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It rained horribly on Sunday, which turned out to be the only day I had time to take photos of new ‘buk.  Thankfully, I’d just about given up and was taking terrible indoor photos of them when the rain stopped, so we grabbed the talbuks and some cardboard and managed to take photos outside!  It was only ‘dry’ for about ten minutes or so, but we got a few quick snaps in :D  (don’t mind the fact that the talbuks on either side are standing on the ground instead of on the cloth - they belong to us, and we don’t mind if they get wet feet.  I make sure all the plushies that belong to other people stay clean and dry, obviously!)

I’ll be going to the post office in a little bit to ship tan talbuk off to her new home.  I really hope her new owner loves her!


Here’s my latest Pinkie Pie plushie (I posted the scary WiP of her on Scribblemuffin last week), all done and ready to be shipped out tomorrow!

With that, it does feel like the right moment to make a (mini) announcement (ooo, drama!).  Given the appearance of both the new $25 official plushies and Build-a-Bear ponies on the horizon, I’ve decided to stop listing the mane 6 ponies individually in my (our) Etsy store.  My plan has always been to take custom orders, and I think now I’ll focus on that, as well as making more hats and plushies of different fandoms, or just stuff I designed myself!  

It’ll still be possible to ask me to make a mane 6 pony, and I’ll make them gladly.  The only real change will be that I’m not going to list them specifically - commission only.  Very soon, I’ll determine how much each component part of a pony will be (wings, horn, extra complicated mane, etc.) and put up a definitive price list, then I’ll be totally open for customs and commissions!


Coming soon to my Etsy shop!  Leafeon is the first of several chibi-eeveelution plushies I’ll be doing - Glaceon’s coming along next.

Welcome also to the refreshed and fancified Sockmuffin Studio layout!  Since I’ve taken over updating all of the Sockmuffin pages (instead of just my Scribblemuffin blog), I’ll be working on bringing Sockmuffin’s Twitter and deviantArt accounts up-to-date again.  Wish me luck and watch this space!

– Aniiksa the Mildly Dazed and Confused –


Realised today that I never actually posted the finished photoshoot of my leafeon plushie!  This is what happens when I don’t have a proper routine for where and when I post pictures of the stuff I make >_>  

But finally, here’s all the photos of leafeon!  You can tell that they’ve been heavily edited, for which I apologise - for some reason my camera’s setting had changed to ‘adjust for blue fluorescent light’, so all the pictures came out looking like they’d been taken at dusk and I only realised a month later when I finally went to edit them.  Whoop.  Since this is the only one I’ll be selling with non-embroidered eyes, I didn’t want to shoot them all again, so crazy colour balance editing it is!

Leafeon’s Etsy listing is here!  Remember - I will be making more if this one sells, but they’ll have embroidered eyes, not minky ones :D