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Hey hey ♡ I have a little request for you since I fell in love with your writings. How would the RFA, Searan and V react if fem!MC would call them "master" ? I'd love a NSFW version :)

okay so the context for this is basically MC works at a maid cafe and ‘accidentally’ says that to them 

also NSFW lmao i can try but- y’all know i’m bad at sin xD


  • he walked through the door expecting the more than normal “hello” from MC but
  • instead it was “Good day, Master~”
  • one of those big anime “EHHHH?!” things
  • he can’t even form words like omfg what the heck just happened? 
  • he immediately starts blushing because he’s really turned on and he just covers his mouth in embarrassment 
  • Knees weak and slightly shaking he makes his way over to MC and just literally f a l l s into her arms cuz he’s so. damn. lightheaded from MC’s simple, less than provocative words
  • “M-MC.. please give me a heads up before you do something like that, my heart can’t go from doki doki to heart ATTACK.”
  • MC: ??? did i do something do i need to call ambulance


  • He just came back from a run
  • Nice and sweaty… steamin’ hot, really.
  • Anyway he’s like taking a sip from his water bottle when he opens the door 
  • “Welcome, Master!”
  • he just cHOKES 
  • he’s over there like coughing cuz water almost got into his lungs all the while MC is still pouncing around in her fricken (work) clothes
    • which is hella kawaii btw 
  • and he’s feeling it man
  • it’s now or never 
  • so he promptly recovers from his coughing fit and picks up MC bridal style 
  • “EW you’re getting my costume all sweaty and gross”
  • “How can you say that to your “Master”?“
  • *MC’s face turns flush red when she realizes what her slip up has now caused
  • weoo not complaining for what’s to happen next though ;))


  • I thought we promised to keep it PG 
  • but not today honey, not today
  • Jaehee was working (the usual) 
  • MC brought in some coffee so she could stay alive awake
  • and as she sets down the cup, MC just asks as if it were natural
  • “Master, would you like me to draw a cat on top of your latte?”
  • The only thing Jaehee could see atm was MC in a freaking a kitty lingerie outfit
  • she’d never liked cats more before
  • snapping back into reality she saw MC’s face staring at her dumbfounded
  • cuz she ain’t a perv like u baehee 
  • And she gives Jaehee a peck on the lips before she gets pulled under by Jaehee’s naughty, naughty thoughts


  • it was Sunday morning and he was playing with Elly as usual
  • MC was in the kitchen making some kitty shaped pancakes for the two of them but what Jumin didn’t know was that MC dressed up as a maid for the fun of it (since he never got to see her in it)
  • “Master~ breakfast is served” she announced as she left the kitchen looking SUPER ADORABLE in her outfit 
  • Jumin just stares at her and a sly smile begins to form on his lips
  • “Did you wear that for me?”
  • MC gives him a little wink and
  • He snickers a little and leaves Elly to play alone
  • *kabedon MC against the wall*
  • you can choose a pose (but tbh i think pose #4 is just perfect)
  • “would i get in trouble for ripping this?” he says has he tugs roughly at her skirt


  • so he was just playing on his computer and suddenly MC just spins his chair around
  • his eyes widen at the sight of her in a maid outfit
  • “How do I look, Master?”
  • then he starts getting r e a l e x c i t e d
  • to MC’s dismay, he decides to hold a maid outfit challenge
  • and they literally have to Skype call all of the RFA to get votes
  • also did i mention Zen voted for Seven lmfao
  • sorry MC, no sexy time for you - Seven’s just… being Seven


  • He was just tryna get some new socks okay
  • little cinnamon bun innocent as hell but
  • he accidentally walked in on MC changing out of her work clothes
  • “M-MC?”
  • unconsciously she answers “Yes, master?”
  • whoop 
  • there he goes, red as a tomato
  • “M-master?”
  • MC looks at him kinda confused like why is he so red-
  • ohhhh
  • so she decides to play with this cute bby a little more
  • she leans in real close man so close he can feel her hot breath on his neck
  • “Or should I say… my saviour?”


  • MC just came back from work and he can’t see her outfit because he’s freaking blind ok
  • but he can smell her perfume
  • “MC, you’re home!”
  • he walks over to give her a hug
  • “Yes, Master~”
  • he kinda stiffens like 
  • what did she just say?
  • MC goes in for a tight hug and he can feel all the frilly fabric 
  • and his breath hitches a bit because she smells like cotton candy and 
  • he’s suddenly a little choked man he’s gotta loosen the non-existent tie around his neck to calm the f down
  • and he like clears his throat a little
  • BUT THEN MC goes in for a kiss and he just cannot anymore 
  • “MC let’s go to the room to finish this”

LOL i wanted to add pics cuz it’s more fun lmao 

also sorry this is very SFW

~Cherry L.

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Bruce is one of those dads who can multitask so good that it annoys you.
In the middle of putting a sock bun in Stephanie’s hair, Tim’s trying to sneak in through the freaking window, trying to pretend he was there the whole time but, no, dad Bruce doesn’t even look up, just calmly asks where he was, then tells him he’s grounded when he doesn’t get a straight answer.
While giving Barbara a French Braid, Dick decided to be an idiot and almost break a vase, he throws two knifes right below it, they catch it and almost pierce Dick while they do.
He gives Cass a Waterfall Braid while he orders that dress she wanted online, smirking all the while.
He talks to Duke about how galas go overall while he tries his best to makes Harper’s hair wavy.
The entirety of combing Damian’s hair, Tim’s trying to convince him why he shouldn’t be grounded, Tim stops almost every 3 minutes to ask him if he’s listening, he is, he just doesn’t care.
He puts the turkey in the oven for Alfred (he doesn’t get to set the timer or season it, just put it in) and the household is way too quiet. He goes outside, catches Damian before he falls into a puddle, grabs Jason’s ear and yells for everyone to come in.
He redoes everyone’s hair, two at a time while listening to excuses.
He struggles to get Jason into his suit. Jason really doesn’t want to come. It’s a miracle he could convince him into the suit, let alone into the car.
He drives while simultaneously convincing Damian to take a quick nap, yelling at Jason to chill, reciting his lines, telling Tim to cheer up and “DICK DO NOT OPEN THE ROOF OR I WILL PUSH YOU OUT. STEPHANIE IF YOU HELP HIM YOU CAN WALK TOO.”
During the gala he makes sure there’s no underage drinking, which is hard because he keeps forgetting Jason is only 20, Tim is upset, Stephanie is REALLY curious, and Damian thinks he’s 30. Someone nearly tricked Cass into drinking, tried to DRUG her, so, sadly, there was violence, committed by the same mom who told them the entire car ride not to punch anyone, no matter how much they wanted to.
Bruce has to slyly cut his speech in half because no one except him noticed Dick falling off the balcony.
When he gets home he puts Tim’s hair into a man-bun and watches his masterpieces go unraveled. “I won’t kill you if you drop that tie on the floor, but Alfred will.”
He finishes a couple of things for work and answers the random questions his kids keep coming in to ask for some reason.
The rest of the night he watches movies with his children, and, for once, he doesn’t need to multitask. Until a fight breaks out, Barbara sees a rat, and Damian cries over the dying dog.

hogwarts houses & christmas asethetics

gryffindor ; slipping into coffee shops to keep out of the cold, big cozy parkas, snow ball fights - no - snow ball wars, flannel, doc martens, board games by the fire, building excessive snow forts, ugly christmas sweaters, big knit mittens, living in leggings or skinny jeans despite the cold, eating all the christmas oranges and all the baking before anyone else can, watching arthur christmas, putting up the tree on december 1st, trying to stay up all night christmas eve

ravenclaw ; reading under heavy blankets, braving the cold to take pictures of the trees when they’re perfectly dusted with snow, cashmere turtlenecks, always holding a cup of steaming tea, reading robert frost, burning candles to stay warm, mom jeans and big woolly socks, baking cinnamon buns, putting up all the fairy lights, building igloos, making paper snowflakes, watching the polar express, always cold and sleepy

hufflepuff ; oversized woolly scarves, chatting and reading by the fire, hot cocoa with heaps of whipped cream, bean boots, walks through fields of snow, baking sugar cookies, making snow angels, walking around the house with a blanket wrapped around them, always smelling like a warm vanilla candle, knitting everything, picking out christmas trees, always in holiday pyjamas, making christmas puns, planting poinsettias, watching elf over and over and over  

slytherin ; still walking around in heels like the snow and ice don’t exist, slim fitting woolen overcoats, all black everything, apparently never cold, beanies with a fur pom pom, watching the snow fall late at night, leather gloves, decorating with ivy and mistletoe, building snowmen and ice sculptures, berry lipstick stains on red starbucks cups, watching the holiday, waking up way too early christmas morning and getting up anyways

the signs as tumblr things

aries- messy beds
taurus- cool sunsets/rises
gemini- swaggy hair
cancer- messy bun
leo- eyebrows
virgo- bralettes
libra- tapestries
scorpio- polaroids
sagittarius- christmas lights
capricorn- knee socks
aquarius- pretty bedrooms
pisces- ocean pics


I visited Korea for the first time for spring break! It was great~ Gotta say Korea has some great street food stalls! I was eating something new on every corner. I would recommend checking out Korea! :) Also, couldn’t help but snap a photo of the random No Face trying to bring customers in!