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Hi! Your blog is so great! I'm smiling whole day after reading it. Please make a scenario where mc finds out about rfa + v + saeran secret hobby (like collecting super cute hairpins or sewing soft toys:) ) which he/she is ashamed of 'cause thinks that it is unproper for his/her age, sex, life style or for any other reason and doesn't want to show mc this uncool side of his/herself. I think it may be funny:) Thanks in advance!

Sorry it took so long! Hope you like them^^ 


  • You were on your way back home from somewhere, and Zen’s house was on the way
  • So you decided to stop by to say hi
  • When you arrive, he’s walking back into his house from taking out the garbage
  • He’s only wearing slippers, and you can see his long, bright orange socks with racecars on them
  • “Whoa! You got a party on your feet,” you chuckle
  • He yelps and gets super flustered.
  • “MC! Don’t look!”
  • He runs into his room and emerges with plain black socks
  • But the damage is already done
  • You tell him that you think the socks were pretty cute
  • He admits that he’s collected bright, silly socks over the years
  • They add a little spice to his normally hectic schedule–only around the house though
  • When you keep gushing about them, he finally shows you the different ones
  • He’ll make an exception and wear them around you sometimes


  • Finals call for all nighters
  • He usually wears his little hairpin to keep his bangs out of his eyes
  • But, when he has late nights like this, he pulls out his collection…
  • He has these cute scrunchies and pins to put his hair up in
  • That particular night, he fell asleep with them on
  • In the morning, he remembered he was supposed to meet with you and rushed over to your place
  • You see the cute bunny ear scrunchies tying up his hair in various ponytails and start giggling
  • When he realizes, he’s mortified and starts yanking them out
  • You ask why he didn’t tell you before…or change his pin once in awhile
  • “You might think me childish!”
  • You promise you only think it’s cute and you’ll keep it a secret
  • As long as you can borrow some and you two can get matching ones


  • You were visiting her one Saturday afternoon
  • You offered to make you both some coffee or tea as she was finishing up some last minute paperwork
  • She recently moved things around so you’re a bit confused where the mugs are 
  • You find a huge assortment of them in the back of a cabinet
  • “MC! No, not those!”
  • She’s really embarrassed and tries to shuffle you out of the kitchen
  • But you actually show interest at all the unique mugs she’s collected
  • When she finds this out, she lights up and starts explaining the story of each one
  • You start a tradition where you buy her a mug yearly to add to her collection


  • Elizabeth meows loudly from another room in the penthouse
  • You go to check it out and find that tangled in blue yarn
  • You try to help her as you wonder where all the yarn is coming from
  • Jumin comes in to see the commotion and silently starts wrapping it up again
  • You realize he’s especially quiet
  • When you see the crocheting needle, you start to put two and two together
  • “Jumin…you crochet? You never told me!”
  • “….It’s not exactly something one brags about.”
  • True
  • He explains that it relaxes him on particularly stressful days
  • He showed you a few pieces that he’s made, like scarves and headbands
  • You ask if he could teach you a few things


  • He was finally moving out to a place with windows
  • But he has so much junk to sort through first, so he calls you for back up
  • You’re in the process of going through his junk closet when you find a bunch of boxes with different dates on them
  • When you open them, you see so many game consoles…Xbox, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance…
  • When he finds you stumbled upon them, he freaks out
  • You thought his was obsessed with collecting cars? Ha.
  • You ask if he actually needs that many of the old consoles….in different colors
  • “Just trade them in for some cash!”
  • “They’re of sentimental value!”
  • You eventually just let him have his way, compromising to put them in the same box though
  • He makes you pinky swear not to tell Yoosung
  • He’d never hear the end of it


  • You’re writing out a to-do list and your pen runs out of ink
  • You ask Saeran if you can borrow a pencil, as he always seems to have one
  • He nods and tells you to look for a bag on his desk
  • You find a rather large one and open it
  • “No! Not that bag–”
  • But it’s too late
  • You stumble across a bunch of number 2 pencils with cute designs on them
  • Some have turtles on clouds, some have ice cream erasers, and there were so many…
  • He gets super defensive about, that those were the only cheap pencils
  • After a bit of coaxing, you get him to admit that he likes collecting them
  • They make him feel warm inside…especially when he’s doodling
  • You make a point to buy him pencils whenever you’re out shopping now


  • Jumin had once again mentioned something about V’s 20 spoons in the chatroom
  • After visiting V a few times, you know he only has a few forks and knives
  • So, you ask him about the extra spoons
  • He gets a little blushy, but decides to show them to you
  • Each spoon has an intricate design on the handle
  • He says that he picks one up every time he travels to a new country or city
  • He thinks it’s weird because…they’re just utensils
  • But you actually think it’s really cute

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The Sock Scenario

Paring: Pietro Maximoff/Reader

Tags: female reader, fluff, angst, Pietro Maximoff lives, socks

Summary: Reader’s job description says ‘sock fixer’ in fine print (who even reads the fine print?). It so happens, Pietro wears through many pairs of socks a day.

Word Count: 1,348

Posting Date:  2016-06-01

Current Date: 2017-05-13

Originally posted by imaginepietromaximoff

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First Lines


  • List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether).
  • See if there are any patterns.
  • Then, tag your favorite authors.

Thank you @phaytesworld​ for tagging me <3

On the Cusp of Dawn [ Otayuri, Royalty AU, 15,742 , WIP ]

The scent hit Otabek like a tidal wave, sharp as spice and sweet as honey, carrying the freshness of citrus which made him lightheaded. He could recognize that scent even in his sleep.

Love Happens [ Otayuri, Soulmates AU. 1,655]

“Your soulmate is dead, Otabek.”

The boy barked right in his face and Otabek watched him with furious eyes, clenching his fingers into a fist, shaking.

Hell No [Viktuuri, Otayuri, Soulmates AU., Humor, 7,947, WIP ]

Yuri pulled his knees to his chest, enjoying the cool breeze as he watched the colors spread around the setting Sun from his window. He shoved his cold fingers into his leopard print jacket which Viktor had gifted him on his birthday not four months ago.

You weren’t Mine [jjbek, otabek and yurio, 2,199, Explicit ]

“I’m gonna kick your ass, JJ!”

“Yuri, wait-” Otabek dragged Yuri away, curling his arms around him, while he was still trying to throw his legs at JJ’s arrogant face.

Sterek Fics ——

The Boy Next Door

“Mr Deaton…” Stiles pressed the doorbell one more time, with enough force to dig a hole into it. “It’s time. Open the do-”

The door flung back at him with equal vigor and Stiles paused his raised fist on time, marginally avoiding hitting the man’s bald crown.


Derek genuinely thought a black and white world was a good thing. It was routine and familiar. In fact, with the help of his mother’s eyesight, he’d realized that the color he loved the most was indeed black. 

Taking Care [ Explicit ]

Derek had lost everything.

His family, Laura and today… Hale Enterprises - which had been nurtured by so many Hale generations, for over a hundred years. Today, he’d lost his last family asset to the Alpha - Stiles Stilinski - who looked no older than a high schooler but somehow was the CEO of the Beacons.

[more sterek fics under the cut]

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Palette 57, “comfort”.

I needed some pure fluff today. I’m too sleepy though to gif it with a falling snow outside the window (it’s 2:45 AM!). Next time! Oh next time it will be even more fluff, I can feel it! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

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Could you make a poly hamilsquad x reader where the reader is very shy and sweet? She gets very flustered easily too and speaks softly all the time. So when she comes home crying they all rush to her aid and the fluff begins? Btw I love your headcanons and and imagines they are so cute!! 💕💕💕

boss’ memo : :000!! what a cute request ! of course i can–and thank you so much !! <3 i hope you enjoy !

pairing : hamilsquad/reader
tw : reader is distressed and cries !! there’s also hints of them being harassed/teased for being a blushy person!! :c this is packed with a lot of fluff!! i hope you enjoy !
word count :  539
AU: modern

(see, what happens is that they think it’s funny, to fluster you–think it’s funny, heck, think that it’s cute–

which is fine if it’s your partners saying it, because you don’t feel you’re being treated any less, don’t feel as if you’re being patronized–here they go, they’re talking down to you, again!

it’s–honestly? honestly, and truly, it’s too much.)

you find yourself frowning with the memory of what happened earlier, as you push your feet out of your shoes and slowly make your way to the kitchen, where john–the only one who can cook normal, casual food, unlike lafayette who can only cook from what he sees served on food network–is preparing to cook some pancakes for dinner.

listen, who said having pancakes for dinner was a bad thing? john is happily flipping them, and that’s all that really matters, no?

(being near the kitchen reminds you that laf and herc once had their own chopped competition in there. it was very cute, watching them get into it–the prize was just smooches from you, but they still fought like it was that ten grand they were gunning for.)

but for how comforting it is to be home, you can feel it–the tightening in your chest. if someone asks you that one question–

you hear hercules call your name, gently, and then, an “are you okay?” from alex–and then, and then–?

the apologies are already spilling from your lips as you cover your reddening face, eyes stinging as you try not to cry too much–but herc’s already bringing his hands to cup your cheeks, and when did he get here? did you run to him? but you hear alex remark that you should never apologize for this before herc leans forward and kisses your forehead.

then, there’s a soft, “ohhh no, what happened?” from lafayette, who’s probably just woken up from his afternoon nap.

you feel someone’s arms around you, and the yummy smell informs you that it’s john, who probably left his place at the kitchen to rush over here. he leans his forehead on the back of your own in his signature way of showing affection–forehead bumps, before he comes around to your front and somehow, perhaps it was planned or perhaps someone has decided to smile down at you because john and alex end up kissing your cheeks at the same time, one on each side.

the silliness of it all makes you smile–and when they pull back, you notice you’re sitting sideways on hercules’ lap on the couch–how he manages to move you, you still don’t know. lafayette sits next to you and runs his fingers through your hair, reaching the nape of your neck, where he gently moves his thumb in circles to sooth you.

a burning smell from the kitchen makes alex yelp and run, with john trailing behind him, his sock clad feet nearly causing him to slip on the hardwood floor.

hercules sighs. “well, at least john won’t end up making the usual fifty pancakes.”

“why are you complaining? you and i still end up eating them all,” says lafayette, rolling his eyes playfully.

“listen…” begins hercules, and the two of them launch into the kind of playful banter that makes you snuggle into herc’s chest and close your eyes, content. 

they’re always good for distracting you when you need it. they’ll always be here for you, and that thought is amplified when you feel someone–probably laf–press a kiss to your temple.

The “how clumsy are you for a 16- year old” list:

1. Has accidentally called someone that isn’t your friend.

2. Has hit the mention guy that you don’t know because of confusion.

3. Has accidentally yelled in class.

4. Has said to do a certain thing and only remembered it after a week.

5. Has been so tired that they tried to go inside a building or a place and forgot the existence of glass doors.

6. Has broken another glass cup or non plastic plates. 

7. Has blurted out a secret to the person they’re suppose to keep it to.

8. Has wore different colored pairs (socks, shoes and etc.)

9. Had a call from your phone at the middle of the class playing your embarrassing song that you choose to put as a ring tone.

10. has sent a message to the wrong person.

11. Has gone through something that they were actually allergic to it.

12. Has either a bruise, a scratch or sudden wound from out of nowhere.

13. Has put the wrong things at the wrong places( like putting your dirty clothes inside the dishwasher).

14. Has got scared from your own ringtone while watching a scary movie.

15. Has misspelled their own name.

16. Has still put 2016 even if it’s already 2017.

17. Sent a message that has been accidentally  an innuendo.

18. Skipped a number from a test.

19. Has tripped on the last steps on their staircase while going up or down.

20. Has laughed at something at your phone and your friends think you are laughing at a sad thing that they just said.

21. Trips at their own feet.

22. Has lost their 30th pair of socks.

23. Wanted to say something to someone but you’re too shy to tell it so you just gave up.

24. You memorized the dance steps but you still get mistakes while dancing it.

25. Is drinking some drink and it actually dodges the edge of your mouth.

26. Also if you accidentally spilled the said drink.

If you done at least:

1-8: - “Oh you silly, smol/tall bean :)”

9-15 - “ It’s okay I still love the heck of you.”

16 or more - “*gets all the protective gear needed* Now go get them love!”

Reblog if you want the others to participate. 

Hint: You don’t need to be 16 just to take this.

Boyfriend! Mingyu

- always making you coffee

- tries to act chill and suave but rly he’s kind of a dork when it comes to you

- when he first confessed his feelings he planned out this whole big thing but ended up getting hiccups in the middle of his confession

- don’t worry it was still cute

- wants to protect you from everything

- a strong gust of wind is enough to freak him out and rip off his jacket and throw it over your shoulders

- buys you cute little cakes and things when you are stressed out

- when you have tons of exams and stuff he is always willing to help you study even if it takes all night to do so

- he’d make flashcards and everything

- since he’s in the hip hop unit he’ll also try to write silly raps for you to memorize the information

- it’s mostly to help you study but he also wants to impress you with his rap

- will always keep you warm no matter

- if he notices your feet are cold he’ll get up and slip his socks onto your feet

- is also one hell of a heavy sleeper

- you’d have to get out the spray bottle and go through all that mess just to get him out of bed

- and even after that sometimes he goes back

- and you gotta start all over again

- “fine y/n i’ll get up but only because i love you”

- always smells like fabric softener and coffee

- fighting with you really upsets him because usually when he’s upset you’re the one he’d talk to, but since he can’t it drives him crazy

- but he’ll calm down and try to talk things out because he can’t stand it when the two of you aren’t speaking

- is very kind to your family

- always brings your mom flowers when he has dinner with you and your parents

- but he always saves one for you and slips it into your hand under the table

- likes to share one of his earbuds with you so he can show you what’s been stuck in his head all day

- and he gets it stuck in your head too

- but it’s nice bc the song reminds you of him

- when you’re in public he’ll hold your hand and stuff but he won’t be too excessive with skinship

- but when you’re alone he’s really goofy and makes stupid jokes that he wouldn’t make otherwise in front of the other members

- likes to try and style your hair

- one time he made a decent braid and you wore it the whole day and he was so happy

- he took many pictures that day

- will give you piggyback rides any day any time

- accidentally texted you the plans for your surprise party that he meant to send to jihoon

- “ok so i’ll lead y/n to the practice room and it’ll be dark but then those yellow christmas lights will light up so they’ll be able to read the happy birthday banner alright make sure everyone knows what they’re supposed to do”

- it was still beautiful even though it wasn’t a surprise

- jisoo came in running in late with a cake

- later mingyu told you that he’d tried to decorate a cake himself but he didn’t think it was good enough

- after tons of begging he finally showed it to you and he pulled it out from the back of the fridge

- obviously mingyu’s not a professional cake decorator but you thought it looked nice and the two of you stayed up very late finishing his cake

- always has cards in his pocket??

- whenever you guys are waiting somewhere he’ll just pull them out

- “i’ll make you a deal y/n: if i win i get a kiss :^)”

- he’s not really the type to always go on and on about his feelings for you but you can tell he loves you through his actions

- he really does care a lot about you

Halloween Slumber Party - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1825

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“Mommy, come on!” JoJo grabbed your hand, yanking you to her room. “It’s almost time and we need to get my costume on!”

“Ok, love bug ok!” You laughed, following her down the hall. Dean started to follow to help you and JoJo turned around, shoving herself between Dean and you.

“No!” She yelled, shoving Dean backwards. He could’ve easily overpowered her but he didn’t. “You can’t see it’s a surprise!”

“I can’t see your costume?” Dean pouted, looking down at her. “Why?”

“She just told you it’s a surprise.” You defended your daughter, picking her up off the ground and resting her on your hip, pursing your lips at Dean. “So that means it’s a surprise. It’s just that simple. You’ll see it when she’s all ready to go!”

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coldflash, 90?

Thanks for the prompt <3

“You’ve been replaced,” Barry announces when Len walks through the door, close to midnight and tired after chasing a lead in mid-1850s. History’s too much work, lately.

Barry’s sprawled on the couch, watching a TV show Len doesn’t recognize - judging by the amount of empty take-out containers and snack bags, the marathon’s been going on for a while. Cisco nods at him from Len’s usual spot on the right side of the sofa, whole with Barry’s feet in the guy’s lap. Len doesn’t comment, even though he itches to - he does not need comments about someone named ‘Sheldon’ tonight. After all, they’ve had a tentative truce with Cisco ever since the guy proposed to Lisa (and was shot down, but took it in stride with much more understanding and kindness than Len would’ve anticipated of anyone, really). 

“Alright,” he drawls and smirks at Barry, who is giving him his cheekiest grin, head hanging back over the armrest of the sofa. “We’ll see how you feel when you need me to kill a spider in the shower.” 

Barry, the asshole, raises his head and pointedly looks at Cisco. Who stops kneading the pads of his fingers into the soles of Barry’s socked feet (Len’s not jealous, not at all) and shrugs.

“Dude, you’re on your own with that. You know I can’t handle bugs.”

“Spiders are not-”

“Yeah I’m still not killing them for you.”

Barry considers this, for about five seconds. Len walks to the kitchen, grinning even before he hears his boyfriend’s quiet whine.

“Len? Lenny?! You know I love you, right?!”

12 Dates of Christmas; Part 11

Originally posted by tanyaxoh

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

Summary: AU. Dean and the reader are set up on a blind date a few weeks before Christmas, and things kind of seem too good to be true. They decide to have twelve dates beginning with their first and ending with Christmas, to see if spending all that time together will change their minds – and their feelings.

Word Count: 2725

Warnings: Fluff, duh. Reader in her paramedic element. Made up a brother and sister-in-law for Jess. Dean’s cheesy but entirely sweet gift for the reader. 

Tags: @kbrand0, @daydreamingintheimpala, @growningupgeek,@illisea,@supernaturalfreewill, @always-noteworthy

As always, enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

After some baking for Christmas the next day, you cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned up yourself, and decided on what to wear to the bonfire. You decided on layering up, pulling on tight leggings under your jeans, thick socks, a thermal long-sleeve under your coat, and a scarf to top it all off. Your hair sometimes aided in keeping your face warm, but on the chance that it would be windy, you swept it into a lazy ponytail and dropped a slouchy beanie over it. You pushed your feet into your boots, pulled on your gloves, and took one last look in the mirror.

“As good as it’s gonna get, I guess,” you mumbled to yourself.

You waited in the living room for Dean to arrive. A cheesy Christmas movie was playing, you grinned like an idiot at the silly romance between the hero and heroine. Even though it was only Christmas Eve, you could feel yourself getting more and more excited about the holiday.

You glanced over under the Christmas tree, and your eyes caught the lights shining on the small box that held Dean’s present. It wasn’t anything too grand, but when Jess had mentioned the idea, you ran with it. You were really excited to give it to him and hoped that he would like it.

A knock on your door broke you out of your reverie. You turned off the television and jumped up, grinning when you saw Dean standing at the door. He too was bundled to withstand an evening in the cold.

“Ready to go?”

You nodded emphatically, grabbing your keys and locking the door behind you. You climbed into the cab of Dean’s truck and when he got in and started the ignition, you wasted no time in grabbing his face and planting your lips against his.

“Whoa,” Dean breathed when you finally broke away. “What was that for?”

“Sorry,” you blushed. “I’m just really excited about spending tonight with you. I don’t know … it’s just a bonfire, I know, but I’m meeting your brother and that’s kind of a big deal. Not that it was a big deal when you met my brother, but that was –”

Dean’s mouth interrupted your rambling. “It’s okay, pretty girl. I get it. Now come on. Let’s get going before we stay here all night making out.”

While that didn’t sound like such a terrible prospect to you, you scooted back over to the far passenger side and buckled your seatbelt.


When you and Dean arrived at Sam and Jess’s place, you were in awe. Their house had been custom built in the country. It sat on a lot of 30 acres, with a beautiful lake just over the fence of their land.

“This is amazing,” you breathed. “Living out here must be a dream.”

“Sam’s a lawyer and Jess is a big-time business woman,” Dean explained. “They put a pretty penny into this land.”

You looked over when heard a note of – was it sadness, in his voice? You thought about your reaction to the house and the land, about how much money Sam and Jess probably made, and mentally compared that with how much Dean probably made. Sidling up to him, lacing your fingers through his, you leaned on his shoulder.

“The better dream is having a smaller, cozy place to come home to every night, with family to fill every room,” you decided out loud.

Dean looked over at you with a knowing smile. “So if I could never give you all of this, you’d still want me?”

“If all you could give me was a cardboard box under a bridge, I’d still want you.”

Dean chuckled and pulled you to the front door. Jess answered with a happy smile, holding the door open while the two of you walked through.

“Dean, hey!” she greeted warmly, hugging her brother-in-law. Her next hug was offered to you. “And you must be Y/N. It’s really great to finally meet you in person!”

“In person?” Dean repeated.

You felt your cheeks heat as you gave him a mischievous smile. “Somebody had to help me with gift ideas for you.”

Dean just shook his head. “Very sneaky, ladies.”

Jess showed you to the kitchen where a few other people were sitting at the bar. “The fire is about ready to go, we’re just waiting for a couple more to show up before we head out. Y/N, this is …”

She introduced you to the few others that were there – her brother Jeremy and his wife Caitlin, and some friends from college who had also settled in the area. You weren’t sure you’d remember everyone, but there was time to review. Before too long, a tall man with longer hair came in through the back slider. From the way Jess lit up when she saw him, you figured that must be Sam.

“Sam, this is Dean’s friend, Y/N,” Jess introduced. You appreciated that she didn’t dawdle around awkward labels.

“I think friend is a bit of an understatement,” Sam teased. He shook hands with you then shrugged and pulled you in for a hug. “If you’re half into my brother as he is into you, we’re practically family already.”

“No pressure,” you joked back.

Sam chuckled. “Well, I think the fire’s ready, if everyone wants to head out. We have a couple more friends getting ready to head this way, but they can find the way out back.”

You pitched in with everyone to carry out the food and drinks. Dean was carrying a heavy cooler, and found his way next to you.

“Warm enough?” he asked.

You nodded. “I’m sure once I get a beer or two in me, I’ll be even more warm. Thanks for inviting me to this, Dean. I think it’s going to be fun.”

“I think so, too,” he agreed with a smile. “And I’m glad you’re here.”

You smiled back at him, then continued making small talk until everyone got to the bonfire. It was definitely warmer around it; you and Dean set down what you’d been carrying on the tables that Jess and Sam had set out earlier. You found a hay bale to share, where you waited patiently while Dean got you a cup of hot chocolate with a small candy cane for flavor, before adding marshmallows to his own hot chocolate. He handed yours over before taking a seat close to you, with an arm around your waist.

The chatter was some small talk, a few stories, and lots of laughs. You were getting along well with everyone there, even exchanging numbers with a few people. There was talk of future double dates and group dates, or outing with just the girls while the guys did … whatever guys did when the women were away.

“Don’t you usually have a little Christmas tree out here, Jess?” her sister-in-law asked.

“Oh, yeah! I knew I was forgetting something. Sam, do you mind going to get it?”

“I’ll go with you,” Jess’s brother offered.

The two men stalked off for the house; Jess cringed when she thought about all the things they’d have to move to get out that little tree.

“We just got some boxes from Mary’s house, so we were re-arranging storage and it didn’t get finished,” Jess informed the group.

“I wonder why,” Dean teased, wiggling his eyebrows. Poor Jess turned bright red; you elbowed him.

“You’re such a brother,” you laughed, thinking your own brothers were likely to make a comment like that.

Dean responded by reaching down for a handful of snow and dropping it down your back. You squealed and jumped up, running away from the fire for a good amount of snow, which you packed into a tight ball. You were aiming right for Dean when he pulled his phone out and held up a hand to stop you. Normally, you would have thrown it anyway, but the frown on his face made you drop the snowball.

“Yeah, okay, we’ll be right there,” Dean finally said. “Jeremy slipped going up the steps from the basement and fell all the way back down.”

Dean didn’t have to say anything else for you to turn and high-tail it back to the house. You heard Dean trying to slow Jess and Caitlin down, so you tried to run faster, wanting to get there and assess the situation before the girls showed up.

“Sam?” you called, realizing once you were in the house that you had no idea where the basement was.

“To your left, by the front door!”

There was an open door down a short hallway just a few feet from the front door. You turned on the light switch and carefully made your way down the stairs. Jeremy was on his back at the bottom of the steps, not moving.

“Is he awake, Sam?” you asked, going to Jeremy’s side and placing your hand gently on his forehead.

Sam nodded. “He’s in and out. I heard him fall from behind me and turned just in time to see his head bounce off the cement. Think he may have hit the bannister on the way down, too.”

“All right.” You cleared your throat. “Jeremy, it’s Y/N. Open your eyes if you can hear me.”

Slowly but surely, he opened his eyes. “I fell.”

“I know,” you replied. “That’s my hand on your forehead. You hit your head and who knows what else on the way down, so I want you to try not to move unless I tell you too – and under no circumstances should you move your head or your neck, okay?”

“I can’t feel my feet,” he slurred out.

You and Sam exchanged a glance. “Jess and Caitlin were on their way in. See if you can keep them occupied, and call 911. How far up was he when he fell?”

“All but the top couple of steps.”

“All right. Send Dean in here to help me, would you?”

Sam nodded and went up the stairs two at a time. You could hear frantic voices upstairs, but Sam seemed to be doing a good job of keeping the women up there for time being.

“Y/N?” Dean called down just a few moments later.

“Come on down, Dean. I need your help.”

When Dean arrived, you told him where to sit and how to carefully hold Jeremy’s head to remind the injured not to move that part of his body.

“Sam’s calling 911,” Dean informed you.


While you waited for the ambulance to arrive, you started assessing Jeremy’s possible injuries. It was almost second nature to you; you didn’t think twice about waiting for the paramedics on duty. You just did what you’d been trained to do.

By the time the ambulance arrived, you were able to tell them what had happened, about the open wound on the side of Jeremy’s head, and that once his feet had warmed up and his shoes were off, he had been able to tell you without looking which toe you were touching. Even so, he still claimed to have no feeling in his feet.

“Probably something with the head injury,” one of the other paramedics assured. “We’ll get him to the trauma center and they’ll take care of him.”

Caitlin went with Jeremy in the ambulance, riding up front on the way to the hospital. Jess insisted on going, so Sam got ready to drive her over, which pretty much put an end to the evening. Sam made apologies, but everyone agreed they weren’t necessary.

You and Dean were silent as he drove you back over to his place. You didn’t mind him going to the hospital, too, but he declined.

“There’ll be enough people there, and I’m not really close family,” Dean reminded you as he opened the door to his house. “How about we watch a movie and I’ll cook up the frozen pizza I’ve been saving for whenever you need a night off from me?”

You laughed. “I don’t see a night like that in the near or far future. Pizza and a movie sounds great.”

You sipped on a soda in the kitchen while Dean heated the oven then put the pizza in. He was telling you about the last Christmas with his dad, and you were completely entranced. Hearing Dean talk about John always found the softest spot in your heart.

You let Dean pick out the movie, assuring him you’d been quite spoiled over the last couple of weeks. When he chose My Cousin Vinny, you were just as excited as if he’d picked another Christmas movie.

“One of my favorites,” you told him, settling down with your pizza and soda.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.” Dean sent you a wink, then settled in next to you.

The movie was over, sodas and pizza finished, and you and Dean were cuddled next to each other under a blanket on the couch. He turned off the television, leaving the room nearly dark, except for the light coming from the multi-colored bulbs on the Christmas tree.

“Did you hear from Sam yet?” you inquired.

“They found a bleed in another part of Jeremy’s brain,” Dean said, reading a text message from Sam. “It’s bad enough that they’ve already taken him into surgery. They’re not sure about his claims to not feel his feet, but they’re hoping it confusion from the fall.”

You shivered. “Poor Jess. Poor Caitlin.”

“Speaking of that,” Dean said, kissing you softly on the lips. “You were amazing tonight, Y/N. You didn’t panic for even a second. It was amazing to watch how quickly but effectively you checked Jeremy out and you knew exactly what to tell the guys who showed up.”

You smiled shyly. “It’s what I do for a living, remember? Nothing that spectacular.”

“It was to me,” Dean said, kissing you again. “Which, I think, earns you one of your Christmas presents tonight.”

“Dean, you don’t have to …”

You’d planned to exchange gifts at his mother’s house, or after at either your house or his, but Dean seemed determined. He plucked a box from under the tree and set it in your lap, taking the spot next to you on the couch.

“Merry Christmas, pretty girl.”

You kissed his cheek. “Merry Christmas, Dean.”

“Come on,” he prodded. “Open it! It’s kind of cheesy, but hopefully you’ll like it …”

You took a deep breath and tore into the wrapping paper. You lifted up the top panel on the cardboard box inside, your eyes instantly growing in awe. When you pulled out the pretty snow globe and got a good look at the scene inside, you couldn’t stop the grin on your face.

The porcelain couple inside the globe – the guy dressed in a garage shirt with grease smudges on his face, and the girl with a braid in her hair and her jeans messily tucked into untied tactical boots – were embraced in a sweet kiss as the small snow particles fell around them. Whoever made the snow globe had attached a small mistletoe to the top of the globe, and put a red rose in the guy’s hand.

“I know it wasn’t our first kiss or anything, but this was one of my favorite memories of us – so far,” Dean smiled. “A guy at the shop, his wife does stuff like this. I’d already been thinking of getting you the globe, but after that kiss in your driveway – like I said, I know it’s cheesy.”

You hugged the snow globe close to your heart and smiled big. “It’s perfect. Thank you, Dean.”

After a not-so-brief kiss, Dean took the globe from you. “There’s one more thing.”

He twisted the little knob on the bottom of the snow globe, and you both waited in suspense for a few seconds before the opening chords of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” began.

“My favorite,” you sighed, leaning your head against him. “This is amazing, Sparky. Really amazing.”

A few hours later, when you and Dean were finally able to tear away from the other’s embrace, he dropped you off at home. Once you were inside and the door was locked, you wasted no time in setting the globe on the nightstand next to your side of the bed.

Date #12

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Steve rogers? Do you write for steve? Baby, socks, fed

Daddy af (literally)

Originally posted by tomshardy

“Hi, Baby!” You cooed, looking down at your pretty, baby girl. “Look at you! Did your daddy buy you new socks? Is that Princess Ariel?” 

She got excited, kicking her legs and breathing heavily. You opened your mouth, eyes wide and filled with silly, love-y dove-y, goo-goo-ga-ga love. You kissed the bottom of her feet. 

“Let’s hope Daddy bought you diapers, too.” You grinned down at her.

“Daddy bought her everything mommy said to buy her.” A deep voice came from the doorway. You smiled for a different reason now. 

Without turning around, you asked, “Did Daddy feed Baby?” 

“Baby is fed. All she needs is a nap!” His arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you against him. He preened down at your baby girl, large fingers swiping over her tiny, chubby cheeks. 

“Maybe Mommy and Daddy could fit a nap in too, huh?” Steve always smiled at your baby voice, but it seemed that your daughter loved it more. She made a noise of delight and you gasped, “Yeah! I think that’s a yes!” 

After a few minutes of rocking and singing softly, she seemed calm enough to place in the crib. You quietly closed the door behind you, clutching the baby monitor tightly in your fist. You didn’t get three steps away from her bedroom before you were pushed up against the wall. 

“Daddy was thinking we could do something other than nap…” He mumbled against your scalp, sending a shiver down your spine. 

“Actually, maybe Mommy isn’t that tired anymore…” 

Cherry: I don’t think anyone should wear socks in the first place.

@bleach-slushiee : Well, Socks can keep your feet warm in the winter. I wish I could wear socks…

Cherry: well you can just wear them on you horn-


Cherry: …

Bleach: Socks are for your feet, silly.

Well I don’t know what the fuck that was but whatever…

Inspiration —>

Imagine a nervous Yoongi fretting over Jin’s (already totally packed) bags, worrying about him leaving for the Jungle…. 

“You sure you have enough socks Jinnie, how many socks did you take, I only see 20 pairs here, you’ve gotta keep your feet dry remember that - that’s the most important part…” 

“Yoongi, you silly, I have another few stuffed in the corners there, It’ll be fine…”

“Ok, I know, but …how about sunscreen and medicine, that stuff you take for your stomach when you eat something that doesn’t agree with you, and you have headache medicine right, and - do you think you have room for this little first aid kit…”

“Gigi,…you know the crew will have first aid kits, I’m sure everything will be ok…”

“I’m just gonna miss you, Jinnie, gonna have to go cuddle with Namjoon if I get cold - get my head snored off..”

“I’m not gone yet gigi…you can cuddle with me now..”

And so he does.  

So, I wrote this little drabble to entertain a friend last night, but after seeing the above pic this morning, decided to post the silly, pointless lil ficlet here…

The first time Bones sees Jim walking around the dorm room in boxer briefs, he does a double take from what he’s been looking at on his pad and says, “Well, damn. So THAT’S why your socks are never on your feet.”

Stopping in the middle of the room, Jim puts his hands on his hips in a way that only serves to emphasize Bones’ point. “Huh?” he asks his friend, head cocked in confusion.

Bones forces himself to tear his eyes from Jim’s crotch and pretends to be reading whatever was on the screen of his pad. “Why’re you stuffing socks in your underwear, anyway, Jim? You expecting some girl to show up and want to impress her?”

Jim’s expression freezes. Finally after a few seconds of silence, he turns beet red and slowly says, “Um…I don’t have a sock stuffed down my underwear.”

Now it's BONES’ turn to flush bright red as he slowly manages a strangled, “You don’t?”

Seeing his friend’s reaction, a tentative smile spreads across Jim’s face. “However, I will admit I was hoping to impress somebody…just not a girl.”

Bones makes a choked sound. “Well, mission accomplished, cadet." 

Unforgettable: Chapter Two - Moment For Life

Summary: Dean wakes up without any recollection of his family or the accident he’s just been in. No one’s more shocked than you are when you’re the only one he remembers.

Word Count: 4.2k oops

Warnings: a really boring chapter, traumatic amnesia, memory loss, cliches

Notes: Not beta’d. I apologize in advance and will edit it later haha. xx

Part One

You had never been more at a loss for words than you were in that moment. You had broken up once—was it really fair that you had to do it a second time?

“Dean, we, um…” your voice trailed off, the lump in your throat growing rapidly.
You couldn’t bear to look in those familiar, bright green eyes that you had missed so much. 

“Oh, Dean!

Dean, Sam, and you turn to the doorway to see Lisa running into Dean’s room. Her black usual waves were perfectly straight, not a hair out of place. Even her heels matched her lipstick. You couldn’t help but look down at your holey sweats and overstretched tee shirt with a twinge of shame. You shake the thought out of your head immediately – there were much more important things than looking your best. Clearly, Lisa had missed the memo.

You wanted to roll your eyes when she practically shoved you out of the way to get to Dean. You and Sam shared a similar look of distaste as you grabbed spot on the wall, leaning against the windows next to him. No one in Dean’s family or circle of friends was overly fond of Lisa. Even after almost a year of being distant, you still observed that that fact hadn’t changed much. 

You really couldn’t blame her, though. When you found a guy like Dean, you didn’t give him up easily – a fact that still made your gut stir with regret and guilt every time you thought about it. You wanted to get out of the sterile smelling room, grab a cab, and get make under your duvet as fast as possible, but you planted your feet and made up your mind. You would stay, for Dean and for Sam. You tried convincing yourself that it was the right thing to do.

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Request: Teen wolf thing? Stiles and reader driving around in his jeep, and you drive for hours listing to music and then you fall assleep and and starts raining and he thinks it’s cute when you sleep and fluff. idc if you do it or now, I just had a bad day and need some Stiles 0-0

A/N: Im sorry you were having a bad day but I hope you are having a better one today. If not, I hope this cheers you up. (: 

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 492

“You know…other people usually skip school when it’s sunny out.” Stiles said, parking his jeep and leaning his seat back to get comfortable.

The edges of your lips twitched up as you watched the heavy rain hit the front window then quickly run down like they were racing to the bottom. 

“Well, we aren’t like other people are we?” you chuckled, “besides, you have to admit this is nice - listening to music, sipping hot chocolate and sitting here with my most favorite person in the world -” you took a deep breath and closed your eyes, listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the top of the car mixed with the soothing music that was on the radio. “- it’s relaxing.”

Stiles looked over at you and smiled, looking down at your lips as you brought your thermos to it and took a sip. You both have been best friends for as long as he could remember and he didn’t know when he developed these ‘more than friends’ feelings for you but it surprised him that he didn’t develop them sooner. 

Having you call him your favorite person in the world, he couldn’t help but think maybe you felt the same way, but of course he could be wrong and you could have meant it as a friend. It didn’t bug him too much though because even though he would like to be more to you, he was just fine being your best friend and staying by your side.

His smile grew as he watched you kick off your boots and bring your fuzzy sock-covered feet up on the seat with you as you curled up. He never used to like the rain but since you loved it and dressed up in over-sized sweaters, leggings and fuzzy socks each time it rained, he grew to love it.

“What?” You brought him out of his reverie- you had shuffled in your seat so you were now facing him; a small smile was on your face.

Stiles shook his head and cleared his throat. “No-nothing, I’m just glad you asked me to come along with you.”

Your smile widened, “I wouldn’t have invited anyone else but you, silly.”

You both laid there in the comforting silence for awhile until Stiles heard your breathing become steady. Glancing over, a hint of a smile played at his lips as he took in the scene before him. You were curled up, your hands covered by the  giant knitted sweater you were wearing and your mouth was slightly open as you breathed. You were, in every way, perfect and adorable.

Reaching over he carefully tucked your (y/h/c) hair behind your ear, making sure not to wake you. You were his anchor- his anchor in this mess of a life he had and as he watched your body steadily rise and fall with each breath, he realized that he was falling and falling hard… for you. 

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Idc if you make this a fic or drabble but ticklish!phil I can do! Umm Dan stays at Phils house and his brother drops by and starts to embarrass Phil and tells Dan he's super ticklish and Dan gets back at him for tickling him?

“phil being in a bad mood and dan tickling him to make him happy again :D”

decided to combine these two prompts! :)

“Phil, I said I was-”

“Forget it.” Phil grumbled, tossing his bag on his bed and making Dan’s heart sink.

Dan had taken some time out from the school week to actually come visit Phil in his flat. Usually, he’d be over there so much that he’d sleep over occasionally. But exams had just passed, and he actually hadn’t seen Phil for a solid two weeks. Now that he was visiting, he was just acting like a huge grump. All because Dan had knocked over their ice cream when they went out and made Phil angry.

“Whatever. Fine. Be rude.” Dan said, sulking out to the lounge, giving a curt nod to Phil’s brother, who was visiting Phil and him for the time being. He heard Phil’s bathroom door slamming in the distance, letting out a sigh and plopping on the couch.

“Rough day?” Martin asked with a chuckle, raising his eyebrow at Dan. “Usually takes a lot to piss him off.”

“I know.” Dan said, rubbing his face. “I don’t know what I did! I wasn’t even here, because of my stupid exams-”



“Bingo.” Martin repeated with a shrug. “He gets really grumpy when he misses people, and I guess he was used to you always being around.”

“Oh…” Dan frowned, looking down. “So I guess it /is/ my fault…”

“Oh, not at all. He’s just a doofus.” Martin laughed, smiling warmly. “And he knows it. Seriously, just make him talk to you and be nice. I know you can do it.”

“M-Make him?” Dan asked curiously, tilting his head at Martin. “How would I do that?”

Martin looked at him incredulously, sighing. “Daniel… you’re an older brother, aren’t you? I’m sure you can think of it.” He said, watching Dan only become more confused. “I mean, hint hint, he’s /really/ ticklish on his feet.”

“OHHHHHH!” Dan said suddenly, smiling and nodding. “Yes, /that/! I can definitely do that!”

“Good, because here he comes now.” Martin smiled, greeting Phil as he came into the room. “I think I’ll go out for a bit. Seems like you two need to catch up.” He winked at Dan making his way out of the apartment. Dan sighed at Phil, patting the spot next to him.

Phil sent a small glare his way before sitting next to him, crossing his arms. “What do you want?”

“Nothing.” Dan said simply, shrugging and scooting up next to Phil. “Maybe I just want to sit with the cutest, sweetest person in the whole world. Is that a problem?”

Phil’s face turned a dark pink at the compliment, making Dan smirk victoriously.

“N-No, it’s not. But you’re being annoying.”

Dan imitated an offended look, which made Phil’s eyes briefly flash with worry. He apparently knew how fragile Dan could be with comments like that, but he didn’t catch onto the fact that Dan was also faking it.

“Am I? /Am/ I being annoying, Phil?” Dan asked incredulously. He made sure to really guilt trip Phil, already seeing Phil’s folded arms relax in pity.

“I-I…. Well….” Phil stammered, guilt covering his face.

“You’re really mean, Phil.” Dan stated harshly, making Phil’s eyes finally snap up to meet his. “All I did was try to love you and you were rude. How could you?”

The noiret’s eyes suddenly became wet as he bit his lip.

“B-But, Dan… I… Because…”

“No ‘but’s.” Dan snapped, raising his hand to stop Phil’s attempt to explain. He already knew the reason anyways. “Do you know what I should do about this?”

Phil clamped his lips together, sniffling slightly. He shook his head, unaware of whether it was a rhetorical question or not.

“I should…. tickle you silly!” Dan giggled loudly, tackling the surprised Phil back onto the couch and digging his fingers into Phil’s hips.

Phil squealed loudly, squeezing his eyes shut and throwing his head back.

“Yohohohohou fucking JERK!”

“Ah ah! No swearing, naught Phil!” Dan smiled, squeezing down Phil’s hips, making Phil buck and thrash when Dan’s slender fingers gently pinched his thighs. “Ooo! Phil is ticklish on his legs!”

Phil practically flipped out, face turning completely red at Dan’s embarrassing teasing.

“Get off! OFF!”

Dan shrugged and smirked, sitting back as he squeezed up and down Phil’s thighs. He didn’t even have to hold the boy down; Phil was in too much ticklish-agony to realize he could get away instead of sitting there and fighting it.

“What’s all this ruckus?” A voice called from the lounge doorway, causing Dan to look up as he continued to torture Phil. He smiled when he saw Martin, smirking a little.

“Oh, just having a little fun!” Dan giggled, hearing Phil’s loud protests.


“Help? Oh, if you insist.” The older brother chuckled, leaning over the couch to teasingly pinch Phil’s already bright red cheek. “Remember, Dan, what I said about his feet!”


“Oh, so you /are/ super ticklish on your feet!” Dan laughed, gasping as Phil flipped himself over to crawl away. “Aww, get back here, you!”

Dan giggled, wrapping his arm around Phil’s ankles and scratched his fingers quickly up and down the soles of Phil’s sock-covered feet.

Phil spazzed out like Dan had never seen before, one loud, high pitched scream before breaking down in loud, deep-bellied laughs. He snorted once when a particularly bad spot was reached, making Dan giggle at him again and wiggle a single finger under his wiggling toes.


“Aww, too ticklish to speak? You silly boy!” Dan teased, finally glad he could tease Phil the same way he was usually teased. At least this method was a lot funnier.


Dan shook his head in great amusement, laughing as well when he heard Martin’s laughter at the situation himself.

“I… what? I don’t understand.” Dan snickered, finally slowing his fingers until he came to a complete stop, hearing Phil panting heavily into the couch behind him. He slowly sat up, letting go of Phil’s legs and looking at him, who had his face buried in his arms. “You okay?”

Phil’s chest heaved, body trembling from the ghost tickles still lingering over his skin and feet. “I-I’m fine…. God…”

Dan chuckled, leaning down to lay down next to Phil and kissing his hair.

“Well, I’m not any sort of supreme being, sweetheart, but you know what?”

“What?” Phil asked softly, turning to peek at Dan with a tired, shy smile.

“I missed you, too.”


Between the Outlines: Part 6

Originally posted by samwinchesterappreciation

Notes: Final part of this Punk!AU Sam x Reader mini-series! I honestly surprised it got the response it did, as I personally hated the way it turned out, so i’m kinda sad to see it go because of you :(

Pairing: Romantic Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k+

Song: Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Someone to Stay

Warnings: Angst, hurt/comfort

12 Days of Christmas Challenge. Day 6: Decorating + sweaters

You let out a tired breath as you sat up, back aching despite the placing a pillow beneath you to help as you slept. Your hair was a complete mess and your bare legs were tangled up in the cotton sheets, the straps of a plain black tank top sitting on your shoulders as you were sitting straight.

You casted a glance to your closet door, and were enthralled by the reflection staring back at you from the full-body mirror propped up against it. The sunlight was bouncing off of your skin and although you eyes were tired, even you could see that there was a story within them.

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