socks and sandels

Things about TAZ that everyone pretty much agreed on that I love (From what i have seen personally)

- Magnus has a cute lil red handkerchief around his neck.

- Merle wears socks w/ sandels

- Kravitz, who is described as strikingly handsome, is depicted as a beautiful black man 90% of the time and if not that, a dark-skinned POC the other 10%.

- Taako is a trans man 

- Chaalupa

- Magnus is a BIG BEEFY BOY, and I mean BIG.

- Merle wears Hawaiian shirts.

- Merle is Dad. 

- If Taako’s blond, boy’s a bottle blond.

- Angus, who is smart and kind and clever, is almost always depicted as being black.

- Killian is SWOL AF.

- Elves ears can move A LOT. 

- The Director says everything, and I mean everything,  with the most deadpan expression ever. 

Feel free to add.