I found these on amazon. I actually have a pair of Jyushi socks and my sister has some of Kara that we got at Fanime and I was wondering if there was any other place to get them because the only one that is at a reasonable price is the Oso one (as shown) and the others are being sold at $69 by some other company. Thank you in advanced!

Ahhhh, this was from so long ago! Sorry!!!

I’m afraid that all the places I’ve checked no longer have them in stock since they were released in April! D: However, since then, they’ve come out with another set of socks–and you can see that these are a lot more fluffy! ^^;

I hope these work for you!!! (I love fuzzy socks, haha)

Osomatsu-san Mokomoko Socks!

Size: Approx. 22-24cm
Material: Cotton, Nylon

AmiAmi: 370¥ • Oso Kara Choro Ichi Jyushi Todo

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