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oda is a thigh man sorry i don't make the rules

Actually he’s a decomposing man sorry Asagiri’s fault not mine  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I completely agree, like that lingerie that has the thighs cut out? Thigh high socks? Short skirts? They murder him. He cannot even handle when you flash him a bit of your thigh skin he just implodes.

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2D with a s/o who has terrible insomnia? Like staying up until 4am every night because they can't stop thinking about things?

A/N: did you mean mYSelf? i feel your struggle anon, i f e el  u y o

i put it under read more just in case because you never knOw imreallytired

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Finally! I thought I was the only one who noticed the tongue lol


That and this shoeless height difference

are the only two things that matter to me right now




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What do you think knee socks is about? I mean because you were talking about this euphemism (sorry for the shitty language)

I’d like to think Knee Socks is a pretty straightforward song, don’t you? There’s not much for me to explain, but I’ll try.

For your next English/AM 101 lesson, a euphemism is saying one thing, but implying (or meaning) another, really. So if you say someone has passed away, that’s a sort of euphemism for death. Got it?

I don’t want to write a lengthy post about what I feel knee socks is about. I think the song is essentially a feeling, or an atmosphere/mood/theme, that you won’t feel anymore if I sit here and tell you every detail and what I believe it represents. Alex’s cleverness, vernacular, and wit is the reason the song is sexy, alluring, and a mystery. I don’t want to unpack it because of that. He purposely wrote it to not be crass/vulgar in what it is suggesting, which makes it that much more alluring and intense. It isn’t desperate. Alex is sexy in that he doesn’t say it outright. He just lets you think about it. He wants you, but he isn’t going to say it. That’s why girls throw bras at him all the time. That, plus his stupid face.

I am not sure where you are from so I am sorry if my message doesn’t make sense! 

There’s this idea of a person that you only communicate with at night. Someone you don’t necessarily care what they’re doing during the day, or if they ate breakfast, or something like that. Your intention is pretty clear and obvious, a means to an end. You ask them to come over, and more often than not, they will. Or you’re both at the same place at the same time, and it just works to go off somewhere else. You’re not looking for love here. You just have a craving you need to satisfy, an itch to scratch. Someone who just takes the edge off of what you’re needing. And that’s what knee socks is about. When you know who’s calling even though the number is blocked. “When the winter’s in full swing and your dreams just aren’t coming true, Ain’t it funny what you’ll do.” I know what it’s like to be at the receiving end of the stranger, the person who says “you awake” and it’s 3 in the morning. It’s similar to Why’d You Only Call me, and One for the Road. The mood AM creates as a whole is that sexy and mysterious. a dark vibe that comes with, as Alex would say, a booty call. But what I like about knee socks is, it might not be. You don’t know. 

Edit: So @coloureddays brought to my attention a lyric I did not mention here and thought was important to bring up. “The ghost in your room that you always thought didn’t approve of you knocking boots.” To stress the meaning of euphemism, knocking boots is an old euphemism/expression for sex. 

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"They both have socks and they both don't just use them for their feet " So are you saying that tae uses hes socks to do alone smexy time

Idk where u got the alone part my dude :-) 👀👀👀

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I hope this doesn't sound creepy but your socks look like they're very warm and I hope they keep you warm! Because most people say, skinny people are easier to be cold?

Aw thank you! It’s true, the less meat I have on me the colder I am 💔

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I always thought Kneesocks was about Alexa. Kneesocks are very her. The line about the sky blue lacoste and kneesocks suggests it's literal. Seems like something Alex would be into tbh. Obviously has a thing for legs. And, well, we all know where he was heading from the top of those kneesocks. The word panties gives me the shivers. Where I'm from girls underwear is just "pants". It always takes me a minute when I see the American word for trousers. Like what?! And then I realise.

Panties is a word that totally disgusts me. I hate writing it, thinking about it, saying it, hearing it. It’s just an unsexy word to me. Like … ew. Which is why I said knee socks could, according to my last anon, be a euphemism, if you wanted it to be. But, I don’t know if I actually believe that the actual socks that go to the knee are a euphemism. Just like you said, I think it is a specific image, which makes it that more literal.

It wouldn’t be sexy if he said it any other way. Gross words included. Those things tend to be incredibly unsexy. Especially for someone like him, who doesn’t exactly write vulgar words/phrases… Most of the time.

I try not to think about which girlfriend he was on when he wrote certain things, to be honest. Haha. But it could be? Maybe? I don’t know. I can only answer questions about metaphors, not so much the person he was thinking about. Also, as a writer myself (what a pretentious thing to say? I’m not even ??? i’m literally trash…) sometimes I’ll write with no actual person in mind. It’s just a mood, or an idea. I know he does that often. So it could, in theory, be about no one at all. Just something he liked the image of. Or y’know. Not. 

Let’s just not say the word panties anymore, okay? Cool.

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