Thank You Wentworth Writers

Yes I know this may be against the grain to what most fans are saying and Bea has always been my fave character but personally I think the work the writers have done this year is absolutely brilliant. Not only have they drawn us all in but they have got better and better each week. Nearly every week I have said to myself “they cant top this” and am delightfully proven wrong. The Finale was no exception. It was gorgeous. Yes it pulled at your heart strings and made you lose you breath, it made you cry and angry as hell. But it was supposed to. What it did and how it did it was magnificently set up by the writers. 

Hats off to everyone involved. From the actors who pour their hearts out week after week to the directors who transform words on a page into the characters we love and everyone in between. Can’t wait until next May to see what is in store for our fave crew in teal.