socks and wedges

you: *an innocent store worker*

me: *stumbles in at 2:26 pm wearing socks and classy strappy wedges over my visibly swollen feet, pajama pants with polar bears on them, noticeably no bra, a hoodie, a long black cardigan, a diamond necklace, some of my hair tied in a ball but my side bangs are hanging down in the direct center of my face, glasses smudged to shit over my bagged eyes, a decorative pillow stuck to and hanging from my elbow, smelling strongly of chicken pesto pizza, carrying an armful of cheese danish, looks like I’ve probably cried within the last 15 minutes* “Yes hi hello listen I know I’m a vision of sheer absolute beauty and it can be a lot to take in at once but please I need you to be professional about this and tell me where you keep the hot sauce. Also where the hell am I?”

How To - Have a Teacher Crush

How To - Have a Teacher Crush

This is a compact how-to guide on how to have a tc, what turns them on and off, and how to get them to cope with this. If anything here is something you wrote or looks like something you might have posted, feel free to message me so that I can add your name and credit you! I am just taking a ton of things that I have read online and on Tumblr and putting it into a big thing!


Oh, and if you enjoy this, feel free to send me a message asking what you would like to see in another TC Guide if I made one! And also, if you want to talk about your TC, my kik is bjrcarebear!

So here it is…..

What is a TC?

A “TC” stands for “Teacher Crush”. Do not let this be confused for thinking that a teacher is cute or hot. A genuine crush is when you just can’t seem to get them off of your mind or you have pictured the two of you together.

I think I have a crush on my teacher. How can I get over him/her?

If you “think” that you like them, then you most likely don’t actually like them or if you do then you will hopefully get over them within a month at the latest. If you have a genuine crush on your teacher, then expect the feelings to hang around for quite a while. In my personal experiences, a crush on a teacher has lasted almost exactly 2 years. I only got over my former TC when I moved across the country and fell for another teacher a whole two years later.

I think I really love him/her! What now?

Alright, take a second to just sit back and process the thought of your TC. Imagine you two growing old together and finding out their quirks. Now I don’t mean their good cute ones, but the ones that they hide from the world. If you LOVE someone, you accept all of them. What if they pick their nose? (Insert “Frozen” gif here) What if they don’t do they’re own laundry or sit on the toilet for 2 hours simply to have some alone time?

Okay, now think to yourself - are you ready to accept all of that and grosser things that might come along? If so, then you just might actually LOVE your TC. I personally have a thing where I HATE feet but I wouldn’t mind him being barefoot and snuggling with me. That is how I know that I love him. What about you?


Men are visual creatures, as are women. We as human beings judge people based off of how they look and that is just how we are. So you want to make sure that you catch your TC’s eye and that it isn’t in a bad way!

Maturity Over Nymphets

Many people with a TC have heard of Lolita and her notorious nymphet-like fashion. Well, I am here to tell you that dressing as a nymphet isn’t exactly going to make them look at you. However, I do not know your TC so if they like dresses or are attracted to cute things (I suppose this only applies to the women teachers, but as I said before, I don’t know your teacher!) then dress like a Nymphet! However, many grown men/women would want to be seen holding hands with someone who looks like their girlfriend, not their daughter.

Looking Mature

If you are taking the route of maturity, then this passage is for you. I shall help you with picking out clothing to wear and what to do with your makeup!

CLOTHING - So for clothing, remember that you want to look as though you are years older than you are. That doesn’t mean dressing like some stuffy business woman or anything, rather than not looking like a hobo every day of your life. I used to do this and got no attention whatsoever. Now though, I dress with a more mature look. Clothing such as…

- Skirts (Pencil, hoop, maxi, etc.)
- Crop Tops (Not ones that show your stomach, but ones that a skirt covers.)
- Anything black!
- Heels/Flats
- Hoop earrings
- Light Patterns
- Knee high boots
- Trench coats

Now this isn’t saying that you can’t wear sweats or jeans because you can, but make sure that if you really want to seem mature most days, that it is worn with a cute top that shows off your curves without it being like, “LOOK AT MY CURVES OMG FUCK ME NOW!” if that makes any sense at all! (I hope it does) The point is to consider your outfits and think to yourself, “Would this get me into a modeling magazine?”

MAKEUP -  So you kind of want to go for a natural look. By this, I mean that you want to make your eyes pop and don’t want to look like you walked out of a Crayola factory either. So try to stick with a foundation that matches your skin tone. I use a liquid foundation from Chanel and apply it with a sponge. It is my skin tone exactly and doesn’t take too long to apply. For me, this is about the extent of my makeup, but for you beauty queens that enjoy wearing makeup (or know how to apply it) then here are things to keep in mind…

- Dark colors make your eyes pop!
- Don’t ever overdue the eye shadow
- Blend the colors (Black - white)
- Blush makes your jaw line more prominent.
- With blush, try not to look like you got beat up by a red crayon!
- Eyeliner is always beautiful! But never over due it!
- Smokey eyes are always beautiful!
- Nude lipstick or anything nude
- Light pink lipstick

- Wear your hair however you see fit, but straight hair is very attractive in my opinion!

As you can see, makeup is a battle between light and dark and never going overboard. As I said before, you want to look like you aren’t wearing makeup while actually wearing makeup.

Looking Like a Nymphet

As I mentioned before, I don’t know what your TC likes and doesn’t like, and I am NOT going to tell you what to wear. So if you want to look like a Nymphet, here are some tips…

Clothing - So the whole purpose of Nymphet fashion is to look cute and girly! So I don’t mean to look like a 5 year old walking out of Walmart rather than a teen with Ariana Grande’s old fashion sense! It is cute and catches the eye. Here are some things that a Nymphet might wear…

- Skirts (If they flow or have cute patterns, then this is great!)
- Crop tops (Make sure it matches the skirt or whatever. You may show some stomach as you wish.)
- Sneakers (Converse, Vans, etc.)
- Ballerina flats
- Wear bright colors, but not neon bright!
- Thigh high socks
- Heels (Wedges usually!)
- Frilly dresses are super cute!
- Checkered patterns
- Cute chokers are great! (Search “Lolita chokers”)

Please, as you dress like the cute Nymphet you are, keep in mind that just because you show your butt, your TC won’t always look your way. Look cute, not trashy. And please please please… NO SCHOOL GIRL STUFF! It is too suggestive and the point is to, again, be cute not trashy.

When it comes to makeup, I find that this is kind of Nymphet-ish

- Light pink/purple/blue eye shadow
- Eye liner! (Just a tad on the darker side but not too much darker than usual!)
- A liquid foundation to match your skin tone
- Blush
- Light pink lipstick
- Bright red lipstick
- Mascara!!!

- Wear your hair however you like, though having some curls would look super cute!

Here, makeup is a mix of cute and popping out. However, don’t look like you belong in the circus either, meaning that you shouldn’t go overboard with your makeup!

How to Act

I ask that you follow these in order of the steps. This will gradually add you to their thoughts instead of making them think that you are simply some lustful kid!

STEP ONE - Be an Amazing Student

It doesn’t matter what your personality is, many teachers like the same thing, so here is a GENERAL list of things that you should do in their class to catch their eye. This does not include flirting, though there will be a section on that.

- Pay attention
- Always ask questions
- Always raise your hand to ask questions
- Don’t sit too close to the front of the class (They might know how you feel, then!)
- Take amazing notes!
- Attempt to write as neatly as you possibly can
- Don’t slouch

STEP TWO - Be More than the Average Student

This is kind of a topic that sits on the edge of flirting and being a normal student. This will get them to look your way, but not exactly lust for you. However, you can bet that they will think of you once in a while! (Insert “Phantom of the Opera” gif here)

- Sit on the edge of your desk whenever you can
- Swing your legs back and forth
- Dot your “i” with a heart
- Doodle tiny hearts on your papers as though it is a simple doodle
- When they look at you, hold eye contact
- Smile when they look at you
- Ask how their day is going
- Compliment something small such as their shirt or new haircut or tie!

STEP THREE - Flirt/Seduce Them

Have you followed the first two steps and feel that you are at a point where you are ready to flirt a bit?

-Don’t flirt unless you are 100% sure that you like this person and could see the two of you being together in the future. This will just end a mess if they actually do like you!
- Suck on a pencil every now and then
- Hold eye contact for as long as you can
- A smile is super sexy!
- Ask about your TC and their weekend, night, likes and dislikes, etc
- Find reasons to email them
- Instead of only giving a compliment every so often, give one every day or every other day
- Never come on too strong!
- Being bold is a good thing. Being too bold is a bad thing.
- Keep your TC out of the loop sometimes. Guys in general enjoy having to work to turn the page, not just being handed an open book. So if your teacher asks what you and your friends were talking about, smile/smirk and reply with, “Nothing.”
- Tease them gently. Don’t be an ass hole to them, but poke fun at them at certain things that won’t crush their spirit.
- Make funny faces at them sometimes.
- They won’t always start the conversation, so keep this in mind. You won’t get anywhere simply by awkwardly looking at them from across the room.
- Keep the conversations light (unless they bring up something personal) by never diving into their past or something. Remember that in the end, you are still a student and they are still a teacher.
- Don’t cross your arms or legs (unless you have a dress or skirt on, that is) because this is a sign that you want to back out of a conversation
- Play with your hair a bit! Twirl it around your finger or brush it off of your shoulder.
- Casually touch their arm or something.
- Always turn your body towards your TC while talking to them.
- Keep conversations short and sweet. They might be busy with teacher stuff.
- Don’t complain while flirting.
- DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE WHILE TALKING WITH THEM! (Unless you are talking about cell phones and comparing them aha!)
- Keep gum or mints with you. It not only draws attention to the mouth, but you can also offer your TC some!
- Be yourself!
- It is totally alright to be a bit crazy! People don’t want to date a Barbie, and plus, everyone is a bit crazy so embrace it!
- Be interested in what they have to say. Even if you don’t care in the slightest, act interested!
- Tell them a cheesy joke
- Apparently, according to scientists on Google, the color RED (Insert Taylor Swift gif here) draws attention to you.
- Have a scent for yourself so that whenever they smell it, they are reminded of you. Don’t spray too much though!
- Paint your nails something cute. If you are in the maturity column above, go for a French manicure. If you are in the Nymphet category, go for a light pink or something.
- Never let on that you are nervous to talk to them, even if you are.
- Laugh at their dumb jokes.
- Call them out when their makes a mistake! It will show confidence. However, don’t be a bitch about it haha.
- If you can get a hold of their phone, change their background to something super cute or cheesy.
- Sit in their chair until they make you move.
- Talk about common interests but NEVER fake liking things to make them like you more.
- Don’t flirt forever. If it seems like you two might be able to go farther, don’t be afraid to ask for “study time” or their phone number (If you are super ballsy) or simply their personal email.
- If you don’t feel like you could ever really ask for their number, somehow sneak your number to them or simply give it to them!
- Invite them to a dance you are in or the school musical you are in or something of the sort.

Reading the Signs

So you think that your TC likes you back or favorites you as a student, or simply hates you? Well, here are some ways to tell if what you think is true is actually true or not.

Do They Hate You?

I should start by saying that unless you murdered their pet, they most likely don’t hate you. However, teachers do dislike people sadly. So if they do any of the following, then they might dislike you. However, this is just my opinion.

- Never face you in class
- Never look at you during a lecture
- Give you dirty looks
- Rips the paper out of your hand
- Carelessly tosses a paper on your desk
- Refuses to help you with work but helps other students
- Crosses arms while talking to you
- Only talks to you when he has to
- Makes conversations short.
- If you deserve a high grade and they give you a low grade
- If someone deserves a low grade and they get a high grade
- If you have always been good at said class and all of a sudden your grade drops with this teacher

If you are super brave, ask if they hate you! Also, keep in mind that if they seem to be ignoring you, it might be unintentional.

Are You Their Favorite Student?

It might be a bit hard to tell if the two of you have mutual feelings,

- They smile at you as you talk
- They give you extensions on your paper
- If you mess up in class they don’t embarrass you
- They give you a better grade than you deserve sometimes
- Give you credit on an answer you got wrong
- They make conversation with you outside of class
- They let you pick your own group partner (Or in my case - lets me work alone)

So I would like to point out something that I realized. The difference between being a favorite student and your teacher crushing on you is actually quite obvious. If a teacher has a crush on you, they won’t make it pop out. Like, they won’t give you extra things or talk outside of class. They might actually keep their distance so that others don’t point out their liking you more.

Is the Feeling Mutual?

Continuing on from that last statement, I should point out that teachers talk. If another teacher sees them giving you special treatment, they can say that you are their favorite student. If they like you, they will play it off. So here is how you might know if the feeling is mutual…

- They don’t just smile at you when the two of you talk, but they smirk at you when you aren’t even talking with each other.
- Talks with you after school
- Gets into personal detail about themselves without you even needing to ask
- They wink at you
- Will see if you need help in class even if they know that you don’t.
- Walks past you often (More than he walks past other students.)
- Pay attention to how they act and talks to you verses other students
- They act in a suggestive manner
- Call you beautiful, hot, etc…
- They suddenly starts to like things that you like
- Asks you a lot of questions about you (They want to know you better)
- They lean in towards you while talking
- They go from being super amazingly nice to you and then all of a sudden they are ignoring you. (Guys especially feel that they either need to distance themselves from you or that you will notice and say something.)
- They bring up something that they would have only known had they been on your FaceBook
- They stare at your lips, breasts, or some other part of your body
- You catch them looking at you and then they quickly turn away.
- Asks about a guy you are close with or, if the guy is in their class, they will move one of you so that the two of you are far apart
- They always agree with you
- They seem nervous around you and only you
- Guys will try to seem like the best guy in the world and like they are the alpha
- They are protective of you (more so than with other students)
- They get jealous
- They remember small things about you
- Always tries to impress you
- They stand a bit closer to you than they should
- They give you a nickname
- Inside jokes?
- They are asking around about you
- Talks to/only puts up with people because they are your friends
- If the two of you are talking, they won’t check the time
- Say they tell you exactly what they did over the weekend and tells another student a plain old answer.
- They not only remember small details about you, but the know them off the top of their head.
- They tell you that something reminded them of you
- Maybe you mention in the past that you like a certain shirt of theirs or a certain tie…maybe they wear it more often
- He doesn’t look at the other pretty girls that pass and only looks at you
- They understand you and your mood swings
- Remembers your friends names or family members’ names
- They get you a birthday/holiday gift
- They make a move that shows them wanting to touch you (a hug, resting an arm on your shoulder, etc) but stop mid-way for any number of reasons.
- Cancels plans to help you with something.
- Will talk about girly things with you (if they are a guy)
- Men have up a wall that never crashes, so if he shares personal life experiences with you, then there might be something there.
- They mention being single while around you
- Following that, they keep themselves single even when they could date an adult whom they are close with.
- They let you borrow personal things of theirs (personal books, favorite pen, phone charger, etc…)

Coping with having a TC

So I have a best friend who is not on Tumblr but told me that she has fallen for a teacher. She is the kind of girl who is used to crushing on guys her age and she told me that she doesn’t want to have this. So this is how you cope with having a TC…

If you don’t want it to go anywhere, then follow these steps. Sadly, you could just be ‘friends’ and the heart will want more, so do this to insure that the heart doesn’t get that way.

- Just be a student
- Don’t talk to them outside of class
- Only talk about things related to that class
- Be a good student and keep your grade up, but if you need help, ask a friend or someone else.
- Set the boundary between the two of you somehow.

Wow that is a crappy list, but I just really kind of ship the whole Student and Teacher relationship thing. However, if you follow these steps, you can stop your heart from wanting more than it will ever get.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm trans and struggling a lot with dysphoria now that I'm home from school, and I was wondering, do you have any tips on just overall feeling more masculine? Like clothes or how to style hair or certain things you do in general that just help? I'd really appreciate it!!

hi!! i completely understand how u feel, i get dysphoric over things all the time and it Sucks!!! ill try and compile some of the things that i do to feel more masc!!! this might be long because i like to ramble so i’ll put it under a readmore!

any of our trans followers are also welcome to reply to this with their own tips for passing and feeling masculine!!!!!

for hair, the biggest thing ive seen is to have it shorter!! of course if you like long hair thats fantastic! but ive found the best way to make me personally feel more masculine is a fresh shave, or a super short trim at a salon. If you’re out to your parents, it may be easier to go to a barbershop and explain the short hair, but if not its no problem!! short hair is super in these days, most people wouldnt question it. i always personally wear mine shaved except for the top of my head and it makes me feel masc!! another thing might be to try wearing hats!! beanies or baseball hats/snapbacks are really common masculine accessories and i find they can frame ur face in a more masculine way!!

i personally have a really weird relationship with masculine clothes? because theyre never as vibrant and exciting as things i like to wear and its disappointing ahah. when i want to dress super masculine i always choose things that are less vibrant, usually greys or blacks or darker colours! jeans or chino or even cargo pants work really well, and making sure to have a little bit of space in around the crotch is helpful!! knee high shorts are also really good, i find i always feel my most masculine when i wear jeans with a bit of sag and usually flat one colour tops! of course if thats not your style you can play around with it, and depending on if youre out or able to buy your own clothes you can try checking out mens sections!! if not, the womens section usually has some less feminine clothes!! unisex tees are a wonder, they arent fitted to be super feminine and theyre lovely.

as well, a binder is always a thing to look at if you need help feeling masculine and have a larger chest!! i find wearing mine always makes me really confident!!!! if you have one already you can ignore all of this ahah. but! binders are very finicky and no matter what you hear, there is always some risk of damage that comes from longterm binding. it can mess with your ribs and lungs and, if done incorrectly can be VERY damaging. but!!!!!! there are absolutely ways to make it as safe as possible!! @gc2b-apparel and @shapeshiftersinc both sell binders, and they both appear to be some of the best binders available!!! i can personally vouch for gc2b, i have one of theirs and it does flatten my chest a significant amount! make sure to get a binder from reputable places like the 2 mentioned above! it may be slightly expensive but its worth not ruining your body! there are probably better guides to safe binding, and i cant remember everything so make sure to do your research but!! what i can remember is to take breaks frequently, never ever buy a size too small (mine was a size too big and it still works fantastic!) dont wear your binder for more than 8 hours (im guilty of this whoops) and dont sleep in them!!

another thing that helps a lot of trans men is packing!!! if you’re unfamiliar with this, it means using something to give the appearance of essentially a crotch bump. they sell silicone packers, which are basically limp silicone weiners that go in your underwear!! packing isnt for everybody, and buying an actual packer can be very hard for people, so what i do is!! i usually take a couple of small socks, ball them up, and wedge them in the front of my underwear! it kind of feels strange, but it makes the area seem filled and can give the appearance of having a dick? it can help people pass anyways. its not for everybody, but it might help to try once to see if you like it!!!

i also dont shave? and i find that really helps build my masculinity. having hairy legs and armpits and arms is something that i feel helps alleviate a lot of dysphoria!! of course again, not for everybody but if you tend to shave letting it grow out might help!!

my biggest source of dysphoria probably comes from my voice, and its a thing that lots of other trans men have problems with!! the most common tip is to talk from your chest, but i read one tip for lowering your voice slightly that is a personal fave and really helped me!! i read that if you go through your music and choose all the male singers (idk why but i have trouble singing lower to female voiced songs) and in your spare time, just singing along in the lowest voice you can get!!! i found that doing it regularly helped me find the lower ranges of my voice to talk from, and also helps bring it down a little bit!!

i hope these helped you dude, good luck!!!!

keilidhe  asked:

Ahh, if I may, gajevy with "Stop lifting things twice the size of you." or "Character A brought home their first piece of baby clothing and Character B hasn't stopped crying ever since." (bonus if Gajeel is the one crying)!

I incorporated the prompts together! (Of course Gajeel is the one crying hahaha). 

;Baby Steps.

‘Stop lifting things twice the size of you!’

Levy flinched at the weight of Gajeel’s hand on her back. She dropped the stack of boxes in the entrance, where they exploded on the ground at her feet. Cardboard split open, revealing a mountain of baby clothes within. She’d ordered them the week before, while Gajeel was out on a job. She’d wanted to surprise him – that’s why she’d gone to retrieve the delivery by herself. 

She would have knelt to fix the damage, was her stomach not quite so big. Being pregnant was not as glamorous as the magazines made it out to be. 

Especially when you were having twins.

‘Don’t even think about it,’ he admonished. ‘I’ll get ‘em.’

‘I’ll help,’ Lily said from behind him.

Watching the two of them kneel to retrieve the clothes, Levy eased back against the wall to her left and let out a long sigh. She hated feeling useless. But, she supposed, this was as good a reason as any to sit back and relax for a change.

‘Gajeel? Are you all right?’ Lily’s voice edged into concern. 

Levy’s eyes flicked down to Gajeel’s back. His shoulders were trembling. Lily reached out with one hand to console his friend with a gentle pat on the shoulder. To their mutual surprise, Gajeel dissolved into a fit of audible sobbing.

Unable to lean down and comfort him, Levy placed a hand on her swollen belly and silently pleaded with Lily for aid. Helping his comrade to his feet, Lily brought Gajeel to Levy’s side, where she clumsily embraced him with one arm.

‘They’re so little,’ he sobbed, a pair of socks wedged between his fingers. 

‘Like their mother,’ Lily said, his voice filled with pride. 

Gajeel snaked his arms around Levy’s shoulders and pulled her tight against him. The twins kicked in response to their father’s embrace.

‘We’re having mini-Levy’s!’ he sobbed.

Levy had never seen him like this before. He’d shed tears when she’d announced the pregnancy. But those had been simple tears. These were streams of emotion melting through his iron scales.  

‘Hey,’ she soothed. ‘I’m supposed to be the emotional one.’

Gajeel took her face into his hands and pressed a sudden kiss to her forehead. Lily cleared his throat behind them.

‘It seems we’ve found the dragon’s weakness,’ he mocked.

‘Oi, don’t tell my kids their father’s weak.’

My kids. Levy’s heart swelled in earnest. ‘I can’t wait to meet them,’ she said.

Gajeel placed the tiny pink socks into her hands. ‘I wonder what they’ll be like.’

‘If they’re anything like you two,’ Lily started, crouching to retrieve a pair of matching shoes, ‘they’re sure to be inseparable.’ 

[  homemade. ]

Prompt: Your mother knitted me a sweater for Christmas.

A/N: I took this prompt and changed it just a wee bit. CS Christmas fluff (because man do we need some fluff right now, amirite?) with the slightest hint of ouch my heart and a side of Granny.

+ + + +

It’s a nubby, thickly woven monstrosity and Killian loves it.

She has no idea where it came from, it was suddenly just there. The black wool of the sweater is marled and woven into a complicated cable knit pattern, which in itself would be fine. But the giant red skull and crossbones emblazoned across the chest are what do it. The first time he had casually slipped it over his head upon getting out of bed, hair mussed and sticking up at all angles from sleep, she could only stare dumbly as he strolled from their bedroom.

He’s since taken to wearing it in the way some people wear a beloved college sweatshirt, comfortably and often, with just a hint of reverence. She’ll catch him absently rolling the hem between his fingers when they are tucked on the couch watching TV. It’s never hung or tossed carelessly on the floor; he is meticulous about folding it gently and placing it on the shelf in the closet. The one time she asked him if he wanted to add it to the wash he looked at her with wide, horrified blue eyes and clutched it protectively to his chest.

What is happening?

+ + + +

Her curiosity finally gets the best of her.

“Ok, what’s the deal with this sweater?” she blurts out one evening.

“Hmm?” he answers absently, turning a page of the book he’s engrossed in. Having recently returned from Sunday dinner at her parents, they’re digesting lazily on the couch as Henry finishes his homework upstairs. Her socked feet are wedged cozily under his thigh, his arm lightly wrapped around her bent knee as he reads.

“Your sweater. The one you wear all the time now. The one that you’re wearing right this moment,” she nudges the red skull and crossbones with her foot. He finally turns his attention away from the book, focusing back on her.

“Oh. Um. Well. Granny made it for me. For Christmas.”


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your side, worn and warm & my godforsaken inventions (ronan/adam)

notes: i’ve been in a slump for ages, so i thought i’d brush up this wip into something somewhat presentable. we could all use some affectionate ronan and adam (more than) allowing it. it’s fluff. just fluff.

(words: 939)

“You can come in, Lynch.” Adam says, murmured without looking up from his Word History textbook, the shadowed figure in the hall toeing open the door before he has the chance to finish his sentence, almost as though Ronan had anticipated Adam’s invitation the moment before he’d actually offered it, forgetting pretense or propriety before entering Adam’s shabby St. Agnes apartment. 

It’s something Adam’s not particularly unused to, but something he wrinkles his nose at because it seems more appropriate than the knowing smile that edges at the corners of his lips, laced with routine fondness.

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“I just wish that time would stand still. I want to savour this moment for all of time. I want to be able to store it away, the sound of your beautiful beating heart.”

Recently, I’ve been getting back into Vocaloid and joining my girlfriend in her efforts to make a comeback with it - so what better way than to make some cute closplays for our favourite ship? 

I kept Miku’s look simple with a grey tank and black skater skirt. Instead of knee-high boots, I mimicked the look with knee-high socks and black lace-up wedges. For Kaito, I used a basic royal blue tank, black jeans, and a white leather jacket for his long coat. I brought in Miku’s signature colour in the statement necklace and matching bow purse. We couldn’t leave out Kaito’s signature scarf and we tossed in a yellow-gold bracelet to match his coat’s designs. Finally, I completed both looks with nods to their musical backgrounds: note earrings for both and a special music note clutch for Kaito.

{Look like Miku + Kaito!} {Listen to Cendrillion!}