes them look like the nautical-themed Airborne/Amphibious regiment they’re supposed to be. I also debated with renaming them after realising ‘Seahawks’ is the name of an American sports team with an identical colour palette, but sod it - Seahawks for life!

anonymous asked:

what the fuck. whAt the fUCK is wrong with people like you, why the fuck do i have to find so shitty retarded rant about how you think Life is strange is "misogynistic-homophobic-and-ableist-misery-porn" WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THAT FUCKING STUPID

wrow… very lovely message anon, thanks :) let’s see…

1. compare how the narrative treats the girls vs how it treats the guys.

all, and i mean all, of the major female characters get shafted and shat on 24/7 (chloe dies over and over, is almost raped by nathan pre-game, has suffered physical and verbal abuse from david for years, hasn’t had a speck of support outside of rachel etc.; rachel who gets raped and murdered by nathan and jeffershit; kate who is bullied into a suicide attempt by nathan and jeffershit after they drug, kidnap, and violate her, saving her is literally the hardest part of the game; you can’t be nice to victoria unless you want her to end up in the dark room and get murdered by jeffershit, max gets shat on by a supernatural bs power thing for no good reason without explanation etc.)

the guys? special treatment galore for their shittiness: warren is a creepy nice guy™ who doesn’t know what “no” means and only helps max because he wants to get into her pants and is rewarded for his pushiness and invasiveness, nathan is a rapist and murderer who gets a shitty half-assed utterly unearned redemption in the form of a voicemail where he blames others for his crimes instead of himself, jeffershit gets to live in the final timeline, david madsen is a paranoid abuser who loathes chloe and has abused her for years and dontnod had him do one (1) good thing in the final ep and called that “redemption!!1!one!” and we were supposed to believe he cared about chloe, the girl he abused. etc. etc.

2. um, girls who love girls dying and being sexually assaulted and violated by men who feel entitled to them and not being allowed happiness of any kind? helloooooo anon, you should see a doctor for that cognitive dissonance this is textbook homophobia and bury your gays 101 are you ok

3. did you even play ep. 4 where dontnod used disability for shock value and portrayed it as something ~terrifying~ and ~scary~ and ~dangerous~ and had the narrative imply that death is preferable to any kind of disability and that disabled people are burdens? tsk tsk

life is strange as a whole is a narrative about punishing girls just for existing and for daring to form bonds between each other.

now unless you wish to come off anon to actually talk further and/or expose yourself for the ugly, miserable arsehole you are, please refrain from contacting me again. :) ta-ta~… *waves*

Classic SOD Cover Date: September 5, 2006

(top left) Kim Zimmer & Robert Newman (Reva & Josh, GUIDING LIGHT)
(top right) Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn (Marlena & John, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(bottom left) Steve Burton (Jason, GENERAL HOSPITAL)
(bottom middle) Maura West & Michael Park (Carly & Jack, AS THE WORLD TURNS)
(bottom right) Paul Satterfield (Spencer, ONE LIFE TO LIVE)

People judge bimbo esque women who pull rich dudes left and right.

Those women hype up their glamour,beauty, and femininity and provide the perfect ‘paradise’ and escape for a boring sod whose life is deeply political, intellectual and business..

They may appear vapid and shallow, but granted them women will have researched the divorce payout in their towns and have the guy wrapped around their finger 😂😂😂

‘Conceal your intentions’ 'play a sucker to catch a sucker’

They’re not lacking in intelligence at all. I see why women make good spies because people underestimate the hell out of us 😂😂

catflowerqueen  asked:

Given the way Ace's mother died, how freaked out do you think he would be about Riskua's safety when she goes into labor with one of the kids? Also, is he the type of dad who faints in the delivery room?

God I never even considered that. 

Yes, I think Ace would be very worried, even as every poor sod in his life rationalises with him that it’s a normal 9 month pregnancy.

And no, I don’t think Ace’d faint. He’d either cry when he holds his newborn or just stare down at them in complete and utter wonderment. 

Unhappy Children’s Week, mortals!! Day 6

Today, small mortal, you shall be obliterating your first mortal!! How thrilling you will find it to rob some stupid sod of their pathetic life!! It’s so devious!!

“Oh. Okay!”

Now, mortal, take The Great Nyehehe’s Staff of Evil and some of his Dark Magicks.

“This is just glitter.”

“It is DARK MAGICKS!! Ahem… Just… just do as The Great Nyehehe does, alright, small mortal? Take a pinch of the Dark Magicks, aim, and…”


“Woooow! I’ve never been in the stockades before! So many new experiences!”

Classic SOD Cover Date: July 11, 2006

Katherine Kelly Lang & Jack Wagner (Brooke & Nick, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL)
(top insets) Mario Lopez (Christian, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL), Jill Larson (Opal, ALL MY CHILDREN), & John Reilly (Alistair, PASSIONS)
(left top inset) Laura Wright & Maurice Benard (Carly & Sonny, GENERAL HOSPITAL)
(left bottom inset) John-Paul Lavoisier & Melissa Gallo (Rex & Adriana, ONE LIFE TO LIVE)

anonymous asked:

idk if I'm alone in this, but I don't think shaming fat people will solve anything. Same thing goes to thin people. Eating disorders, genetic disorders, etc. is something that can affect anyone, and calling someone with ugly names will just make them feel even worse.

Shaming people, in any way or form, about the way they look, is bad. Someone can have 750lbs of fat and you shouldn’t shame them. Someone can be so skinny their bones are pokin out and you shouldn’t shame them.

What we DO need to stop is the whole “healthy at every size” bullshit. If you’re obese, your body suffers from the extra weight and fat. You are way more likely to develop certain cardiovascular diseases, get diabetes, just to name a few. The same counts for hella skinny people. You’ll break bones more easily, your digestive system gets fubbernucked, it’s unhealthy.

But shaming someone? Fucking no. Get a life you sods.

~ Mod Jewel

i needed to hate someone and you’re the one i love the most, so it fell on you (james/lily)

Shit, Evans, what the fuck is your problem?” Potter snaps and this feels different. He’s been mad at her before – she knows she’s frustrating for people she doesn’t insult regularly, let alone Potter who somehow seems to always know how to get at her, make her feel like she’s missing the mark and how does he do that? – but there’s something unhinged in this. The cage coming unlocked, the monster unleashed, and havoc about to be rained down on her with the fury of Avada Kedavra.

(except, even with all those metaphors about curses and monsters, she’s not scared. she’s not. potter would never hurt her; not intentionally. oh, he’ll call her on her shit. call her a daft cow and a stubborn prig and a royal pain in the arse and he’ll mean it. but hurt her? never. not potter.)

Lily rolls her eyes. “Don’t act—”

“No; shut up.” He cuts her off, marching forward until she’s backed herself against the railing. Around them the stairs are spinning but that’s maybe the least unsettling thing about this moment. “Don’t talk. You’re gonna listen to me, for once, Evans.”

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Classic SOD Cover Date: October 24, 2006

Steve Burton (Jason, GENERAL HOSPITAL)
(left top inset) Alison Sweeney (Sami, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(left bottom inset) Paul Satterfield (Spencer, ONE LIFE TO LIVE)
(bottom insets) Kamar de los Reyes, Bree Williamson, & Forbes March (Antonio, Jessica, & Nash, ONE LIFE TO LIVE)

You know how I know homophobia is real? Because in year 7 (age eleven) I once said ‘hey, don’t say 'that’s so gay’ it’s offensive’ and one of the cool kids said 'what, are you gay?’ and I said 'I don’t know yet but I might be’ and then I didn’t get invited to any house parties for seven years.