socks with shoes

Late night phone call
  • Lance, seductively: Mmm babe. What are you wearing?
  • Keith: Uh, my gloves, tshirt, jacket, pants, underwear, socks, shoes-
  • Lance: ... aren't you in bed?
  • Keith: .. yes?
  • Lance: Are you fully clothed in bed!?
  • Keith: .. yes.
  • Lance: Why.
  • Keith, awkwardly but attempting seduction: I like to always be prepared..?

Rain was a relentless thing at times, beating down amongst the ground and buildings scattered across the city, dragging people indoors and forcing animals to their shelters.

Leaves dripped with the droplets, dark clouds above looming over the city and seemingly reaching down to encapture the beings living there. Trees, buildings, stoplights, cars, train stations were a blur as the train rumbled past, rain droplets racing across the window that a pair of eyes were looking out of in silence, fingers holding their chin as their eyes attempted to capture something of the outside world.

A screaming sound interrupted the rather peaceful setting before the train lurched to a halt, some pedestrians standing and stepping off the train, pulling on their hoods or opening their umbrellas, some using their bags or magazines as their way of protection from the rain.

Hands found their way into pockets before the rain was thrown down on the quiet person, without a hood or an umbrella during the storm, instead enduring it during their walk.

Their socks squelched and shoes squeaked as they made their silent way past intersections and bustling businesses that had received a great amount of people when the rainstorm first began.

Eyes turned upwards briefly but they continued forth, the rain growing harder and the storm growing worse before lightning and thunder erupted through the sky. He reached towards a cafe door, pulling it open and being greeted with the warm colors of orange and red, glowing in the soft light. It was a warm feeling from the hues of grey and black outside, cars that usually had a beautiful color to them being washed out from the torturous amount of precipitation.

Color rushed to his cheeks, a pinkish hue coming to them before a light shined in the grey of his eyes. The smell of brewing coffee surrounded the place, lingering on every thing and soon wrapping itself around his cold body, ever so slowly bringing warmth to him.

He walked to the register, glancing up at the chalkboard menus written in multicolored chalk accompanied by small sketches and prices before simply ordering a scone and tea. An empty table sat directly by the large window beside the front door, and he made himself comfortable there, taking a small bite of the scone, the taste of blueberry exploding in his mouth.

The world outside and the world inside there were vastly different, as if to scenes were warring together. The world inside brought color and life back to those that entered, the world outside draining those that dared walk aimlessly down the cold streets.

In his concentration, he hadn’t noticed a man reach the door before the bell sounded. He glanced up, finding nothing more than a bored man on a commute before his shoes stepped on the floor of the cafe, the warm light reaching forth and touching him gently, bringing a soft color to his cheeks and the end of his nose as well as the tips of his ears. His blond hair that seemed nothing more than bland turned golden in the light and blue suddenly sparked in his eyes. The door closed in time, only a few wisps of the orange glow escaping.

He pulled his eyes from the masterpiece that had walked in to his scone, taking another bite that seemed all the more delicious, warming fingers flicking through his texts and pictures.

The trash was tossed away before he took one last memorizing glance to the golden haired man that currently stood at the register, soft smile crossing his face and a tired look flickering in his eyes.

As the glass door opened and the bell chimed, he left behind the cafe and instead let the grey and black hues surround him again, the rain still coming down as hard as it did earlier. He found himself at an intersection with his hands in his jacket pockets, becoming completely drenched and cold again as he waited for the red hand to change.

It did, after what felt like an eternity, and he walked forth again, taking a left as he reached the other side. A hand on his shoulder pulled him to a stop and he turned, looking up at the man that stood before him, a tint of blue shining in his eyes.

“You left this behind,” the man said and held out his wallet to him. 

The leather of his wallet was warmed from the man’s hands and he thanked him, a spark of light erupting between the two as he took it back. 

“Thanks,” he answered and gave the man some money for his troubles before turning back around and walking back down the sidewalk.

He was stopped again and looked back up at the man.

“I can’t accept this-” their eyes met and the rain began to let up around the two of them, colorless shadows moving away from the sharp angles of their faces and from their bodies. Their voices were in a harsh breath as they spoke, finding each other again in the next life.




I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.


Vacation over…. went to work early on a Monday ✨ 

My desk at work is so clean but my desk at home is so messy lol I can’t even find the doge comic draft from my pile of thumbnails ;; I’ll just organize them when I get home

My snickers bars froze over while I was gone and they’re like rocks I can’t eat them hhhrgrhrgh it’s so cold