socks in sandals

Also being a scientist pretty much gives you a free pass to be as eccentric as you want like you’ll be at a conference and it’s like “is that guy wearing socks and sandals and plaid pants???” “Ya but he was on the team that discovered gravitational waves let him be”

wade wilson is such a treasure like he wears socks with sandals and kitten shirts and likes my little pony and wears heels to kill horrible men and he called out xmen’s sexism and racism and he has an adventure time watch and a hello kitty gym bag and he suffers from clinical depression and mania and he enjoys being pegged  and being submissive and he just has so much love to give but doesn’t think he’s deserving of love himself and he supported negasonic and yukio’s relationship and he doesn’t put up with people being abused or hurt and he called peter sugarbear and told him that he wasn’t going to let anything happen to him when peter was scared and he was so gentle when he saw the bruises on russell’s neck an- 


european stereotypes as i’ve encountered them

austria: germans who love schnitzels, strudels and skiing. the sound of music fanatics.
switzerland: heidi and guns. money hoarders. 
italy: pizza and coffee mafia. do not mention ketchup, pineapple or starbucks.
belgium: fake country. beer and waffles. the place where all “faceless evil bureaucrats” come from. 
russia: ice ice baby, communists, insane drivers and furry hats.
netherlands: gays, bicycles and weed.
poland: more catholic than the pope. appointed jesus as their king.
belarus: modern soviet union.
estonia: godless, nordic wannabes.  
portugal: spanish people who speak brazilian and love football.
finland: takes ‘personal space’ to a whole new level. saunas, depression and heavy metal.
romania: drunk, poor vampires always ready to protest.
france: pastry, wine and sex. they invented french fries just ask the belgians. 
ukraine: rip
germany: all work and no play make jack a dull boy, where humor goes to die, socks and sandals. 
greece: invented democracy but did not put a trademark on it so now they broke.
spain: fiestas and siestas ftw. old british people retire here, god save the spanish
hungary: goulash, paprika and chill
ireland: drunk leprechauns
united kingdom: posh americans, football hooligans and tea
turkey: kebab and fascism