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Rooftop Night // Jughead Jones Smut (ish)

Pairing: Jughead Jones x reader

Requested: Yes and I’m so so sorry that you had to wait for so long, hope you’ll like it xo

Warning: kissing, cursing, makeout session going on also

Word count: 1,345

Plot: You and Jughead are friends. One night when you’re at his place things get heated, but you’re on your period. What will happen?

A/N: You know you can stil´l request me and I promise I’ll write it faster, but I was so busy with graduating and parties with my friends that I just didn’t have time, but now I do. Enjoy x

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I wake up to my phone buzzing. I got a text from Jughead.

Juggie: Please come over, I’m so bored !

I smile at my phone and check the time. It’s 10 minutes past midnight.

Me: My parents won’t let me.. :(

You respond and see him typing.

Juggie: Just don’t tell them, sneak out

Me: You know they’re going to kill me if they find out

Juggie: No they won’t , ‘cause they won’t find out

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there is a blog dedicated to jack zimmermann’s horrible fashion sense. both bitty and parson are admins. they have no idea and bond over making fun of jack’s shoes

Keep an extra set of clothes and essentials in your car.

Keep a small tote with a few essentials in it in the trunk of my car for emergencies.

I keep:

An extra set of clothes (socks, shorts, cheap flipflops, sweatpants, shirt, sweatshirt, underwear, and a hat)

Insulated leather gloves

Flashlight (batteries not inside to prevent draining/corrosion)



Hand sanitizer

A deck of cards


Small cheap pocket knife


I can’t even tell you how many times this has been a total lifesaver for me or others. Went hiking and your socks are soaked? put on some dry ones. Go on a road trip and forgot deoderant? Boom, no problem. Went fishing and someone fell in the water? They have dry clothes and you are their hero.

The tote will be shockingly useful in a lot of surprising ways, too. One time someone hit my car, knocking my bumper half off. Luckily I had rope to tie it up and get it home. Another time I was drinking at a friends’ and we all decided to go swimming. I got the gym shorts out of my car and didn’t have to go swimming in my jeans/naked. I also had a towel to dry off with.

My tote is pretty small (14x10x10 or so) but has had a solution of most of the problems i’ve ran into. Everything is pretty cheap and well worth the time to put it together. Does anyone else do anything similar or keep other things in their trunk? (A small first aid kit is also great to have, but I keep that separately)

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edit edit: Wow I can’t believe the response! A couple of things from the comments: A lot of people have mentioned melting deoderant. Granted, I live in a colder climate (northern Michigan) but the Old Spice Pure Sport I have has been in my trunk for years and hasn’t shown any sign of melting. Water is also a great thing to have, but be aware that in colder climates it might freeze! Water and deoderant are both items to have, but definitely tweak your list of supplies for whatever climate you live in.

//tosses ch11 outfit ref from patreon here cos it’s been a few months since i posted it lol… i ended up ditching the boots/socks tho for flipflops… it looks more casual without them [even tho otk socks are like her thang].

i did one for arlie and anna too, but i’ll keep those on patreon only lol [even tho i am really proud of arlie’s awesome crab underwear…maybe i will use that one as vote bait at some point]

its okay to label your sexuality, its okay to not label it either

you know whats not ok tho??? 

motherfucking high socks with nike flipflops the fuck is that shit