Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Symmetra and Reinhardt

[Submission by @drunken-pilot ]

It’s clunky, it’s crazy, but Symmetra doesn’t hate all the armour. It keeps her safe. 

And we all know how much Reinhardt loves his armour - but I think he’d really enjoy wearing something that breathes a little better. It’s the eccentricity in him. 

Thank you for the submission! 


The last set, perhaps unsurprisingly, is Overwatch. Because I don’t have a single straight ship for those characters and I love drawing like 95% of them. This was the best reference possible for this little pet project, and mad props to that artist. Pharmercy, Genyatta and WidowTracer all have a special place in my heart (I shipped them all before I started playing). 

Alright so, I asked people to send me two Overwatch characters so that I could swap their outfits, and I got more than one reply. Which means THERE WILL BE MORE. And trust me, this one is cute but the rest are gonna be horrendous (for various reasons). I’m so excited. 

This lovely match-up brought to you by @miss-april-ego-radio . Thanks babe. 

katpunmatsu  asked:

outfit-swap junkrat and roadhog BUT KEEP THE ORIGINAL CLOTHING SIZES...............

I WAS THINKING ABOUT THIS WHILE DRAWING THE WIDOWMAKER ONE thank you so much for specifying about the clothing size. This was hilarious, difficult and fun. 

and yes Roadhog is wearing Junkrat’s shorts as a loincloth so his booty is BARE


Part 1 of something silly I did based on @itsthesinbin ‘s headcanon post. I love that blog, and headcanons, and Genyatta, and I am garbage. And that’s fine. 


Part 2

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Tracer and McCree

[Submitted by: @youusedtorecalltracer and an Anon] 


That’s literally all I have to say. And also, has anyone ever noticed how freaking long her legs are?! It was hilarious trying to transfer Tracer’s pose to McCree’s body type. This was endlessly entertaining - so much so that I put a little more detail into colouring the glowy bits. We all love our glowy bits. 

Thank you for the submission!