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TFP Starscream, Shockwave,Soundwave, Knockout, Megatron, Breakdown, & Predaking with shy sparkling give a drawing of both of them & said Happy Father 's day to them?

Prime is my favorite and the decepticons as dads? Yes, please!


This con rarely let’s this sparkling off his hip, holding them while he works. He only sets down if Knockout is to be watching them. So, it’s rare that this little one would get the chance to draw something for their dad. They take the chance when they have it, Knockout and Breakdown glad they just have to watch a sparkling color.

Starscream walks in with the intent to just grab his sparkling, stopping when his little one comes running up to him holding a large poster, he’s not even sure where the little thing got it from. He kneels and catches them, hoisting them up to hold them properly as the hold out the paper. 

“What’s this?” He asks as he takes it carefully and looks at it, it’s crude and the colors are terrible, but he can see that it is him and his sparkling and he smiles softly, “What is this for?” 

“Happy Father’s Day!” They cheer and he gets it, they’ve been on the internet again. He chuckles, shaking his helm as he turns to walk out with them, “I believe it would be Sire’s Day for us… But thank you my fearsome little seeker.” He says as he bumps their helms together.

No one knows how he has a sparkling, no one’s thought to question. It was just there one day and has been running around the Nemesis making everyone’s life hell since. No one is going to dare tell Shockwave his sparkling is annoyance and they’ve already learned telling it to buzz off results in a pissed Sockwave and a crying sparkling. Even Megatron just let’s it be, he doesn’t care. The only place it is never allowed is in Shockwave’s lab, he’d never allow such a thing.

The sparkling, as per usual, has been running about, but this time it was gathering things it could use. Paper, crayons large enough it could grip them properly, something an eradicon had gotten it, and a place to lay down and color. Shockwave was just coming to collect them for their bath and bedtime when they finished, turning toward the large mech brightly.

Shockwave watches them run and hang onto his leg. He picks them up by the back of their neck, much like a kitten, and they hold the picture out to him. They are set, gently, on his chest as he turns his attention to the paper. He can clearly see that it is the two of them, though he fails to see the point. 

“It’s the Earth holiday ‘Father’s Day’ and I wished to do something nice for my sire.” It’s no surprise Shockwave’s sparkling can speak so fluently. “That is… illogical… But the sentiment is appreciated.” he says and turns to take the sparkling for it’s bath. He keeps the drawing with him, though he’ll never be sure why he does something so illogical.

He’s almost as bad as Starscream about always having this sparkling on his hip or in his presence. He worries when he can’t see them because he’s never sure exactly what the hell these others will do. He barely trusts Megatron around his little bitlet, let alone anyone else.

The only reason the sparkling can get away with the drawing is because Soundwave hands them the material and tells them to color until he’s done, he has to concentrate on his work. So they’re laying at his feet as he works, coloring to their hearts content. Laserbeak is watching them to make sure they don’t run away, but pays no mind to the drawing.

They finally stand up and Laserbeak is just about to alert Soundwave when the little thing turns to him and pats his leg until it gets his attention. He lets out a vent before picking them up and bumping his visor against their helm. They hold out the picture for him to look at.

He takes it from them gently to get a better look, the little smiley face appearing only a moment after. He’s very proud of his sparkling for making something like that for him. He reads what’s written at the bottom, ‘Happy Father’s Sire’s Day, Papa!’ He nuzzles his helm against theirs gently, placing the picture in his subspace for now, he’ll frame it up in his habsuite later.

He’s actually a really high strung dad. He’s worried about his finish and he’s worried about the sparkling getting hurt and he has patients and no the sparkling’s trying to wander off and he has to work on files and projects. He ends up with sparkling on his hip almost the whole day until he can hand it over to Breakdown for a bit. The sparkling causes a lot of scrapes and scratches to his paint job, but he can never be angry with the little thing.

He’s had to put them down to look at patients and he’s handed them the things to color so, he hopes, they won’t wander off from him and end up lost with him losing his mind. 

He’s glad to finally be finished up so he can get back to properly watching his sparkling. He turns to pick them up after having washed up and they’re holding out a drawing. He picks them up before he carefully takes the paper from them, he doesn’t want to tear it with his claws. 

“What is this, sweetspark?” He asks as he looks at it and then he realizes and chuckles, “Oh it’s us! You really captured my beauty!” He says proudly as the sparkling giggles, “Happy Father’s Day!” They proclaim proudly and he’s chuckling again, nuzzling his helm into their stomach gently, “You’re such a good sparkling and this drawing is so good!” He hangs it up in the medbay so everyone can see and definitely shows it off.

He’s terrible with sparklings and he knows he is, but he’s trying his best, he can at least say that. Most often the sparkling is running from him because, let’s face, he’s a big, scary mech towering over this tiny, fragile baby. He leaves the sparkling in Soundwave’s care quiet often, he can’t watch them, not that the sparkling seems to want him to.

He comes to collect them for their bed time with them clinging to Soundwave’s leg and sticking their tongue out at Starscream, who’s actually doing nothing but standing there, for once. When the sparkling sees Megatron they run to him, to his surprise, and hold their servos up to him, wanting him to pick them up. He can’t tell what’s in their hands as he lifts them up to hold them carefully. 

They finally move the picture so he can see what it is, he doesn’t take it from them, he’s aware his claws will just tear into it. He can tell that it’s him, though he’s a bit more… pointy than he remembers being, and his sparkling together. He looks at them with a raised optical ridge. 

“Happy Sire’s Day!” They proclaim and he looks a bit confused before he realizes it must be an Earth holiday the sparkling has decided to take up. He smiles softly and nods a bit, “Thank you, little one.” He says. He nods to Soundwave before turning to take the sparkling to his habsuite so they can drop the picture off, he doesn’t want to ruin it while bathing his sparkling.

Out of all of the cons here, he’s the most easy going when it comes to taking care of his sparkling without the chance of murder. He lets them run around as long as they stay where they can see him, because that means he can see them. He’ll hand them things to do like blocks and coloring and anything they need to keep busy while he, himself, is busy, so it’s not hard for them to draw and color this picture.

He looks down when he feels the patting of little servos on his legs and leans down to hoist them up to hold them on his shoulder, “What is it, my little bit?” He asks before a picture is shoved into his face.

He chuckles as he takes it from them and moves it back so he can actually look at it. He shakes his helm with a soft laugh at how he looks, like a boulder, but he loves it none-the-less. He turns his head to gently press a kiss to the sparkling’s cheek. 

“This is the best gift I’ve ever gotten! But what’s it for?” He asks, curiously, he thinks maybe it’s just because, but he wants to be sure. “Happy Father’s Day!” They proclaim, throwing servos up and leaving him scrambling to keep them from toppling off his shoulder. “Careful!” He says as they laugh and hug his head. He laughs and shakes his head, he’ll keep it with him from then on.

His sparkling is either held firmly in his arms or climbing across his back, it’s rare that they’re out of his sight and he wouldn’t trust anyone to watch them. He usually leaves the ship to allow them to play, he doesn’t want anyone near his sparkling.

There’s nothing for them to properly color or draw with, so they’re doodling in the dirt as he lays beside them. He occasionally peaks over at what they’re doing and he’s getting an idea of what it is, but he’s not looking long enough to be sure.

He’s finally allowed to look when the sparkling pats at his hind legs to get his attention. He turns his head to look at the picture in the dirt fully and he chuckles as he sees him in his beast form wrapped around his sparkling. Of course it’s simple and crude, but he doesn’t care. 

He nuzzles his head against the sparkling, “This is a lovely drawing, little one.” He says as they turn to wrap their arms around his snout and hug him. He lives his head a bit so their hanging off his head, laughing. “Happy Father’s Day!” They say and he chuckles, setting them back down so he can gently bump them, he wishes he could keep the drawing.

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why is philippa gregory trash?

  • most of her plot arcs include rape or sexual assault, it’s like she has no concept of how else to move a story forward
  • very little healthy girl/girl relationships. girls can never be friends, mothers are always heartless bitches, sisters are always rivals, etc
  • make EGREGIOUS historical errors in her novels, which wouldn’t be that bad except she never owns up to them and presents them as fact, refers to herself as a historian & makes up defenses for her ridiculous inaccuracies
  • most of her plotlines are just centuries-old propoganda which is just aggravating bec it’s the same thing being said over and over and over, why doesn’t she ever try to come up with something new